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Day 20 Mighty Joe

| November 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Super intelligent monkey Einstein Burroughs’ greatest creation. The engine of destruction that is ‘Mighty Joe’

#1: Blazer the Raptor

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments

Everyone remembers their first moment. That also includes characters. Blazer the Raptor was my first character that I drew as a child based on several unrelated sources. The first is my love of dinosaurs and the second was Sonic the Hedgehog.  Later on, he took on aspects of Goku and even later, Naruto.  Blazer is a character that always pops out now matter what I draw, I always fall back and revisit him, changing his look from time to time based on whatever interests me at the time. The image demonstrates his evolution from his earliest depiction up to his most recent and current incarnation. From the very first, Early Blazer version, to Goku- Haired Blazer, to Extremely Dark Blazer, and finally, his more current and by far, my favorite version, simply called Blazer.

Now for character bio: Blazer is a Velociraptor from the Fire Valley Clan in Patagenea. He was a regular child until his Animus  (chakra, ki, spirit energy) activated, for which any saurian demonstrating Animus is automatically drafted into the military of their respective Clan as a special class, dubbed Servitors.  As a Servitor, Blazer is trained in utilizing armed and unarmed combat while being taught the Anima Techniques from his master, Tenken. Blazer’s main antagonist is the dreaded Rexon Tyrannus, a machinist overlord who uses an entire mechanized army to seize control and subjugate all the Clan lands, for which Blazer is on a mission to  forge a alliances with all the Clans to defeat this encroaching threat and for Blazer, he desires to destroy Tyrannus for a more personal reason; for , Tyrannus was responsible for the death of Blazer’s father and Blazer would like to see justice enacted, by his own hands.

During his travels, Blazer will encounter obstacles that will will challenge him both his physical and mental abilities while exploring the vast and diverse lands of each of the Clans. Blazer will also encounter other Servitors like him, each with their own repertoire of amazing abilities.

Blazer’s abilities focus on using Fire Elemental and Inner Energy Anima Techniques which range from projectile attacks like the Fire Rocket, to enhancements, such as Afterburner, a speed boost technique. Blazer is capable of wielding a Raptor Class Sickle Sword, forged in Star Metal, which can be channeled with Animus energy to superheat the blade for increased cutting power or to deliver a charged attack. Blazer is also capable of fighting with claw daggers and throwing hooks. His fighting style has a heavy emphasis on speed based attacks, while using the momentum to deliver hard strikes when they count. But, Blazer’s biggest assset is his brain, for he does not engage battles head on and utilizes strategy over brute force in defeating his opponents.

This concludes the introduction of my character. I hope you like it.

Day 1: Ella Louise “Eli” Brandon

| November 1, 2011 | 2 Comments

curvy crimefighter

Real name: Ella Louise Brandon
Nickname: Eli
Superhero name: as yet undecided
Age: late teens/early twenties
Race: African-American

Student by day

Eli lost her single-mother at a young age when the woman was caught in a crossfire between a super-villain and a superhero.
Her mother died as a result of a poison gas attack and while the poison killed the woman, the later interaction between her mother and Eli lead to the girl getting a second-hand dose of the poison. It would lead to Eli’s superhuman powers of the ability to control plants, their movements and growth speeds.
After her mother died, Eli was raised by her then-alcoholic grandmother, who soon gave up the drink to be a better role model for her granddaughter.

Seeing the rampant crime around her constantly, Eli decided that because she had the ability she should do what she could to stop the violence.

Eli is relatively young and works alone, with no one to guide her. This leads to several rash and regrettable decisions in her adventures.
She refuses to give up though, trying to learn from each mistake.