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Day 8, 9 , 10, 11

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So I’ve been drawing these but not posing them, so be prepared to be spammed.

Gonna start with the Kopus family. Firstly we have Tommy. His parents tend to be working more often than not so he tends to be neglected. His sister tells him stories that his parents are secretly superheroes to keep him happy. At 8 years old she thinks he’s too young to become jaded.¬† Overall he’s cheerful and hopes one day to be his dad’s sidekick.

Patricia is the oldest of the Kopus kids. At age 16 shes become resentful of her parents and all the time they spend at work. Often leaving her to take care of Tommy. She understand that they are not bad parents, when they are home  but she feels neglected. She tells Tommy superhero stories to keep him happy and help her cope with their absense.

Diane Murray-Kopus is a strong capable woman who runs her own security firm. She loves her family but since her aquiring the company she’s keeps them separate, specifically since her husband’s organization is one of her biggest clients, and his organization is a little less than legal.

Daniel Kopus is a great family man when he can find the time, but that time is scarce considering his position as number two in the city’s biggest organized crime ring. He’s thinking about retirement but you can never really retire so he sticks to it to keep his kids safe. He doesn’t worry too much about Diane she’s pretty capable of protecting herself.

#6 Pip

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Age: 18

A musically talented teen who loves to play her guitar and sing.

Somewhat rebellious.


#5 Marcus

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Marcus is very smart as a result of reading almost all the time. He has his own library in his house filled with all sorts of books. He is not very social and prefers being alone.


#4 Christina

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Age: 22

Christina has set off on a journey around Europe to explore and learn. She is very smart and prepared. Very logical and has a lot of common sense.

(Did a quick colouring today because I am lazy ^_^)


#2 & #3 Rory and Gloria

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Dad and Mum

Ages: 50 and 49

Rory is confident and outgoing. He works along side his hyperactive wife to create comics that have made them very rich, Gloria is the writer and Rory is the artist. Gloria is often lost in her own world and is easily distracted.

These adults often act like kids. They are all for having fun, all of the time! But if someone is causing trouble with their kids they will get super serious.

Their house is an amazing mansion with hidden treasures and everything you could ever want!

(I did two today because I wont have time to do one tomorrow. Also they are a couple. I hope doing two in one is OK)