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Returning Challenger For 2012 – Michael Nimmo

| October 2, 2012 | 0 Comments

Last year – even with the help of my daughter I only managed 25 of the 30! This year I’m determined to do them all!

I’m getting into this digital art thing that seems to be big, with more of my drawings on the iPad!

Most of my art is on Sketchclub and is cartoony in style.

Me? I’m a safety consultant by day and a digital comics blogger by night.

Good luck to all this year!

2011 Challenger: Randy Newnham

| November 3, 2011 | 0 Comments

Still an art noob, I am working at improving my technique. Currently, I am working on concept art for a kid-friendly RPG called Story Realms that my game design studio is working on. As such, most things that I post for this month will be related to that. I am an avid player of boardgames, card games and RPGs.

Here is an interview of me about game designs I am working on:

Interview with Randall Newnham
Additionally, here is a link to my family’s gaming blog:

Growing Up Gamers

2011 Challenger: Michael Nimmo

| October 29, 2011 | 0 Comments

What am I doing?

I really enjoy drawing  ‘old school’ – Paper, pens, pencils, markers…then I scan them and upload them.

I’ve dabbled with more serious art – darker looking, but it doesn’t work, so I’ve moved back to my more cartoony style!

Online I’m a comics blogger, specialising in digital comics – Android, iOS and Kindle mainly. That has really kicked off in the last 6-9 months and I’ve had to up my output!

You can find me over at 3 Million Years or on Twitter or Google+

What I’ve got in mind will vary, and I’m already getting suggestions from my son & daughter.

Expect weirdness?!

I don't know where I was going with this....