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#30 Don Dada, The Dream Merchant

| November 30, 2011 | 3 Comments

Don Dada

Don Dada, The Dream Merchant

“I’m all up in your head, like colors when you shut your eyes” – Raphael Attar, “There’s A Lot of Numbers”

Don Dada, the Dream Merchant, aka the Sultan of the Surreal, aka Stacks Visions, aka Black Morpheus. In the Great Marketplace, he is the bringer of dreams, but not necessarily dreams that are good for you. Where attention flows, energy goes, so he’s more interested in getting you hooked on dreams that appeal to you rather than forcing you to process the information you need or stumble onto some great insight. When Don Dada took over the dream racket, he realized one important thing: the dreams people want can be standardized, and people will choose pedestrian dreams they can understand over the actual mysteries of the subconscious damn near every time. And either way, your dreaming activity still generates the same amount of energy for him.

If you should meet him in a dream, he will tell you this. He will always tell the truth, and share the deep mysteries, to those who want to hear it. Or he can feed you the dreams of riches and success that television told you you wanted. It’s all the same to him, he’ll keep dropping gems in the R.E.M. Due to his mix of bluntness and wisdom, he is occasionally invoked by gods and sorcerors who will trade rituals, dreams or secrets for answers.

The crown over his head is how sentient beings interpret his aura of raw power. His baleful eye, ringed by blue flame, pierces to the heart of things, and it’s something you don’t want directed at you personally. The disc in the place of his other eye records all dreaming activity for the Akashic Record. Needless to say, you don’t want to cross a dude who can be in your head at any time; and that pimp cane ain’t just for show. If you don’t know, now you know.

Lira and Eight Cats

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and eight dream cats that represent the ideas for eight more seperate characters I could have designed, had I paced myself better.

Congratulations for all who particapted in the 30 character challenge!


# 30 The Chimaera

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While the phenomenon known as Chimaerism is rare, the incidence of un-diagnosed cases is in fact much greater then those that are discovered.  The fraternal twin, absorbed during gestation, maintains a presence inside the body and mind, a living link to other dimensions in which he or she was the dominant, consuming fetus.  The individual with the Chimaera may then be endowed with unusual powers of perception.  They may posses the ability to step outside oneself, figuratively, being more self aware- or even literally, through astral projection. Some might even posses the ability to see through time, or into alien worlds, or into others minds.  Automatic or spirit writing is a common practice, as is doodling;  Also morbidity, an obsession with death and the afterlife, as well as spiritualism and channeling   They may be found commonly among artists, composers, and writers.

The Chimaera is © and TM Mike Dubisch 2011


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#15 The Vision Worm

| November 15, 2011 | 4 Comments

It was perhaps inevitable that the men would call the creatures Succubae..  That the Vision Worm had the effect it did on us just added to their allure.


The Vision Worm © & TM 2011 Mike Dubisch,

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#6 – Star Liner

| November 6, 2011 | 2 Comments

The Star Liner gently transports you to the land of dreams.