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#11 and #12 – Lucondis and Luana

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Lucondis and Luana are the youngest members of Tempestade’s royal family.  Being so young, they typically stay out of political affairs. Cainys is very protective of them.


#10 – Daytus

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Daytus is the second son of the king of Tempestade and a candidate for the throne.  He spends his time teaching students to use “the Gift,” the ability to control lightning.  He does not agree with his father’s opinions on the war, but keeps it to himself.


#9 – Helena

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Helena is a senior in college studying English.  During finals week, her town became the site of a war between two cloud cities.  She was rescued by Cainys, but was soon taken for a spy by the king.  Helena was then imprisoned and, with the help of Cainys, tries to find a way to escape execution.


#8 – Cainys

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Cainys is the third son of the king of Tempestade, a city in the clouds.  Despite his ancestry, he is not counted as a prince due to the lack of a specific skill required of all kings.  Instead, he is a captain in Tempestade’s military.



#7 – Pazuzu

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Pazuzu is a Sumerian demon known for his tendency to ward off other demons and a fondess for women.  He often appears in the form of a hawk or a dog.  Pazuzu owes Zagam a favor for reasons he’d rather not discuss.

#5 – Verin

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Verin is a demon of impatience.  Because of this vice, he’s lost just about everything he owns to the Game (where demons bet on the lifespan of souls).

#4 – Aldinach

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A demon of natural disasters, Aldinach uses her powerful wings to create tornadoes, hurricanes, and sandstorms.  She can also swoop down with great speed to land and create earthquakes.

#3 – Shae

| November 3, 2011 | 2 Comments
ShaeShae is a 29-year old college grad who lives in a small town working whatever jobs people will give her.  Life seems to consistently deal her the worst possible hand.   She’s constantly switching jobs, fixing her vehicle, moving out/getting evicted.  She was actually accepted to an Ivy League school, however she could not get the financial aid to attend, so she chose a lesser known college that offered her a nearly full ride scholarship.  She earned a degree in theology, though she considers herself an atheist.

#2 – Minoson

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A demon who ensures winning in all things. Naturally, he’s not used to losing. At all. So when he does lose a bet to Zagam, he suspects foul play. In his latest bet, he is determined to catch Zagam in the act so he can then end him.

#1 – Zagam

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Zagam is a demon of deceit and frequent gambler in The Game (sort of a horse race where demons bet on human souls for sport).  He is well known for being a liar, thought it’s assumed that it is impossible to cheat in the Game.  The truth is, he’s been rigging the game for centuries.  For him, the Game is not sport.  It’s his way out of the Void (the place where all demons originate).