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Characters 21-30/30 (Mission Complete!!)

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21/30 – Amelia. She’s a ghost!

22/30 – Blech. Another WTF creature.

23/30 – Righteous Slaughter. A true founding father of this great nation.

24/30 – Avenging Pequot Warrior. In honor of the 700 massacred Pequot Native Americans.

25/30 – Slugger. He punches things. In space.

26/30 – Fluffy the Pirate. Named after one of my PAX Enforcer brothers, I mostly just wanted to draw a pirate with a Lemmy.

27/30 – Artslinger. This is the front turnaround for another contest, but I drew it in November, so whatever. Think having powers like Green Lantern, but through art supplies.

28/30 – The Scholar. Ended up looking like Gordon Freeman. Unintentional.

29/30 – Tengu. I didn’t draw any anthropomorphic creatures for this thing. Not my bag, really. Still, gotta cover all the bases.

30/30 – s133pDEAD! Okay, so it’s kind of a cop out, but I’m super stoked to have completed this challenge and also my beard deserves to be immortalized!

#16 – Peter “Stump” Merson

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Being a hitman isn’t a profession that sees a lot of veterans. But Stump is an anomaly, an old head, a man who has been killing people professionally, on and off, for nearly thirty years now.

Stump does not consider himself much of a criminal, and in all other walks of life, is a straightlaced, law-obiding, rather boring man of 51 with a taste for jazz and wine. He’s a calm, even-tempered man with, although he can’t hide frustration from anyone when it shows. But he views his profession as being like prostitution. It has been around for as long as two people have had grudges against one another.

Stump operates by a few simple rules. Never take any contracts locally (or regionally, if he can help it). Never get to know the victim any more than you have to. If you end up killing more people than the contract asked for, you have failed, more bodies brings more police.

By his count, Stump has killed 97 people over the years, completing his contracts in the same, dilligent, straightforward manner. However he’s aging now, and increasingly finds himself wanting to end his career and begin the next phase of his life.

Stump is very particular about his weaponry, preferring simpler weapons with less moving parts, like pump-action shotguns and close quarters to plinking someone from long distance with a rifle.

While he has taken on less contracts over the years, he still finds work regularly, and finds himself in enough demand that he can pick and choose which contracts to take. However, for all of his knowledge and savvy, as the world has moved forward with technology, his analog skills have left him behind in some places. As such, four years ago he agreed to begin working with 29-year-old Ethan Woodman, a fast-talking technophile and neophyte he finds as annoying as he is useful. The pair’s relationship is at times adversarial, at other times, has all the closeness of a father and a son.

Stump got his nickname due to his short, squat stature, something he is regularly made fun of for, but has proved somewhat invaluable to him, along with his largely unremarkable looks.

#29_The Silencer

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"The Silencer"

"The Silencer"

#25_Street Sweeper

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"Street Sweeper"

"Street Sweeper"