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Day 2 – Noelle

| November 4, 2012 | 0 Comments

Noelle is one of Ryan Elizabeth’s best friends.  She is kind of a babe, maybe.

Aside from havin a smokin’ bod and hella on point sense of style, Noelle is a pretty average girl who is struggling to make sense of the world.  Noelle has always had a pretty tumultuous family life.  Her mother is very immature, short-tempered, and insecure while her step-dad is maybe literally the worst scum to walk the underworld.   Despite this, Noelle has had an amazing support net of friends who’ve helped her overcome and distance herself both mentally and physically from her toxic family life.  Noelle has big dreams of being successful in advertisement and journalism but hasn’t taken any steps toward learning due to feeling chained down by her family.  She has a younger sister who she is fiercely protective of, and who is still trapped at home being abused and corrupted.  Noelle feels powerless and fears confronting her parents, and hates herself for not having the courage to rescue her sister from the bad environment.  To disguise her internal conflict Noelle puts on a tough “don’t give a fuck” attitude and hides behind her good looks in order to distract herself and others from real life issues.