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11/10/11: “Iron” Jack Savage, Pookah Soldier

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NAME: Jack Savage  SPECIES: Rabbit Pookah  ORIGIN: The Seelie Realm

After losing his arm to a dire wolf in the great war against the Unseelie kin, Jack was bestowed a metal of honor by the knights of the Silver Court. In addition, Jack was given with a powerful, magi-tech arm, a gift from a renowned gnomish tinkerer. Though honored as a hero among the fey folk, the war left Jack bitter and paranoid. He no longer belonged in the Seelie lands. Hoisting his knapsack over his shoulder, Jack walked through the shimmering bright of Viscaria’s Mirror, never again to look back on the light of Titania’s realm.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


Day 29 – Twinkle

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Twinkle, an 8 year old vigilante

#16 The Hare-oscopist

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The Hare-oscopist is an unusual augmented animal hybrid. He escaped the medical experimentation facility to find he had an unusual clairvoyance which he parlayed into a meager living writing Horoscopes for the local news paper… hey it’s a gig, and they don’t ask him to come in to the office. Which is important when you are an odd crystal encrusted rabbit with the ability to levitate… just sayin’.

#3 The Misunderstood

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#3 The Misunderstood

Day 3 – El Guapo

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Day 1 – Bucktooth

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