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#15 Xenos

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Halfway point.

Here’s another old one that is seeing the light of day after 11-12 years. I created this guy when I was living in Seattle, and I actually drew him up…I just couldn’t find the drawing.  Fail.

Concept: Xenos is an alien that was sent here to destroy the Earth (yeah, yeah, Invincible and Omni Man, but I assure you…I created his guy in 1999). But he fell in love with our culture…specifically, our food. He’s a shapeshifter, which enables him to experience life on Earth as anyone…which means he can eat anywhere.

Design: Gave him no color and no distinguishing marks because he shapeshifts. His costume has an Egyptian feel to it, as his culture, on his native planet, was very influenced by Egypt (again, it sounds like I took that from Hawkman, but once more…1999).

I realize how cartoony this looks, but the original drawing that I did in ’99 used a Bruce Timm animated template, so when I put this together, I wanted to try to make him look as close to my original drawing as possible. He’s not necessarily supposed to be rendered like this, but it helped me to see it better.

EDIT: Fellow 30 CC Challenger, Micah Weltsch, drew up a version.  Love it!  See above!

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