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After college I was going to do countless projects some of which have happened, others have gone to the wayside as life got busy. At some point we either let it all go or jump back in and find our way. I hope to pull on experience from the past and pull out the characters from within.

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#1 Jim – The Quiet Man

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments


Sitting on a bench in the locker room with his head in his hands Jim knew he should have seen this coming. Unlike school locker rooms that had the odor of sports this was a blue-collar cesspool of long hours and questionable decisions.

On the floor lost in the trash and grime was Jim’s 20-year service pin, now three years out of date. The decorative trim was bent and tarnished, the crystal covered with scratches. The Forman had asked Jim to wear it “Help show the younger workers the meaning of dedication,” what a joke that had become.

The Rat Pack was the governing body on the production floor. Management turned a blind eye as long as work was completed on time and under budget.

Jim was no fool; there was black and white in the world. After spending his time in Europe liberating shackled countries from the oppression of Germany he only wanted a quiet life to raise a family. Today however the quiet life was disrupted as The Quiet Man as he was known on the floor was now the fall guy.

Collecting the only personal item from his locker that mattered, a picture of his daughter he walked out onto the floor towards the exit, escorted by security. The hard working men and woman kept their eyes downcast, non brave enough to speak up. Jim did not blame them, he understood. They had families to care for and sometimes you had to look the other way to keep food on the table.

The Rat Pack on the other had were all smiles, chest pushed out strutting around like peacocks during mating season. “We’ll miss you Jimbo” the ringleader called out even though he was only two feet away.

Stopping momentarily Jim looked at the pompous fool, but to the ringleaders disappointment he did not look angry, or even resentful. To everyone’s surprise Jim reached out his right hand, the move of a gentlemen, something unknown in this workman’s world.

Cautiously the proud peacock extended and received a firm but not overbearing salutation. For a brief moment the hint of shame was felt as their eyes connected and The Quiet Man asked, “Did I ever tell you what my job was in Europe? No, I don’t think we ever had that conversation. That’s to bad.”

Releasing hands Jim walked to the time clock, selected his card and punched it for the last time.

First Shot

| October 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

Missed the registration in 2012 but got in on time this year. I’ll be shooting to make 30 just like everyone else, let’s see how many challenges life tosses at me this year. Good luck to everyone.