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2013 Challenger: Tsui

| October 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

Hello everyone 川 ̄_ゝ ̄)ノ ♪

tsui ava

I am Tsui, this is my most common name on the internet. Sometimes I go as Tsuikachu or Tsuisama on Youtube as royalhachiko~ haha that’s only because my lovely name is always taken 。°(ToT)°。

So please call me Tsui.

I am from Germany and I am just a normal student. Studies Japanology and German as a foreign language (so I can teach you German in the future).

In my past, I would have liked to study Illustration but in Germany the tuition per month is so incredibly high for those art academies, that I had to give up my dream. So I do draw as a Hobby but not as often as I would like to.

And that is the reason I want to attend this year’s 30 characters chalange. I want to draw more often again because I want finally develope my style and learn more about digital drawing. I want to get used again to the feeling of creating something even if I have so much stress in university. I want to learn to take the time to draw for ne minimum of once a day. And even if I don’t have time, I will make some space in the timetable.

I learned that the moment I stopped drawing daily, my inspiration and imagination were really lost over the time.

So thanks to the 2012 Challenger I got to know about your challenge and because she is a huge inspiration and my reason I want to draw again, I will take this challenge seriously.


So I just want to create 30 random characters. I am not such a great artist as you all are but I want to take the oportunity ^-^


So thank you very much and I am looking forward to the 1st of November!