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Death God Apprentice

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Day1-Death God Apprentice-01

#25 The Frog-Dog

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#23, 24, 25, 26 Fairy Panda & Steampunk Man

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A Peppermint Panda, a Steampunk guy, a confused Naga, and various other stuff.

I am forever playing catch-up. Gah.


#14, 15, 16

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Buttons the Monkey says “Ook” with authority.
Cosmo is the man, and Barney is the dog – but sometimes they swap names to screw people up!





#13 Dino, the telekinetic dog

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Dino good boy! Dino find tasty alien engine part! Now Dino move things without mouth or paw! Dino finally get that squirrel!!

Dino good boy!

DAY 3: La Fantasma de los Perros

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In 1976 the government of Isabél Perón was overthrown through a military coup, and General Rafael Videla established a military junta. Thus began a particularly dark period in Argentina’s so called “Dirty War”. The new far-right regime instigated a period of overall chaos wherein thousands of suspected “subversives” and left-wing sympathizers were kidnapped, tortured, or assassinated at the hands of the government’s “security forces” and roving right-wing death squads in a self-termed “National Reorganization Process”. Young or newborn children were commonly taken away from their mothers in various state-sponsored concentration camps and redistributed to couples affiliated with the regime in order to mitigate the proliferation of subversive ideas. While many of those captured were in fact members of militant left-wing rebel militias, the “Dirty War” was just as much a witch hunt wherein thousands of victims were indeed innocent.
While many of the mysteries surrounding the so called “Desaparecidos” (The Disappeared or Vanished) were revealed upon the instatement of a democratic government in 1983, little is known, or discussed for that matter, about the true nature of “Nuestra Fantasma de los Perros”. While accounts from eyewitnesses are sparse, the legend was very prevalent in the low income (and often socialist sympathizing) barrios of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Corrientes and Córdoba. Descriptions of a petite woman of native descent, wearing a worn, dark stained gray cloak, and a pristine white, flower-pattern dress underneath were prevalent amongst the many rumors circulating in the populace. She was always accompanied by at least 4 stray dogs—though the number was said to grow with every kidnapping that occurred. It was rumored that her canine followers obeyed her through a dark aura which seemed to emanate from her hands. Several Death squad soldiers would admit years later that during a run in with “La Perra” (lit. “Bitch”) the eyes of her dogs would cloud with what appeared to be smoking tar immediately prior to an attack. The gruesome visages of the would-be abductors and assassins resulted in a great drop in recruitment for the death squads, and had a profound protective effect on those neighborhoods where the woman had shown up. While superstitious citizens offered scraps of meat and bread on their doorsteps at night as a plea to the woman and her companions for protection, the president himself issued several city wide dog-hunts in an effort to curtail the threat of this “Perónist vigilante”. The hunts were called off very quickly due to a mysterious absence of all dogs during the hunts. The loss of a dozen more men to unknown causes also frightened many of the hunters from ever searching in the first place.
Since the woman never spoke or appeared for more than minutes at a time, her origins remain unknown. Some believe she is the restless spirit of a Mapuche shaman seeking revenge on the ancestors of European settlers. Many of the largely Catholic populace viewed her as a wrathful incarnation of the Virgin Mary and a herald of the end-times. The last recorded account of “La Fantasma” came from Cristina Silviatore, the wife of Marcos Silviatore, a prominent lieutenant in the Argentine Anti-Communist Alliance, who reported a cacophony of barking outside of her home. Stepping out to inspect the commotion she caught a glimpse of a cloaked figure staring mournfully into her daughter’s bedroom window. The figure vanished quickly having noticed Cristina, and the dogs subsequently fell silent. After failing to conceive on their own, Marcos had brought the child home one evening in 1976, claiming to have just finalized the adoption papers at a nearby orphanage. As hard as she would try to convince herself that what she had seen was just a trick of the mind, she was never able to look at “daughter” the same way again.

#7 – Pazuzu

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Pazuzu is a Sumerian demon known for his tendency to ward off other demons and a fondess for women.  He often appears in the form of a hawk or a dog.  Pazuzu owes Zagam a favor for reasons he’d rather not discuss.

#6 – Mal

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Mal is Shae’s loyal dog.  He was a stray she picked up years ago when he protected her from a mugger.  Since then, Mal has stayed by her side, often protecting her from potential danger.


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#13 Bioney-Dog

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The Bionic Dogs are a new tech in jobs that humans can’t do – problem being is that tech can’t stop them from licking themselves, sniffing lampposts and chasing after cars……

#11 – Tovi

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He sure looks happy! :)

#12 Drooley

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A fun loving West Highland Terrier. Beware of the drool though!

#10 Xeli

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This is my friend’s stinky old dog. I love petting his gross fur and he sleeps infront of the bathroom and doesn’t even give a shit if you push him out of the way with the door, such a cool dog.

#11 Shiba

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This is my mother’s dog and she’s the most awful dog and I hate her so much. She’s old and dumb and is totally a twofaced bitch, being all happy and loving when she’s not with my mom and then completely ignoring me when she’s with my mom. Terrible.

#10 The Nega-Dalmation

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The Nega-Dalmatian does exactly the opposite of what a traditional Dalmatian is purported to do… The Nega-Dalmatian impedes firemen, he may even start fires… he is not helpful.

#10- Pete the bespectacled dog

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Ever since he started wearing glasses, the Animal Bike Gang don’t want Pete to get hurt, so they took his bike away. That doesn’t keep him from running alongside them all, though!




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Mutated dogs akin to my #6 and #5.

The dogs became huge and bulky and almost harmless. The dogs HEAR magic, and end up becoming as good as blind, and a drastic reduction in their ability to smell. The spiral figures appear around the head and on the tail, giving them a foo dog appearance.

Even though they gain tremendous size (some become as big as horses) they become so docile, that they will actually stand still and allow themselves to be mauled to death. Whether they don’t feel pain or simply have lost the will to retaliate is up to interpretation.

They pretty much eat magic and make pretty good foot or back rests depending on size. Guard dogs get replace with… oh, maybe horses become raving lunatics, we’ll see what comes next.

#7 Noseprint

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noseprint is the ghost who leaves prints all over the windows and mirrors you just cleaned. think your car is spotless? think again.






Day 1: Reginald the Racing Dog

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Day 6: Len

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Len is an old dog-like creature that belongs to Judge and his family, but there is much more to his story than being a simple house pet.  While everyone considers him such, Judge and Dr. Calpensky seem to have an especially close bond with him, even talking to him for hours at a time.  Those who observe this behavior dismiss it as a master being devoted to his pet, but Judge and Dr. Calp know something about Len that nobody else does…

On the other hand, Len lives his daily life pretty much exactly as a dog would:  lounging around, eating, playing with Evans and keeping watch over the household.  He also serves as a fun mode of transportation for Evans, hence the makeshift cushion saddle strapped to his back.

Day# 07 Growl, Rain’s Dog

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#07 Growl, (#6) Rain's Dog, by Jande Rowe

#07 Growl, (#6) Rain's Dog, by Jande Rowe

And Growl makes three. Rain’s little pet, Growl.   Part this and part that –maybe even Wolf, ya think? Rain found Growl when he was a puppy, wandering at the side of a busy highway, and rescued him from certain death. The two have been together ever since. Rain’s family were alarmed by how huge Growl ended up growing, but were happy to have him in the family. They’ve grown used to him now, but there has always been something strange about Growl, something… almost unearthly.

Luckily the family never resorts to corporal punishment, or their lives may not be worth the cost. Growl is supremely protective of Rain. Nobody, but nobody messes with Rain.

Drawn in Manga Studio Ex4, then Photoshopped a bit. I added Rain so that you could see how big Growl is. Rain’s attitude has changed slightly from his debut picture. If I had Growl as a friend, mine would too.  ;`)

Someday the three of them, Sarah Sorry (#5), Rain Reeves (#6), and Growl, will have some interesting urban adventures together.