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#11 – The hero rabbit

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The brown rabbit’s rival for the affection of the beloved rabbit. Wins effortlessly.


#10 – Shadow wolves

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These creatures assume the shape of the shadows of the flower mares. Nothing in the second circle has a shadow of its own or can be made cast a shadow.

The Shadow Wolves use the flower mares to lure visitors into the reach of their fangs and claws. Living in sort of a symbiosis with the flower mares, they would never harm one, and usually go to great lenghts to protect the herd from harm. Thus, they cannot be considered really evil. They are just very hungry. And rabbit is their favourite.

#9 – The flower mares

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Inhabitants of the second circle of The Magical Top Hat. Mild and playful, these creatures are “kitsch” beyond measure.

They are the perfect bait for a far more grim species, see #10.

#8 – Mob rabbit

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Standard rendition of the inhabitants of the first circle of the Magical Top Hat.

Murderous and fluffy. Out to kill the brown rabbit.


Oh, by the way: In case anyone should be wondering how these fit in with the planned album “Momentum” – they don’t. But due to an over a week long internet outage, I fell behind on schedule, and decided to dish out anything that went through my mind in order to at least finish the 30.

#7 – The beloved rabbit

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Female inhabitant of the first circle, and love interest of the brown rabbit. Doesn’t care about him a lot.

#6 – The brown rabbit

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Inhabitant of the Magical Top Hat, specifically native to the first circle of the hat.

Tha Hat is divided into 9 circles, the innermost of which most resembles common depictions of Hell.

The brown rabbit is the only brown rabbit in a society of white rabbits, most of which are out to kill him. The brown rabbit is always saved in the last minute by the hand of the Magician, pulling out another white rabbit from the Hat.