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Day 11 Independence Man for Veteran’s Day

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day 11 independence man


Independence Man is the living embodiment of the American serviceman. Descended from a long line of military ancestors dating back to the American Revolution, Morgan Kincaid’s family has always stepped forward to serve. Kincaid now operates solo, doing rescue and recovery missions.

Day 9- Ace Stratos, Mercenary Pilot

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Ace Stratos- mercenary pilot. He spent years as a test pilot for the top aeronautical research firms but he was secretly copying and reverse-engineering the experimental technologies until he had everything he needed to become the top fighter pilot on earth. Ace is worth every penny, charging clients half the construction cost of each plane he shoots down. His plane, the Death Shrike is equipped with stealth technology, including “image-distortion” which visually puts the plane several feet behind where it actually is. The guns on each wing are similar in caliber to the nose-gun of the A-10, and the six missiles are laser guided via heads-up display in the pilot’s helmet, similar to the ATF jet. Additionally, the Death Shrike can be piloted like a drone and Ace can utilize his jet pack.

Day 3: Privateer Commando

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Privateer CommandoFinally got my printer up and running again! As such, I should have 3D prints of these guys from here on out. The pieces are pretty small (about 20mm tall) so a lot of the detail won’t show through, but they’re serviceable boardgame pieces at this size to be sure.


#4 Fin Halloway

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In 1968, at the age of 18 years and 1 day old, Finlay Halloway, known to everyone as Fin, enlisted in the United States Marines.  The son and grandson of Marines and veterans of war there was nothing that could stop Fin from following in those footsteps.  In no time he was through basic and tromping through the jungles of Vietnam fighting for his country.  Just five years later, then a decorated NCO, he was out of Vietnam and into a top secret special forces team known only by the code name Taipan. By 1980 he had been promoted to a Warrant Officer and was in charge of his entire company.

While on a top secret assignment with a detachment to Beirut in October of 1983, Fin was caught in the heart of a massive explosion. The official story was that it was a dual car bombing, which killed nearly 500. The truth is that the explosion was directly related to a Taipan mission and more than 2000 people, including civilians and service members, were killed including many of the men under Fin’s command.  Fully physically recovered, though still dealing with the emotional fall out of that tragic even, after over a year of recuperation and rehabilitation, Fin was reassigned within Taipan.

The US Government took interest early in the research of Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD.  It was apparent early that his solar energy conversion technology, far beyond simple solar panels installed on a roof, had the potential to change the world.  In order to ensure that Dr. Hannes’ research did not end up in the hands of an enemy nation of regime a security detail from special forces Taipan team was assigned.  That force is headed by Fin Halloway.  It is his duty to protect the uPAST campus as well as all the technology and the science team.

Before the incident in Beirut, Fin was a fun loving, energetic man who was dedicated to his friends, his job and his country.  Since his recovery he is no less dedicated to his job and country, however, he has become a much more serious and intense individual.

(side note: I’m still in the planning phase of Solar: Maximum and have, as of yet, not decided if the comic will appear in black and white or full color.  IF I decide to go full color…I think this is the style that I’ll be going with. Or…at least something similar)  (thoughts??)