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Artist, Dad and Husband.

I'm a workaholic, a twitaholic, a cartoonaholic...which leave very little time to be an alcoholic I suppose. Also not on that list...sleep.

My days are spent working as a graphic designer for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. My evening, nights and early morning are spent flatting. I recently started dabbling into sketch cards and there is a webcomic in my head that's trying to get out.

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2011 Challenger: Eric White

| October 23, 2011 | 2 Comments

That's me!! (well...sort of)

Hello everyone!! Eric White here having a go at my 3rd year of the 30 Characters challenge.  I have yet to make it through all 30 days but I’m determined to give THIS year my best effort yet.

Like any good comic book fan who has some aspirations to draw comics…I’ve created a million superhero beings in my life.  Instead of making 30 more of my style of characters (which are mostly superman & spiderman clones) I decided to try something different.  I took one of  my favorite games, Heroes Unlimited, and rolled up the 30 character types and the powers that accompany them.  No character details, history or drawings…just the type and powers.  I used all the rules provided by the book for character creation (beginning from what type of character to create all the way through the process).  ALL rolls were actual and true.

Here is the rolled information for the character which I will draw for Day 1.  If you’re familiar with the Heroes system or are a geek (which…lets be honest…if you’re reading this you probably are a geek) you’ll understand what all of that stuff means.

Power Category: Experiment – Chem & Rad – experiment that can not be replicated
Education Level: 3 years of college
# of Powers – 5 minor
Side Effect: Super Hairy
Experiment Sponsor: Military
Status with Sponsor: Allowed to leave peacefully

Extraordinary physical prowess
Heightened Sense of Taste
Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field
Flight: Glide
Heightened Sense of Smell

You may be asking…why did I do all of this work before hand? For one simple reason: I love role playing games and this whole character creation process and because of that I basically re-read the whole book. Once I decided to use this approach for character creation I knew it was going to take me forever. And I was right!! Rolling all 30 characters alone took me something like two weeks worth of evening to complete.  Every roll meant flipping pages and reading paragraph after paragraph…and I loved it! So much fun!!! Incidentally…if there are any people or groups in the Omaha area that are playing RPG and are looking for a new member…it would be kind of ok to let me know!)
So we’ll see what comes of all of this.  I’m looking forward to an exciting month of creativity.  I hope you’ll all follow along and have as much fun as I’m planning on having.
NOTE: this is a truncated version of my original introductory post.  I wrote a highly over worded (and very cathartic) post about my 30 characters experience to this point.  However, I decided that instead of subjecting 30 Characters to that hot mess I would post the wordy bits over on my site,, and just the most important stuff here.  More than likely I’ll be doing that through the entire month of 30 Characters.  The drawing and a little information on this site…and a FULL, bloviated post on my site.  With over 260 participants signed up for this challenge and hundreds of people viewing the site every day I don’t see and point in cluttering up this site with all my ramblings.  So if you want to read my full post…go see my site now.

#12 – Searcher

| November 24, 2010 | 0 Comments

These strange floating steel globes seem to always be around, watching the survivors of the Solar Labs accident. It’s uncertain what they are doing, but they seem to be searching for something (hence the name), always looking, moving things and inspecting. No one is sure what it inside the domes, which have a diameter of about a foot, but through their small port holes crackling energy distorts what vaguely look like a pair of eyes.

They move around by releasing some sort of energy from the underside of the globe. There are two metal tentacle like appendages on either side. The ends of the tentacles have the ability to unravel into several prehensile strands which, when divided down to a single strand, is thinner than a human hair and yet still strong enough to lift and manipulate objects.  Searchers have also been known to emit a blast of energy from it’s view port, though this seems to weaken them.

#11 – Flick

| November 24, 2010 | 3 Comments

When Billy Franks first came to live with The Hannes, Rebecca and Hennric thought it might be nice to get a pet for the boy. Someone to be Billy’s pal for those long nights when all the adults were busy in the Lab.  They picked up a mischievous kitten from a local animal shelter that Billy named Flick.  A cute short haired, silver tabby cat, Flick was a typical, playful kitten. On the day of the accident that blasted the Solar Building (and the surrounding block) into the strange new world Flick was sleeping in the window in the Hannes’ apartment.  During the transport a bolt of energy burst through the window and passed straight through the napping cat.  At first there didn’t seem to be any ill effect from the incident but slowly…Billy began to notice that Flick was beginning to be more attentive to people. Within a couple weeks Flick began shadowing Billy. Then one day, when the boy was in mortal peril…Flick blasted a Searcher away from Billy.  Still a fun loving, mischievous cat Flick has now taken his place as Billy’s full time companion and protector.

Flick has shown incredible powers that apparently derive from his contact with the strange solar energy. He has become incredibly intelligent, can run at extremely high speeds , can jump huge distances and shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes.

#10 Gigantopus

| November 23, 2010 | 2 Comments

Just days after mysteriously being transported from Portsburg to a strange new world…the survivors realize they’re going to need to find food to survive. They begin striking out on short exploration excursions and soon one group finds a tree that closely resembles an evergreen tree…but grows a juicy round fruit that sort of tastes like a mix between bacon and a banana.

One early morning Fin and Billy struck out to bring back a basket of the odd fruit but when they reached the patch of forest where it is found…they encountered an enormous octopus who was gorging itself on the fruit.  Noting that the monster, which on earth is obviously lives only in water, seemed quite comfortable and happy to be walking and eating on land, Fin and Billy quickly high-tailed it back to the lab to report on their findings. Gigantopus, as Billy called it, did not seem aggressive or violent but upon that first encounter there wasn’t much intensive to stick around and make friends.

#9 Ann Abbott

| November 16, 2010 | 0 Comments

19 year old Ann Abbott is a second year student at uPAST majoring in Biology.  Last semester she applied for the covet position as the Assistant to Rebecca Hannes in the Solar Lab. Thanks to her abounding enthusiasm and a 55 page paper on the effects of the Solar Cycle on the life span of the Amazonian Bot Fly she got the position.  She’s a great student, a dedicated scientist and energetic presence in the lab.

Ann hopes to one day obtain her PhD and be hired on as a staff scientist in the Solar Labs at uPAST researching how the Sun helped shape the building blocks of life on Earth.

#8 Rebecca Hannes, PhD

| November 16, 2010 | 0 Comments
Rebecca Hannes, PhD, a tenured professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology (known as uPAST) is known for her research into the effects of different types of astral and solar radiations on the cellular and molecular structures. Mrs. Hannes and her husband, Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD, run the Solar Lab and plan to have the first working prototype of their energy converter ready to debut within the year.  Hopes are high that a fully functional machine can be in place before the decade is out which could potentially provide an endless amount of free energy to the entire United States.  It’s Rebecca’s job to ensure that the energy and radiation collected by the conversion machine will now do any harm to anyone.

About a year ago the Hannes adopted a young, adventurous boy named Billy Franks who had been orphaned during the Portsburg blizzard of 1984. Rebecca and Billy have become very close with and, while she allows him plenty of room to explore and learn…she’s highly projective of the boy.

#7 The Sun

| November 8, 2010 | 4 Comments

Designation: Yellow Star
Stellar Classification: G2V
Distance from Earth: 1.496×10^8 km (8 minutes, 19 seconds at light speed)
Equatorial Circumference: 6.955×10^5 km
Surface Area: 6.087 7×10^12 km^2
Volume: 1.412×10^18 km^3
Mass: 1.989 1×10^30 kg

Core Density: 1.5×10^5 kg/m^3

Core Temperature: ~15.7×10^6 K
Surface Temperature: 5,778 K (5500° F)
Corona Temperature: ~5×106 K
Luminosity: 3.846 x 10^26 Watt

Coronal Mass Ejection Average Mass: 1.6 x 10^12 kg
Coronal Mass Ejection Average Velocity: 20km/s – 3200km/s
Current Coronal Cycle as of today’s date (05/05/1987): Low, trending upward

Hydrogen: 73.45%
Helium: 24.85%
Oxygen: 0.77%
Carbon: 0.29%
Iron: 0.16%
Sulfur: 0.12%
Neon: 0.11%
Nitrogen: 0.08%
Silicon: 0.07%
Magnesium: 0.05%
Unknown Elements: 0.03%

The Sun. Our Sun. The largest, heaviest, hottest and brightest natural object in our solar system. It has been Dr. Henric Hannes PhD’s obsession since he was a young boy in Portsburg. Our Sun propels approximately 389 billion million gigawatts of energy into space. Comparatively, the earth’s total global energy consumption is just a few thousand gigawatts. The majority of that is highly polluting fossil fuels.  Dr. Hannes theorizes that if we could capture even a fraction of that power and convert it to usable energy here on the ground…we would never have to worry about power again (or…at least for the next 4 billion years or so).

#6 – L.U.N.A.R. Computer

| November 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

The original Solar lab computers, much like most other computers in the world in the early 80s, were nothing more than room sized calculators.  Using the standard Vector Processing (that is a central CPU that delegated processing tasks to multiple processors then later organizing the resulting data) the computers built for Dr. Hannes were running at a basic (for it’s time) processing speed of of 1.1 GigaFLOPS (or 1.1 billion calculations per second). When the U.S. Government was brought in to fund and secure Dr. Hannes’ work, a team of scientists and engineers was also brought in to assist in the research.  Within this group was a team led by Irish computer engineer Jonathan O’Colvin, PhD.  O’Colvin began right away rebuilding the entire computer system.  Six months later, the LUNAR Computer was complete.

The LUNAR Computer is a self aware, highly adaptive Multi-Quantum processor SuperComputer capable of speeds theoretically up to 1.5 zettaFLOPS (that is 1.5 octillion calculations per second).  That speed is stated as theoretical because the only way to provide enough power to operate the computer at full will be when the solar energy converter is actually activated. Operated on the Portsburg power grid, LUNAR can only function at approximately 50% of its full capacity.  The computer has a single core which resides at the center of the SOLAR Lab and is networked to most of the compatible computers in the Solar Lab building as well as the entire uPAST campus via a small wireless chip that is attached to each CPU.

O’Colvin has programmed the one of a kind system with an adaptive form of artificial intelligence.  Upon it’s initial boot the system was nothing more than a very large, very fast computer. As time has progressed, LUNAR has become self aware and is learning more and more each day.

When fully functional LUNAR will also operate and maintain the connection between all three SECT (Solar Ejection Collection and Transmission) satellites that are in a geosynchronous orbit above the SOLAR Lab.

#5 Jonathan O’Colvin , PhD

| November 5, 2010 | 0 Comments

A brilliant scientist in the field of computer engineering, Jon O’Colvin comes to the uPAST and the Solar Lab by way his home country of Ireland.  When the United States Government inked the deal with uPAST to help fund and protect Dr. Hennric’s solar energy conversion research, Jon was one of the first new scientists to be brought in.  Dr. Hennric already had one of the most advanced super computers in existence. However, within a six months, O’Colvin and his team had rebuilt the entire system and integrated the new self aware L.U.N.A.R. [Localized University Networked Autonomous Research] computer system into the entire uPAST computer network (which itself was and is technology far advanced beyond any other computer system in the world).  With this new powerful computer system the research has advanced forward at a light speed pace (excuse the pun).  O’Colvin now maintains the  L.U.N.A.R. Computer as well as writes and applies daily upgrades and improvments to ensure that when the energy conversion system comes online the computers will be able to handle all the data that it is sure to encounter.

Jon O’Colvin himself is a quiet man who tends to keep to himself as much as possible.  He works long hours every day, typically never less than 12 hours, and never overlooks even the smallest detail. He is liked by everyone in the lab even though he rarely socializes with anyone, with the exception of the L.U.N.A.R. computer who he has an obvious strong connection with.

#4 Fin Halloway

| November 4, 2010 | 0 Comments

In 1968, at the age of 18 years and 1 day old, Finlay Halloway, known to everyone as Fin, enlisted in the United States Marines.  The son and grandson of Marines and veterans of war there was nothing that could stop Fin from following in those footsteps.  In no time he was through basic and tromping through the jungles of Vietnam fighting for his country.  Just five years later, then a decorated NCO, he was out of Vietnam and into a top secret special forces team known only by the code name Taipan. By 1980 he had been promoted to a Warrant Officer and was in charge of his entire company.

While on a top secret assignment with a detachment to Beirut in October of 1983, Fin was caught in the heart of a massive explosion. The official story was that it was a dual car bombing, which killed nearly 500. The truth is that the explosion was directly related to a Taipan mission and more than 2000 people, including civilians and service members, were killed including many of the men under Fin’s command.  Fully physically recovered, though still dealing with the emotional fall out of that tragic even, after over a year of recuperation and rehabilitation, Fin was reassigned within Taipan.

The US Government took interest early in the research of Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD.  It was apparent early that his solar energy conversion technology, far beyond simple solar panels installed on a roof, had the potential to change the world.  In order to ensure that Dr. Hannes’ research did not end up in the hands of an enemy nation of regime a security detail from special forces Taipan team was assigned.  That force is headed by Fin Halloway.  It is his duty to protect the uPAST campus as well as all the technology and the science team.

Before the incident in Beirut, Fin was a fun loving, energetic man who was dedicated to his friends, his job and his country.  Since his recovery he is no less dedicated to his job and country, however, he has become a much more serious and intense individual.

(side note: I’m still in the planning phase of Solar: Maximum and have, as of yet, not decided if the comic will appear in black and white or full color.  IF I decide to go full color…I think this is the style that I’ll be going with. Or…at least something similar)  (thoughts??)