#11 – Flick

| November 24, 2010 | 3 Comments

When Billy Franks first came to live with The Hannes, Rebecca and Hennric thought it might be nice to get a pet for the boy. Someone to be Billy’s pal for those long nights when all the adults were busy in the Lab.  They picked up a mischievous kitten from a local animal shelter that Billy named Flick.  A cute short haired, silver tabby cat, Flick was a typical, playful kitten. On the day of the accident that blasted the Solar Building (and the surrounding block) into the strange new world Flick was sleeping in the window in the Hannes’ apartment.  During the transport a bolt of energy burst through the window and passed straight through the napping cat.  At first there didn’t seem to be any ill effect from the incident but slowly…Billy began to notice that Flick was beginning to be more attentive to people. Within a couple weeks Flick began shadowing Billy. Then one day, when the boy was in mortal peril…Flick blasted a Searcher away from Billy.  Still a fun loving, mischievous cat Flick has now taken his place as Billy’s full time companion and protector.

Flick has shown incredible powers that apparently derive from his contact with the strange solar energy. He has become incredibly intelligent, can run at extremely high speeds , can jump huge distances and shoot powerful laser beams from his eyes.

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  1. This is cute. I wish my cat would protect me like this. But he’d probably just hide if something happened.

  2. Eric White says:

    Thanks! I want Flick to be cute…but kick ass when there’s trouble. 🙂

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