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#19; Autumn Dragon

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Born in China, The Autumn Dragon believes he is descended from a long line of dragon worshippers of pre-history China.  He was born with super human strength, durability, the ability to fly and breath fire.

#17 – Zip Sam

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Day 17 - Zip Sam

Sam is a musician with a local band and He is roommates with Sarah’s brother.  He doesn’t get along with Sarah and she would have nothing to do with him if he didn’t hang around with her brother.  He’s a bit of a goof and likes to tease Sarah which makes her hate him even more.  Michelle and Pearl have no problem with Sam and often think Sarah is over reacting

#18 Mack

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He likes to kill people.  Period.

#11 – Didi

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.

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Because I’ve been late getting these up, I’ll post quick links to the ones I already posted:

#18 – Raskin

| November 18, 2010 | 1 Comment

Raskin, an Ursine scholar.

– – – – –

Ultimately, today’s character was born from my sudden wish to draw a bear. I went with a Sun Bear as my model, as I liked how they look when standing, and of the coloration of their fur.

Day# 14 Sqorthk, Animal Phase

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a Sqorthk in animal stage for Wheeler's Orbits, by Jande Rowe

a Sqorthk in animal stage for Wheeler's Orbits, by Jande Rowe

Tastes Like Chicken!

Adnirovjyna Sqorthk, Animal Phase: During the rainy season the shell becomes leathery, then soft and peels off to reveal the third phase of this fascinating creature: it is now an animal, capable of pulling itself along the ground in a kind of inch-worm motion, digging its front fin-arms into the soil an hauling itself forward, then stopping to let its long back legs catch up. then it hunches its back and repeats this activity until it is far from the plant of its origin. That is, if carnivorous predators don’t eat it first.

The animal-Squorth gives off a honey-like odour from it’s pebbly skin that carnivores find strangely attractive, and many have learned that the meat under that skin is deliciously sweet and satisfying (As Wheeler soon learns). In the animal stage the Sqorthk is easy prey. It cannot move quickly and has no natural defenses.

In the animal stage it neither eats nor drinks, its main purpose seems apparently to be to move itself as far as possible from the parent plant  so to drop its developing tubers to begin the cycle again. In this regard the Sqorthk has allies in the native peoples as they will protect them from predators, often keeping them as pets, and regularly harvesting their tubers for planting once the rainy season has passed.

Since the Adnirovjyna have a strong taboo against eating the Sqorthk during their animal stage, would it be any wonder that Wheeler’s appetites could bring them to the very brink of interplanetary war? Or at least, very bad feelings?

Day 18: Professor Pickle

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Professor Pickle can be described by words that start with the letter P; precise, persistent, prevalent, penchant and party pooper.

#17 Davey Raines

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Pages from the
private notes of A.K.A.

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Day 8+9~ *GASP* Lesbian ***** Brothers!

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#11 – Medh, the Earth Daughter

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Another one of Ssilir’s gods. Medh is the daughter of the earth, a goddess of stone and soil. Along with her sister Deph, she influences the animal and plant world, but Medh presides over domesticated animals and agriculture. She is a goddess of architecture, cities, and construction, and is sometimes associated with money and trade.

Finally, she is the goddess of the nest. Ssilirians can procreate on land or in water, but they always nest on land. She is the goddess of female fertility and the guardian of the home.

I’ll have a more detailed write-up of her when I feature her in my webcomic.

#18 – Hashimoto Leprechaun

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Feeling the need to increase Irish security, this young leprechaun took it upon himself to travel to Japan to learn the ways of the Ninja. That Pot O’ Gold has never been safer!

#10-11: Max Overstreet & Dahl ‘Dolly’ Larsen

| November 18, 2010 | 3 Comments

Again, way behind, but catching up.

Dahl Larsen is a ghost. She’s devoted most of her afterlife to following around the last person to see her alive. Problem is, college student Max Overstreet can’t see or hear her, and doesn’t know she’s there. The only way she can communicate with him is through his dreams, and, even more frustrating, he rarely remembers those…

#8-9 – PC Clyde Goodcop & SGT Hank Badcop

| November 18, 2010 | 3 Comments

Wow, really behind after NEWW. I WILL catch up, though.

Anyhow, I designed these two for a page in my comic that called for a made up, classic nintendo game. This was a hell of a lot of fun!

#18 SBD

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SBD  He says it stands for Super but deadly but only those who are closest to him know for sure.

#18 Tobias

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You left me, for them, for her. I know the truth. They killed you.

Then they killed me because they thought I was you.

But you are not you anymore. It doesn’t matter, you’re going to pay brother! I don’t care what you call yourself now, Joshua you’re a dead man. You may only wear his skin, but you’ll still pay for his sins.

You’ll pay, those spider-limbed bitches, and that ghastly foul shadow of a man. With my new friends we are taking you down!

Tobias is a character in the Stitchwork Universe.  Take a look at the preview here: Mysterious Visions

#18 Dragonicon

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a jungle dweller
stalking prey in the night
the dragonicon is a warrior race of meat eaters to be feared by any that travel alone or unarmed.

#21 Air Force 1.0

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This one came to me while I was watching football on Sunday.

Concept: In the near future, terrorists have destroyed the President’s airplane, so the country’s best engineers put their heads together and create an exo-suit for the President.  That’s right; the President is a superhero now.

Design: It’s red, white, blue and silver, which isn’t 100% US colors, but close enough.  Took down the original design, but I with the new one (above), I like what Drew brought to the table.  It looks less bulky and it could actually be worn.  It looks closer to what I had originally intended, so it’s really a matter of great minds thinking alike.

Art by Drew Moss!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#18 Kimmie

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Kimmie is one of Cory’s friends and has a little crush on Cory. He doesn’t seem interested, but she is persistent. Cory actually has a crush on Lena, but that doesn’t stop Kimmie from trying. A sweet girl who loves girlie things, but can hang with the boys. She’s sometimes shy and sometimes SO not, just depends on her mood. She’s a bird of a different feather, which is why she fits in perfectly in Cory’s Story.

#17 P.I. Emmerett Edward Elton-Evans A.K.A. E-Squared

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In the world where clones are common place yet still illegal and friends abuse the power of technology, Private Investigator Emmerett walks the line. Hired out for the right price or cause, helps to keep hi-tek off the streets or at least in his customers’ hands.

When Matt decides he can no longer stand disappointing his friends, by being unable to be everywhere at once, he decides to clone himself. The call goes out to E-Squared Investigations to recover the hi-tek contraband before the government gets involved. As the numbers rise and Matt’s clones began to take over Lameland City, Emmerett realizes he won’t be able to retrieve the item in time. Taking a more deceptive route he teams up with the government’s new team brought in to counter the Matt-Threat till he can steal away with the item in question.

E-Squared is a character in the Kill Matt! universe.

#18- The Upland Walker

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#17 Triplefist

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Henry Morgenstern, Private Eye

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#18 Dr. Astrid Lotus

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Oh, my.  Did I let my Famke Jaansen girl-crush seep into my character design?  Cut me some slack, guys.  It’s not like I’m without purpose here.

Dr. Astrid Lotus, unlike Dr. Artimedes, is a psychiatrist/counselor on Valhalla Station who doesn’t suck at her job. On the contrary, she’s quite good at what she does. Dr. Lotus is a kind, compassionate woman who takes the time to help her patients work through their issues, no matter how long it takes, no matter how many hard questions need to be asked, no matter how much information needs to be shared. She is much less likely to go doling out prescriptions just to get you out of her office so she can go on her next coffee break. No, Dr. Lotus wants to know all you have to share.

That she’s so good at her job makes her an even bigger puzzle to the people around her than Dr. Artimedes. What makes this woman so devoted to her job? It isn’t the money, that’s for sure. And the clientele is especially difficult. So why does she do what she does so well? Most people on Valhalla think it’s because she simply has that much passion for her work.

Or at least that’s what they hope.

#18 Kristen Everett

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Kristen Everett

Trying to get ahead a little, since I’ll be busy this weekend.  This character is perhaps a bit uninteresting, but I’ve been wanting to add a few professors to the cast of Race so I don’t feel guilty about making every single character a student my age.  Maybe when I start writing this she’ll have a DARK SECRET.

Race info can be found here.

#16 Aphrodite Powers

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Aphrodite is a galactic adventurer and supply runner. She would do anything for a friend and make sure what needs to be done gets done.

In her Space Cruiser, Othello, she travels the galaxy with danger in tow.

Day 11: Servin’ Girl

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whatta little cutie!!!!!!  I bet she gets ALL the tips.

#17 – Quill

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QUILL, an Avian, and professor of languages. Unlike other Avians, Quill eschews dressing like his fellow professors (i.e. human attire & trappings), but does favor his smoking pipe.

#17 Super King Satan

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Super King Satan is a giant monster hailing from the Zed-ex Beta Nebula. Though he looks terrifying, he’s actually a fierce defender of peace and justice. His persuasive abilities are second to no one in the universe, aided immensely by his two mouths. Unfortunately, due to his size, appearance, and name, Super King Satan rarely gets very far during his missions of peace and enlightenment before accidentally slaughtering untold billions of creatures.

Day 7~ Cats

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D: I don’t have to explain myself to the likes of you!

#17 Sudarshan

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I’m caught up! Yay!

A few zoologists were exploring the depths of an Indian jungle, searching for…I dunno, tigers? Sure, tigers. One of them was walking far ahead of the others, and this naga watching from the trees thought he’d be easy prey, thinking he was alone. But as he attacked the others emerged, and since he certainly wasn’t prepared to face multiple humans, let alone humans with tranquilizers, he was subdued quickly. Soon the world was buzzing with news of how a live specimen of a creature once thought legendary had been captured, and he began to be toured through several zoos around the world. But as luck would have it, our friend Amelia saw him with a few of her friends at their own local zoo. She was suddenly hit with empathy when she saw him in his enclosure, perhaps because they were two of a kind: wild, mystical, not quite human. She broke into the zoo that night in her werewolf form and busted him out. The grateful naga made clear that he owed her his life and asked if he could somehow help her on her superhero-ish escapades. She happily accepted. He seemed to not have any concept of a “name,” so she gave him one: Sudarshan.

I honestly don’t know what kind of snake he’s supposed to look like. I just liked that pattern. I later researched the actual nagas of Hindu mythology and found that they’re usually king cobras. But I didn’t feel like recoloring him by then. 😛

#18 Skunk the Monk

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he’s a real stinker. part of the MONKies