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#8 Hiltengarde

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Imagine, mes amis, a mere man for whom the rapier’s edge is no risk!  An immortal so dismissive of the sword, he invites it into his gullet as an hors d’oeuvre!  Observe as the iron-throated Hiltengarde ingests an arsenal extraordinaire and emits not an ounce of crimson extract!  HOW does he live?  WHY does he not bleed?  WHERE do the points delve safely within?  Questions inconsequential!  Pertinent only is your perusal of his performance!  The swordsman supreme will display the danger of his devices!  A dagger for a dying damsel!  A machete through man-meat!  A stiletto for a still-beating heart!  And each blood-blessed implement passed perfectly from person to palette!  Nary a wasted, precious drop!  And, now, partakers of the purulent, prepare to participate!  Hiltengarde is here!  Time for volunteers!

#7: Kiki Jones – Undead Simian Detective

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Day# 09 Flodd and Flara for Wheeler’s Orbits

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#09 Flodd & Flara for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#09 Flodd & Flara for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

When Wheeler’s Orbits made landfall on Faranurus IV with a cargo hold full of Denebrian, they thought it was unusual that there was no bustling spaceport; not even a sign of any kind of technology at all.  Ikey thought they should check the computer and the starmaps to see if they were in the right place, but as usual Wheeler just opened the airlock and  went out to see what was happening.
“They probably just have really good camouflage, Ikey. You worry too much!” and he was gone. Ikey donned space-suit, set the computer to figure out what went wrong, and doggedly followed Wheeler. This was definitely NOT dry, arid Faranurus IV! This place was a swamp. Of course it might have changed in the last year, but he doubted it very much.

The first thing he saw that moved was moving away from him. It looked like a giant lopped off banana with arms, but no legs. It kind of floated along a few inches above the ground when it wasn’t reaching up with its long yellow arms to swing itself from the low hanging branches from tree to tree.  It was a colourful world, and in spite of himself, Ikey felt himself relaxing. That of course put him even more on guard. He’d seen some weird things in space, but never before a piece of fruit with arms. Then it turned around and started back toward him. It had eyes! and the arms had hands with opposable thumbs! He wondered if it had sharp pointy teeth and decided for the better part of valour.

Through the portal of the airlock he could see them gathering, apparently curious about this huge thing that had landed in their forest. They even more reminded him of bananas since they were in a multitude of shades from bright green to  deep yellow, and some even had the brown and black spots you find on the very ripe ones. He shook his head. Leave it to Wheeler to run off on his own on a strange world.

He left his suit on and went in to the computer. The data screen showed the deviation in course due to an input error of one digit.  He knew who to blame for that, too. He sighed. Well, they weren’t too far off course. If he could grab Wheeler they could be on Faranurus IV within a week.

He looked back at the airlock window, and was startled to see yellow-green faces, shaped a little like earth monkeys, jostling to peer in at him.

” Come Flara, come with papa to see what the skies have brought this time.” He gazed fondly at his third daughter, so green and yet wasn’t that a tinge of the yellow of maturity creeping into her skin. It made him sad that soon she would be fully mature and golden and leaving him for her chosen mate. But he would enjoy her companionship while he could, at least until his next change and he could bear more fruit himself, though then he would be a her self.

Things had often dropped from the sky that didn’t seem to belong here. Most often they fell near the  great lake, and then, before his people could satisfy their natural curiosity, they flew away like Singbirds, often straight up into the sky until they were specks that could be seen no more. That was always a disappointment to Flodd. Maybe this time, there would be a chance to touch and taste the thing that fell from the sky.

Flara skipped along in front of him, skimming the ground, still a bit wobbly with that skill, and reaching up for hand holds on the Twanda trees, not to mention gorging herself on their  clusters of fruit. He was an indulgent parent though, and prefered to let all his offspring learn through their own experience, though there was something quicker and more delightful with this one, so that he tended to be more protective of her.

He could see through the trees that others of his kind were gathering, streaming in the direction of the new fallen thing. This made Flodd happy. He loved gatherings, and he loved exploring, and he loved bringing his curiosity to bear on new things. Especially when the sun was warming his Frolldots and he had energy to burn.

Suddenly, he cried out in alarm, “Stop!” and  pulled Flara to him and behind him. A strange animal had burst out of the undergrowth, splashing muddy sand all around him. It was tall and thin and was strangely coloured. It had twice the appendages than normal and actually put two of them on the ground and in the water of the swamp. That appeared to be its mode of locomotion, although it was a lurching one. Flodd had never seen its like. Is this what had fallen? It seemed too small and at the same time too big. It stopped now, swaying and seemed to be speaking to him, but the sounds were very low pitched and growling, akin to the sound of a Froctali in a fallen tree.

“Where the heck am I and what the heck are you?” Wheeler said to the yellow being standing stock still and staring at him bemused. “I’m lost.”

#5 The Junior

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05 後輩

Rizwän • Junior Director

The Junior Director is everywhere the First Department Chief » cannot be, and during the immensely hectic months directly preceding the Grand Parade », he is indispensable to its success. Lacking his superior’s experience and sufficient daemon matter to withstand multiple physical teleportations in the World Layers, Rizwän nonetheless has utilised his ability to transmit and project his form—a kind of possession—onto any ‘seeded’ humanoid to the best of effect.

Rizwän had only participated in the Parade as a Walker only once, despite the centuries he has spent helping to organise it. He is very accommodating to new members of the staff, or new Walkers, and often handles the first round of recruitment interviews. The more veteran daemons tease him from time to time, but are still careful, knowing he wears the pinstripes of high command.

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#8 – Julian

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I decided to change things up from my original plan for this week. I wanted to practice portraits and realistic human characters, so that’s what I’m doing.

So, onto Julian. Julian was a man of mystery during the 19th century. A traveling man, Julian’s original home is not known but he spent a great deal of time amongst various aristocrats in and around London. It is believed that he was an assassin or some sort of covert operative for hire. This classical sculpture of him was a sign of his well standing with the upper echelon of British society. It is unknown whether the commission for this sculpture was Julian’s or one of his many clients, but one thing is sure, Julian lived quite the life despite there being little known about him.

#8 Bill The Accidental Demon.

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I umm..I really don't understand why I'm here.

There was a guy, His name was Bill.

Bill was an accountant, and Bill was no more dishonest than any other accountant at his firm.

Unfortunately he stayed late on the wrong night & was witness to his Office managers meeting with the Elder bosses. HE remembered a flash, and then he woke up naked in the alley, his skin red, and his vision blurred with horrid visions of death & Rape. naturally he stumbled into a bar and ordered a whiskey sour. After escaping the burning building he stumbled off into the darkness. Searching for answers he has learned to stay out of sight & work withing the shadows.

But the ones responsible for his change are looking for him, and all too soon Bill the Accidental Demon will know his destiny…

#8 – Toad the Turtle Rider

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Toad the Turtle Rider

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Toad is an odd sort, he’s fantastic and imaginative and wonderful to be around, but he happens to be very ugly. He is also a collector of turtles; he has big ones, spotted ones, old ones and funny ones. Toad likes the turtles; he surrounds himself by them, talks to them every day, laughs with them and best of all, he rides on them. He has his own reason for this though, he thinks that since the turtles are so ugly, they will make him look better than he really does; unbeknownst to him the opposite is true, he actually makes the turtles look better than they really do.

Toad is somewhat distinguished in his own way, he wears a suit that is in tatters, but a suit none the less. His face and body on the other hand are a very different story; Toad is just down right ugly in every sense of the word. There will be some sort of steering, such as a halter and reins, to guide the head of the turtle and an embellished saddle for Toad to sit in. His turtle friend is very large and looks pretty normal as a turtle goes and Toad is perched upon it’s back, taking it for a daily ride.

#8 – Haberdasher

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Every good story needs a good tailor & haberdasher, right? Right?

#8 Lilu

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Lilu (pronounced lee-loo) is an artist. A friendly, caring and talented artist, and a good friend. Lilu is very knowledgeable of many things, and she is very talkative about those things, always wanting to share with her friends.

Lilu is never seen without a pencil and pad in her hands, always drawing, getting better and better with every stroke of lead or ink laid on the page.

Lilu is friends with Otto and his wife, the three of them a pack that never travel without one another.


Ran short on time this evening, so I skimped a little on the bio here. As for the missing tail… it’s just out of view. Yeah, that’s the ticket! lol But look, feet! Sure, non-detailed, kind of sketchy feet, but feet nonetheless!

Day 5: Judge

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Judge is Evans’ dad and Dr. Calpensky’s friend/business partner.  He’s one of those handsome, intelligent, successful types.  He is very respected in his village and people in other towns know his name and reputation.  He seems like a pretty perfect guy, but deep down he’s got a couple skeletons in the closet.  Calpensky is the only person who knows exactly what those skeletons are, though.

Came down with the flu this weekend so forgive me for being a little rushed/behind haha.

#8 – Ralph

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. This one character is kinda based off of a single appearance of a rabbit character during the beginning of the Camping arc in PSI. However, it had no name, and no real important role.

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#08 Ted Hibbard

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Play it baby!

That clarinet player that Bobbi’s got her shy eye on.  He has a habit of getting in debt and then he has to deal with unscrupulous characters.

#8 Fa-Suto (Samurai #3)

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This is Samurai #3 of my Samurai666 clan. #1 and #2 being the last couple character posts. This is Fa-Suto, don’t let his size fool you. He’s lightning quick and a master of the Nunchaku. He also has a fascination with Elvis Presley and and tries to emulate his dress and mannerisms.

#8 Svel

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Svel is from a dog like race of creatures. She has a smooth skin of a blue color. She’s friendly, and loves to learn. She also picks up things quite easily.

#8 Betta

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#8 Steel Pulse

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Steel Pulse aka Shara Draken is a cybernetically enhanced hit-woman, who changes her allegiances as often as she changed her clothing.  Short tempered and very vindictive, this cyber-assassin is not to be crossed.  She is the niece of Marat Matthews aka Tarot (from yesterday), but rarely associates with him, unless she is hiding out or can “use” him to her advantage.  Marat plays along with her when she’s around, but will not help her be a criminal, and is always trying to change her.  As stubborn as she is, he usually doesn’t try too hard.

She is always on the run… from who?  The Organization- a multi-national “megacorporation” who have their hands in everything from cyber technology to alternative energy, to medicine.  The Organization is not to be crossed, and that’s exactly what Steel Pulse did.  She volunteered for a cyber enhancement program within The Organization, under the understanding that she would become the ‘property’ of said patron.  She soon grew tired of being told what to do and when to do it, and vanished.

Always running from from organization agents, Steel Pulse only comes out of hiding for a job.  Which in turn has made her even MORE enemies, namely Crackshot (post number 2).  Having had to compete with her in the past, the two of them have bumped head on more than one occasion.  Currently, Steelpulse is believed to be hiding out near where her uncle;e resides, but not with him.

Steelpulse’s abilities include cyber enhanced reflexes, strength, speed, and healing.  Making her one resilient marksman…woman.

#8 – “Stick” Swift

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Day 8 - Stick Swift

Stick swift of the Mechanic Squad

Swift is the only real mechanic in the squad.  He’s not great at it but he at least knows how to do minor repairs.  He uses logs to keep cars from moving while he works on them which is how he got his nick name, “Stick”  He can be a bit of a goof and is a bit clumsy, so the gang sometimes call him “Dip Stick”

#8 Sylvia Blane

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It’s like my don’t forget what to write in the blog note says, she’s the bad girl in the story.  Sylvia Blane is never the head of the operation, but she’s most certainly always working her own angle.  She may play the innocent young lady who’s happy with her role, but it’s impossible to hide her edge, and she always wants more.

#8 The Sagittarius

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Chasing The Mobster that betrayed him and got him killed… the Zodiac summons the Sagittarius and the chase is on through the crowded new york streets… one way or another the Sagitarius wiill get to the truth.

Concept design for “Horrorscope” the comicbook.

#4 Aburasumaashi

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04 油すまあし

Aburasumaashi • Light-eater

No Parade is complete without the fel flame that guides the Walkers to the route. Abura-sumaashi ensures that the stone lanterns burn throughout the duration of the Parade. To do this, he steals the holy light from vigil candles and from sanctuaries all over the world—”borrows” is his favourite term, as the monstrous mouths that are a part of his form suck in light matter and converts them to daemon oil.

Naturally curious about humans, he often deliberately causes a ruckus when he “borrows” his fuel, often drawing the attention of the First Department Chief », and incurring a memo about “proper protocol” in slipping between World Layers.

Ink on white paper.


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#8 Geoph

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This character is from my Seedseeker story that both Betsy and I concocted.  it’s about a group of girls who are chosen to find the hero in the story that actually carries the seed that keeps their world alive.  Its nothing but fun stop action as they come into the comic world of our pages, out from the ideas of the pages of manga in japan.  Science fiction, dragons and heros are all involved when it comes to this story. Geoph is the hot headed character in this story and she always flies off the handle, but she has her two friends that help her remain calm as the continue to help their world from being destroyed.  Geoph learns a life lesson in the process.

#8 Akarnu

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Don’t mess with the guy with the katana.

For more about Teyra, click here!

#8 Vincent Arroyo

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From the pages of the legendary 1930s pulp magazine TALES OF HIGH ADVENTURE  comes Vincent Arroyo–swordsman, rouge, adventurer, lover.

He travels through the various nations of the continent of Aldrezan seeking adventure, whether it’s helping a beautiful woman defend her home (and also winning her heart), joining a band of lawmen as they search for dangerous gangs in the Palliarno wastelands, or gaining the favor and respect of Princess Deandra of the kingdom of Tallis.  Vincent is a man of action, but intelligent, observant, despite his somewhat flippant attitude.  He is a master swordsman, and is known to many…but his own past is still a mystery, even to him.

You see, Vincent cannot remember anything before his 13th year.  In fact, he strongly believes that “Vincent Arroyo” is not even his real name, but the name he was given by the two kindly people who found him and raised him.  There is only one clue: the ornate ring that was with him when he was found.  If the ring’s secret is unraveled, it just might answer the one question Vincent has always asked of himself–“who am I, really?”

#5 – Hashim the Ifrit

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This is Hashim, an ifrit that has appeared once in Metamorphosis. He’ll be appearing several times in the future, too.

I had a design of him already but I wanted to try my hand at a new design from ground up. There are parts of each design that I like. The older design had a lot more jewels and gold, and I think that’s something this design is missing. In any case, he’s a nasty who’ll be a thorn in the side of one of my characters. He’s conniving, evil, and he prefers to manipulate than resort to brute force. He’s the sort that thinks life is better when you have slaves to do your bidding for you.

This picture is mostly markers. Also I know this is only #5, but 6 and 7 are coming soon and 8 should be done soon. I will get caught up one day. Just gotta get there!

#8 Candledemon

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I really wandet to color this at the PC…but man, I have a headache, so no coloring today. I’m glad I’ve finished this little guy so far at all.

Maybe Sam remembers the day when everybody at the workshop was trying to create a firedemon, well I’ve drawn a draft of this little creature and today I tried to work on this.

As its name says it is a candleflamedemon, yet still small and cute. These creatures are quite vivid, moving all the time and so curious, that they have to touch everything close to them.  This characteristic trait makes it quite easy to catch one of these demons; you just have to use a match, as seen above.

As soon as you start to feed a candledemon it will grow and become a firedemon. At this stage it is able to have more than two arms, now searching for something to eat. If you don’t take care it will be spoilt soon, growing more and more and becoming less controllable but really greedy.

I will try to upload the firedemon soon.

See you tomorrow.

#8 Gunner

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Gunner – she’s most deadly female black operation in the world, now retired and live somewhere in Colorado.

#7 The Pisces

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Using his mystical astrolical powers Danny Drummond aka the Zodiac summons the Pisces to destroy Russian mobster boats.

Concept drawings for the “Horrorscope” comic project

#2 – Mr. Smiley

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Mr Smiley

Mr Smiley, a villian who isn't as he seems...

Mr Smiley is a villian of a slimy sort of caliber. No one argues that he is certainly one of the most dangerous in the city, but few people could tell you the truth of his powers: they’re all a trick. He can make anyone see anything, and some people even worry he can change their very thoughts. He derives pleasure from fooling people, and even more pleasure from causing them to hurt themselves. Mr. Smiley is so named because he always wears a paper mask in front of his face, and is constantly shrouded behind a aura of darkness, and a fake projection of himself. The truth is that he’s homeless and has worn the same suit for countless years. But his bad hygene and sociopathic behavior doesn’t make him any less dangerous. Quite the contrary.

Notes on the design: I’m not really happy with this, but it’s a start. I love the one of how people see him, on the left. I’m not so found of the ones at right. He’s not quite grotesque enough yet. It’s an effect I’ll need to keep working on for the future.

#6 Zodiac

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While living off the streets as a brilliant and extraordinary astrologist, Danny Drummond got quickly noticed by the mob, Forced to work for the maffia Danny soon enjoyed the fame and fortune Mob money can bring. That is until the day a Mob underling had enough of Danny hogging all his attention, a quick betrayel later and Danny found himself under the Mobsters bloody axes… a year later Danny returns from the dead this time wielding the power to be able to manifest the zodiac signs to extract revenge against those that killed him.

Character designs for the project “Horrorscope”

#7 The Sun

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Designation: Yellow Star
Stellar Classification: G2V
Distance from Earth: 1.496×10^8 km (8 minutes, 19 seconds at light speed)
Equatorial Circumference: 6.955×10^5 km
Surface Area: 6.087 7×10^12 km^2
Volume: 1.412×10^18 km^3
Mass: 1.989 1×10^30 kg

Core Density: 1.5×10^5 kg/m^3

Core Temperature: ~15.7×10^6 K
Surface Temperature: 5,778 K (5500° F)
Corona Temperature: ~5×106 K
Luminosity: 3.846 x 10^26 Watt

Coronal Mass Ejection Average Mass: 1.6 x 10^12 kg
Coronal Mass Ejection Average Velocity: 20km/s – 3200km/s
Current Coronal Cycle as of today’s date (05/05/1987): Low, trending upward

Hydrogen: 73.45%
Helium: 24.85%
Oxygen: 0.77%
Carbon: 0.29%
Iron: 0.16%
Sulfur: 0.12%
Neon: 0.11%
Nitrogen: 0.08%
Silicon: 0.07%
Magnesium: 0.05%
Unknown Elements: 0.03%

The Sun. Our Sun. The largest, heaviest, hottest and brightest natural object in our solar system. It has been Dr. Henric Hannes PhD’s obsession since he was a young boy in Portsburg. Our Sun propels approximately 389 billion million gigawatts of energy into space. Comparatively, the earth’s total global energy consumption is just a few thousand gigawatts. The majority of that is highly polluting fossil fuels.  Dr. Hannes theorizes that if we could capture even a fraction of that power and convert it to usable energy here on the ground…we would never have to worry about power again (or…at least for the next 4 billion years or so).

#7 Clay Andrews

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Clay Andrews, about him – classified…