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#9 – Ms. Daiyu

| November 9, 2010 | 7 Comments

Ms. Daiyu may not look menacing, but you do not want to cross her. Some say she is over 200 years old and has mastered over 387 different forms of martial arts. Her most powerful weapon, of course, is her unassuming demeanor. Her age, and her look constantly give her the element of surprise no matter the location or situation.

#9 Gaia

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This is the human form the goddess, mother earth takes from time to time.  Gaia comes to the material plane of mortals to temper, and heal the planet.  Her anger is slow to surface, but when it does the entire planet quakes and trembles.

I basically am showing what i perceive to be mother earth in “human” form.  Definitely a “character” I’d like to peruse story wise someday.  At the moment I am working on another comic that may or may not see the light of day lol.

Anyway, that is all. 😛

#9 Simon

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Simon says he loves cheese! Yep, a cat that loves cheese, who’d a thunk it? But he not only loves cheese, he’s addicted to the stuff. He’s gotta have it if it’s anywhere in the vicinity.

Simon is a photographer, always seen with his trusty camera in tow.  Simon’s a friendly and fun guy, but he gets pouty if he doesn’t get his cheese.


It’s late and deadlines loom, so that’s all I got tonight sadly. Cheese and cameras. Sorry, I’ll try better next time. lol

Day 6: Len

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Len is an old dog-like creature that belongs to Judge and his family, but there is much more to his story than being a simple house pet.  While everyone considers him such, Judge and Dr. Calpensky seem to have an especially close bond with him, even talking to him for hours at a time.  Those who observe this behavior dismiss it as a master being devoted to his pet, but Judge and Dr. Calp know something about Len that nobody else does…

On the other hand, Len lives his daily life pretty much exactly as a dog would:  lounging around, eating, playing with Evans and keeping watch over the household.  He also serves as a fun mode of transportation for Evans, hence the makeshift cushion saddle strapped to his back.

#4 principal bauman vs #5 phil gold

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#4 principal bauman vs #5 phil gold

#8 Vander, Son of Ebrim

| November 9, 2010 | 14 Comments

Son of one of the most powerful Djinn to have walked the earth, Vander Gabon’s life is about to change…

From Wikipedia: Jinn (Arabic: جن jinn, singular جني jinnÄ«; variant spelling djinn) or genies are supernatural creatures in Arab folklore and Islamic teachings which occupy a parallel world to that of mankind. Together, jinn, humans and angels make up the three sentient creations of Allah. According to the Qur’ān, there are two creations that have free will: humans and jinn. Religious sources say little about them; however, the Qur’an mentions that jinn are made of smokeless flame or “the fire of a scorching wind”. They have the ability to change their shape. Like human beings, the jinn can also be good, evil, or neutrally benevolent.

(I can’t say much about this next set of characters, but with luck you’ll be seeing more of them in the months to come.) ~D

#9 Odokemono (Samurai #4)

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This is Samurai #4 in my Samurai666 clan, Odokemono. Days #6, 7, 8 were the first three. Since the numbers are starting to get higher he starts to show more evil demonic traits and powers. Odokemono is unusually strong for his size and prefers to fight with large swords and axes. He also tends to ride on Fa-Suto’s (Samurai #3) shoulders instead of walking. He can also leap very high and his eyes look almost silver.

I am also keeping the color schemes of this group similiar to the Voltron crew. The leader is wearing red, the fat guy is wearing orange, the little guy is wearing green, etc.

#5 Niele

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Yesss!!! I’ve wanted to design this character for a very long time. Such an important character to my comic! Since I’ve designed her, I can’t get my mind off of the major part she’ll be in. It feels great, too! I’ve been on a writing frenzy since.

I don’t want to give too much away with her. Randi, one of the main protagonists to my comic, is an Immortal. He’s over 700 years old. He’s met a lot of people, and has had to leave all of them behind.

When this girl stumbles upon Randi one morning, everything she knew is turned upside-down. On the flip-side, Randi’s world is turned right-side up… I’m not going to say much more than that…

#9 Tansei oro-Hani

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Tansei oro-Hani

Seems like half the fun of designing Race characters is making up fictional future organizations and crafting logos for them!  This tank top is from a dance convention called LifeBeat, which Tansei attended in 0132 CEU when it was held in Kunsai (a city on her planet).

More about the Onka and other species of Race can be found here.

#9 & #10 – Leih & Brian Klaire

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy.

These two characters are based off of some avatar names of my brother, as well as an altered swift fox image, made to look blue. These are brother/sister scientists.

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#8 Hyomiyaku

| November 9, 2010 | 4 Comments

08 北女

Hyomiyaku • Northern chill

Hyomiyaku’s dominion is the north, which makes her the oldest of the Four Snows. She is the aspect that “follows the frightened,” and is points the way to those who die of dread, and suicides.She is a very nimble creature, rather lighthearted despite the nature of her ‘job’, and wraps fuda » around the twin onyx horns she shares with the other Snows. Instead of merely pointing the way to the Parade, she often walks alongside her charges, engaging them in conversation, joking with them, teasing them.

She is also very particular about footwear (a fact that the Parade organisers appreciate and share) and changes from her elevated geta to random period-inspired shoes depending on her mood. While Kooriyh tends to favour a watery element to her, Hyomiyaku prefers vapour.


for Mia »

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#7 The Fa’Culta Evertos

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For centuries the Fa’Culta  Evertos race has been warring with the Fiducias.  The Fa’Culta Everto and Fiducias share a planet and fight over their holy land.  The Fa’Culta however are more built to be warriors.  They are larger, faster and have a very thick hide.  They are very hard to kill. Though the Fa’Culta look like brutes, they are telepathic and some have telekinetic powers too.  To combat the Fa’Culta Evertos, the Fiducias must rely on their superior  weapons and technology.

#7 – Sorceress

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

This is K’zink’s mother from my comic, Metamorphosis. I don’t have  a name for her yet. She’s a powerful sorceress that K’zink’s been looking for for a while now. K’zink arrived home one day to find the house had been burned down and no sign of his mother.

She was once skilled enough to woo a genie and become his consort. K’zink suspects she’s still alive but doesn’t know how well her powers protected her from the blast.

She will be important in the future of Metamorphosis, so if you are following the comic, keep an eye out!

#6 – Galtai

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Galtai is a salamander warlord and Hashim’s master. He’s a native of the Plane of Fire and has a long-standing rivalry with many marids. Galtai will present a constant threat toward later parts of Metamorphosis as he and Hashim cause problems for one of the main characters of Metamorphosis.

I was inspired by those pointy samurai helmets. I wanted him to look like he was wearing one of those fearsome warrior helmets with spines and horns sticking out everywhere. Incidentally, Galtai is a Mongol name meaning Fire or something. Very inspired, I know 😛 It was a working name for a while but it really grew on me. It does have a certain “oomph” to it that fits a warlord.

Colored pencils used heavily in this one. It’s hard to color with just markers when you don’t have quite the right colors 😉

#8 – Killray Thanocloud, Boommaster Of Death

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One day, a young man confronts the Marginal Men, demanding to join in.

He identifies himself as Killray Thanocloud, Boommaster Of Death, and never gives another name.

Heavy makeup, an emo haircut and his lowered face further hide his identity.

He doesn’t talk a lot, except for a detailed account of his power. He just talks about the death of 200 people in the Tokyo Subway, and how he was the only survivor, that he was the cause for it all.

The team sends KTBD away, but he manages to save the day, when gangsters take all customers of a bank hostage. He tells them about his power, and how he would hate to use it now, and kill everyone, BUT – it’s the only power he has. The gangsters give up.

From then on KTBD is treated as a member. He doesn’t do a lot, actually, but attributes that to his lethal power.

What dark secret is there about his “power”?

#7 – Cavity

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Cavity may be the oddest hero of all the Marginal Men.

Anthony Hoyt was an astronomer from Hawaii charged with SETI (search for extra-terrestrial intelligence). He found one, and directed it to Earth. The problem was, the alien intelligence was not another scientist, but the equivalent of a construction worker, and a curious one at that. The alien was a kind of livin wormhole, and when it followed Hoyt’s signal, it came crushing down on him and merged with him.

Since then, Hoyt can open wormholes through his body, and decided to become ther hero known as Cavity. He found out that when he opened a cavity through his head, he could still breathe. Although he has no idea how that is possible, he used it for diving without an oxygen tank, and became a protector of the coast, and the ultimate coastguard. Since there’s a hole through his face, he doesn’t need a mask. Unfortunately, he cannot speak with the hole in place. But since he believes to have nothing to fear from fellow heroes, he entrusts them with his identity, and simply shows his face when alone with the team.

Cavity is meant to have a “Golden Age” feel, despite his odd powers.

#9 – The Ideogrammarian

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

Professor of Ideogrammar, or proper use of symbol language.

#2 – Football Ninja

| November 9, 2010 | 7 Comments

Another ¨old character¨. I think I’ll be focusing on these characters I have that never got properly drawn yet, or I haven’t drawn in a while.

Football Ninja was the first villain, and later to be an ally to the main character of the story, Hoodie Knight.

He is the most fearsome orc bandit in the lands, and as a ninja, he has the ability to clone himself enough times to form an entire football team, which is also his robber gang, the ¨Stillmoon Eleven¨. Curiously, each copy has a different number on their back.

Another experiment with brushes, and as always, some photoshoppin’ action.

Day 9: Ruby Con

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Hallelujah, praise the lord, I finally got my scanner to work!  Too bad I didn’t have much time to work on anything today!  Either way I’m just glad the rest of my characters won’t look so sucky anymore.

This is Miss Ruby Con.  She is part of the juvenile delinquent program that claimed Chicky Boom & several more characters, who you will soon meet.  Miss Ruby is one heck of a con artist and the government put her skills to work and they feel she’s the most gifted of all.  After all, takes one sneaky bastard to know one!

Day# 10 Mad Maggot

| November 9, 2010 | 2 Comments
#10 Mad Maggot for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#10 Mad Maggot for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Mad Maggot! That’s what everyone calls him. The stories about him elicit responses from sympathy, to disgust, to outrage. He is crazy, but no one can catch him. The kids at school say he steals babies in the night and eats them for breakfast. But no-one believes that, or it would have been news on the television and he would be hunted down and arrested, instead of being left alone to rummage through people’s garbage.

He makes silly  trashy ornaments from things he finds in the garbage, too. paper and tinfoil pendents on greasy string. He tries to sell them to other people on the streets of small town Maple, Ontario, too. But no one wants to buy, because they stink of whence they came.  He never begs. Never. But when he offers his creative excesses while cursing and swearing loudly and waving his arms around frantically, then hugging himself and crying, people will sometimes  drop coins into his filth-blacked hands. He is a very large man, but sometimes he seems so small and pathetic you want to cry at the sorrows of the world right along with him.

Now and then he simply disappears for a month or so, and when he shows up again, he has usually had a hair cut and lost his beard, but it’s growing back in already, and he may have on a different, slightly cleaner overcoat, but he usually tears the sleeves off those within a week. He is more to be pitied than despised. Yet there are always those who go out of their way to further torture the tortured. Everyone knows that you should never push him too far. He carries a stick in his pocket that bears a sharpened  end and  larger blunt one.  Once when the kids had him circled down by the tracks at the back of the football field  down the hill behind the school, bear-baiting him, he pulled that nasty weapon out in a rage and brandishing it, began chasing them. He scared the hell out of them and they never went that far with him again. But they ran so fast they didn’t see him stop and fall to his knees, tears of rage and self-pity carving tracks in the grime on his weathered face. they didn’t hear his anguished lonely howl…

As Aedre continues her Escape to Freedom, she meets many strange and wonderful creatures. This one may be one of the strangest, and most certainly is one of the most dangerous. But Aedre has lived with danger all her life and has survived this far. Always before though, there were others around who could bear witness if the punishments and harassments of her family got out of hand. This time there was no-one else, just Aedre and the madman, everyone reviled and  called Mad Maggot. Somehow, being drawn near this creature, Aedre could see that in some ways they had much in common, both being chosen as one to be reviled. It is this meeting that makes Aedre wonder if she is being made to take the place of this despised and crazy thing that was once as human as she. Could there be another fate? If Aedre was to seek it out, could another, possibly better, more humane fate be hers? Stay tuned to Aedre’s long journey of discovery in Aedre’s Firefly, the online graphic novel (updates Wednesday morning at the stroke of midnight).

#9: Hattie the Elephant

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Yes, that Hattie the Elephant. If you read my #8 entry, The Candy Apple Man, you know what I’m doing here. This is not representative of the real, actual elephant (though, her thoughts might be), but the version that appears in my last entry.

I am smart.

I wake up.

I see lady.

I leave cage.

I do tricks.

I get peanuts.

I get kicked.

I see crowds.

Crowd laughs.

I get laughed at.

I get kicked.

I drink water.

I eat food.

I do tricks.

Crowd laughs.

I sit down.

I get treats.

I do tricks.

I get tired.

I get kicked.

I do tricks.

Crowd laughs.

Sun goes down.

Crowd leaves.

Nice lady leaves.

I go in cage.

I fall asleep.

Nice lady never comes.

I give up.

#9 The Cyeclori

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The Cyeclori are yet another depraved imagining of the one time horror writer Salvadore Price.  As he delves deeper into the black pit of his mind, the horrors he finds become even more terrible.  The Cyeclori are an unending army of ghoulish freaks whose only want is that of their imaginer.  They will stop at nothing to deliver it to him.

#9 Aquarius

| November 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

About to be killed by the mob… the Zodiac’s powers manifest, the water rises and the creature called Aquarius comes to his aid.

Aquarius concept for the “Horrorscope” comic project.

#9 Foresight

| November 9, 2010 | 2 Comments

Abraham Nightengale can feel when it’s coming.

#09 Adalade Jenkins

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"I'll take care of it."

Adalade Jenkins is Mr. Ferrone’s personal assistant. In addition to outstanding secretarial skills and balancing the loan books, she also cleans up any situations that have become a bit… messy and is very good at tying up loose ends.

#9 Captain Kerplunk

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From Lilly’s Blog

By order of my editor-in-chief, I was supposed to be covering another one of Blake Lewis’s “galas.” Walking down Commons Street in an uncomfortable pair of heels, I was almost knocked over by the Khrises. They were running in the opposite direction, full of glee. Something told me where they were going would be more fun than another snooty even at the Kent Art Museum.

“We’re going to The Disaster!” they yelled back. I asked if it was another one of their late night parties, losing excitement at the predictability of Ephton Valley. “No! Well, yeah! But not just any party! Captain Kerplunk is in town!” I looked at them, baffled. “Oh, you don’t know about Captain Kerplunk? Come on, we’ll show you!”

So I skipped my assignment and went with them.

When we walked into The Disaster the place was packed. It seemed like every local in their 20’s was there. Well, the ones who weren’t the type to wear suits and drink wine in an art museum. The air was thick with the smell of beer and the occasional hint of pot. The music was blasting so hard you could feel it in your chest. These kids were known for their wild parties but there was something different in the air that night. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it until the crowd parted and I saw him for the first time.

Captain Kerplunk walked through the crowd like some kind of rock-n-roll messiah. He was certainly a sight to behold: tall and lanky, his hair spiked  in a million directions, with bright green eyes that stood out in stark contrast to thick rings of mascara. He wore a pair of baggy jeans and a sleeveless undershirt. Around his neck hung a thick leather necklace that matched the leather bracelet on his left wrist. The silver rings on his right hand glistened as he held a beer to his lips, taking a long pull.

Yet his eccentric look was not what stood out. What really made him shine was his infectious smile. It never left his face as he went around greeting everyone, asking them if they were having a good time and if they wanted another beer. As he walked by me, we made brief eye contact and I found myself speechless. Not a good thing for a reporter. I made my way to the bar and had some whiskey to regroup.

Asking around, all I came across was the same story: no one knew who Captain Kerplunk really was or where he came from. According to Tim Grant, he showed up one day with a few cases of beer and said he wanted to throw a party. Since then he had been coming back to Ephton Valley on a regular but unpredictable basis. Each party became more elaborate than the last and in a few short months they were nothing short of legendary amongst this group of friends. When I asked why no one else in town knew about this, I also got the same answer: no one who wasn’t there already seemed to care what they did.

Finally I made my way towards the back where Kerplunk and Tim sat a table overlooking the party. I introduced myself and said I wanted to ask some questions. Tim looked at Kerplunk. Kerplunk looked at me. Finally, Captain Kerplunk said “Only if you dance with me first.”

“I’m wearing heels,” I replied.

“Take them off!” he shouted over the music. And, well, a good reporter doesn’t let something like heels get in her way.

Almost two hours later, we finally came off the dance floor and sat down. I was covered in sweat, still out of breath but seizing my chance I immediately hounded him “Who are you? Why do you do this?”

“I’m Captain Kerplunk, and I do it because they want to have fun.”

“But who are you, really?”

“Does it matter?”

“Of course it matters”

“I disagree!”

“What’s the catch, then?”

“The catch is that anyone who comes in through those doors looking to have a good time is let in, no questions asked.”

“Well, what about–”

“No more questions!” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a watch. “It’s getting late, time for me to split.” Quickly he leaped out of his chair and towards the dance floor. “I had a great time, Lilly!” was the last thing I heard him say before he disappeared into the crowd. I tried to follow but I lost him in the sea of people. When I finally emerged I saw Tim standing alone.

“He’s gone,” Tim said to me.

“Who is he?” I asked.

“I have no idea.”


“Really.” The sincerity in Tim’s face made it clear he really didn’t know more about Captain Kerplunk than anyone else. He looked out at the crowd of happy revelers before us and smiled. “They seem really happy here after these parties. It makes you believe this town may not be totally fucked after all.”

I couldn’t help but smile, too. I thought about the hours of dancing I had just done. “Yeah, maybe there is hope for this place.”

[Note: Hey everyone, I hope you’ve enjoyed these posts from the world of CAPTAIN KERPLUNK by way of “Lilly’s Blog.” This wraps up that set. On to something different… see you tomorrow!]

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.

#7 Rory

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It was finally over.

Tears collected in the purple corners of Rory’s eyes. Spilling over in a slow cascade down her flushed cheeks and tracing along her jawline, they dripped onto her white tank top in a discolored blob on her chest. Splotchy bruises plotted a course up her frail, feminine arms. Her hands a severe crimson, contrasting with the alabaster of her elbows and neck. She held an ornate dagger, its blade matching the red hue of the fingers that grasped it so tightly.

Rory wept fiercely, slumped into a corner of her cozy living room. The television blared white noise, its scrambled glow lit the nearby area. Black and white photos of her family looked down on her, less reassuring and more accusatory.

A body laid sprawled out on the floor. Human, mostly.

Its brown fur damp and matted with blood. The shirt on its body was torn and more resembled a frayed cape. Deep trenches were dug into the maplewood floor in jagged lines originating from thick, onyx claws. Its snout was swollen, dripping mucus formed a small puddle underneath a row of exposed feral teeth.

Frantic knocking at Rory’s front door broke the tense drone of her cries. Rory looked up at the door and drew in a breath, raising the dagger to her chest and squeezing it harder than before. The knocking turned into violent banging. Rory pulled her knees into her chest and peered at the small window at the top of the door. It was night, and she could see the moon beyond the trees. Perfectly round, a disc of ivory pocked with tiny slate divots — it seemed brighter than its older, yellow brother. She would stare at the familiar orb at night when her parents were away and sleep would escape her, finding security in its consistency.

Rory’s view of the moon was interrupted when rabid eyes met hers through the small window. They were golden and wild, yearning for her. The banging grew more intense. Small splinters erupted from the door with each slam. Sensing the urgency of the situation Rory rose to her feet and backed out of the room. She headed into the dark hallway, never looking away from the door. Eventually, her back bumped a wall and she leaned against it. She would have to fight again, she thought.

A drop of warm liquid fell onto her forehead, and Rory wiped it away casually. Another drop hit her in the same spot, this time accompanied by a moist, tepid breeze. She went to wipe her forehead again, but stopped when she realized. Her heart clenched and her face dropped. There was no wall behind her, only horror.

She could hear a dozen voices baying as rows of snarling teeth pierced her skin.


#9 – Li’l Jimmy Kindergarten

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This is Jimmy. He started school this year. He’s your typical Kindergarten student who misses his mommy and has bad hair. He enjoys playing with blocks, squeezing his Teddy-ball and eating boogers during the National Anthem. Oh yes. He also drags around a dead ferret.

#9 Hero

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This generic hero is truly, Hero. Slayer of monsters and savior of the weak. Still what secrets does this Hero hold? What lies behind the shadows of his face mask and armor? In the world of Monster Bad they may never be ready to know who their Hero truly is.

#9 – Lady Melberha Celity

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Day 9 - Lady Melberha

Lady Melberha of Dungeon Legacy

Page 200 of Dungeon Legacy is going up on Thursday and there will be several new characters introduced. Here is a sneak peak at one of the new characters, Lady Melberha.

She will be a thorn in the party’s side for the foreseeable future, but I don’t want to give too much away.  Go to Dungeon Legacy and find out for  yourself.

#4. Loom

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Wayward Fate

The Fates are the three godly sisters who control all of destiny, but the Fates haven’t always been the same three sisters. Clothos, Lachesis, and Atropos have been held the jobs long as anyone can remember, spinning life thread and cutting it when it is time. However, they have dozens of little sisters waiting for their turn at the spinning wheel. Loom is next in line to replace Lachesis, the Measurer, and she wants none of that. Planning peoples’ lives for them is ridiculous and offensive to her—the fact that she has no say in taking the job is bitter irony. So she steals the Thread of Fate itself—the entire spool—hoping to place mankind’s destiny in its own hands. On the run from the ticked-off gods, Loom roams the Earth, planning her own life and helping others where she can.