#9: Hattie the Elephant

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

Yes, that Hattie the Elephant. If you read my #8 entry, The Candy Apple Man, you know what I’m doing here. This is not representative of the real, actual elephant (though, her thoughts might be), but the version that appears in my last entry.

I am smart.

I wake up.

I see lady.

I leave cage.

I do tricks.

I get peanuts.

I get kicked.

I see crowds.

Crowd laughs.

I get laughed at.

I get kicked.

I drink water.

I eat food.

I do tricks.

Crowd laughs.

I sit down.

I get treats.

I do tricks.

I get tired.

I get kicked.

I do tricks.

Crowd laughs.

Sun goes down.

Crowd leaves.

Nice lady leaves.

I go in cage.

I fall asleep.

Nice lady never comes.

I give up.

Category: Drama, Horror

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