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#13 Jet

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Jet is one half of a dynamic duo, both former US Air Force pilots recruited to The Elite. He and his partner are mirror opposites. One brings the sonics, the other brings the flames. Not much is known about them, save that the two are opposite as can be. One is very talkative and humorous, the other very reserved and stoic.

#12 Walter Hambelinton

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Aye, Walter here slopped muck as a cookie and shlagged as a skallywag on a couple o’ scows before he got shanghied int’ Cap’n Nat Barrowood’s crew. Walt was heir ‘d ne’r do well family but ga’e it all up t’ tra’el the world for neigh o’ a pence to the ole man o’de sea?

#11 Santelmo

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11 前男

Santelmo • The Light That Does Not Go Out

The Four Fires are essentially like the Four Snows except in essence. Santelmo comes to those who die hoping, who die struggling, who die defiant, he comes for the drowned who try to swim to the surface or who are lost in a storm. In place of fuda which allow the aspects to travel the World Layers, the Four Fires carry lanterns, and instead of the Snows’ twin horns, they have embers. Santelmo’s ember is where anatomically a human’s mouth would be and every breath makes it glow.

He is apparently the most ubiquitous, and even those who have yet to shed claim to see him on stormy evenings strolling through the fog. Santelmo enjoys the company of Munjeiou » and both often trade stories about certain Walkers who have at some point encountered them both. While the Four Snows have dominion over a fixed direction, the Four Fires are more locational in dominion. In this case, his is the ‘front’.


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#11 Ironwolf

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Ironwolf’s design goes back to high school — He had a whole different name, story & background — nothing related to Ironwolf at all other than his appearance.

#12: Noah Strauss

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Noah pulled into the driveway at just a bit past 11 PM on Friday. His week had finally ended, No more nagging customers, no more returns, and no more god damn Christmas rush. He opened his car door and slammed it doubly hard with a passing concern that he might smash his window by accident, but went through with it anyway.

His wife must have gotten Mikey to take the pails out, because the garbage was piled on the side of the road in descending order. Even outside of his house he struggled to find solace, the obsessive compulsive disorder that plagued his son pouring onto the street. He kicked one of the pails over just to make them uneven. Noah was shocked Mikey could even touch the damned things in the first place. He’d seen Mikey take the garbage out once before when he had stayed home sick from work. The boy needed four (not three, because three was an odd number) pairs of latex gloves that wrapped over the ends of his old windbreaker. As the thought of that incident came back to him, Noah kicked the garbage pail again, and then once more. It cracked in half and the loose wrappers floating around inside drifted off with the winter wind. He couldn’t remember the last time he came home from work excited to see his family.

After settling down a bit from his brutality towards the garbage pail, Noah set off onto the neighbor’s lawn to catch the floating pieces of garbage he had let float away during his fit. He walked across the lawn that was crisp and frozen from the winter air, but they hadn’t seen any snowfall yet. The ground was hard under his feet, his boots making sounds as they would usually make on pavement. He snatched the cellophane wrappers that had brushed up against the large tree towering in the neighbors yard. Technically, the old tree was rooted on his own property, but he hated the sight of it. It blocked the sunrise in the morning, and thus blocked the light from the largest window in the house. As a result, there was no natural warmth in the living room during the winter months, leaving the gas bill that much higher.

He hadn’t cut down the damn thing because his wife complained about killing trees, while his son maintained he wanted a tree house. A tree house that, out of fear that Mikey would want only even angles in his structure beams, Noah had put off for years.

As he pivoted on his heel from snatching up the wrappers to finally head inside the house, his next step hit something soft. It squished beneath his boot like dog shit. Noah looked down, only to see a squirrel, his tail pointed straight out and now his head collapsed, under his foot.

“Shit.” he moaned. Noah kicked the dead animal with force. His boot caught it just under its torso, sending it flying up into the leafless crown of the tree. “Piece of shit.”

As the words came out of his mouth, there was a sudden deposit of tiny rodents that dropped out of the branches above. They toppled on top of Noah, maybe twenty or thirty of them, all with their tales stiff and their eyes open.

“Christ.” said Noah. Upon further inspection of the creatures, he noticed something. Their bodies weren’t frozen or indicative of decay. They were still living, their bodies drawing long, slow breaths. The only thing that Noah could think to do was look up at the branches, as though the tree itself was going to give him an answer to the scene surrounding him.

Imagine his surprise when it did.

He peered into the tree for nearly twenty minutes until the numbing of his ears snapped him out of it. The first thought to pop into his mind when he turned away was just how much Mikey would enjoy a treehouse.

# 8 – Ursa and Mina

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#8 - Ursa and Mina - Jay Faulkner

#8 - Ursa and Mina - Jay Faulkner

Mina Jeffries is eight years old and, to her, every day is an adventure.

Now most eight year old childen probably think the same thing but there is something that makes Mina’s views different … every day IS an adventure for her!

You see her very best friend in the whole wide world is her teddy bear – a bear passed down from her grandmother – Ursa. And while it is true that most, if not all, eight year old children will have a teddy bear as a best friend there is yet again something that makes Mina’s bear different … Ursa, when Mina wants him too, becomes a real, living and breathing, bear!

#7 – Goggle

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#7 - Goggle - Jay Faulkner

#7 - Goggle - Jay Faulkner

Bartholomew Bennett is one of a set of triplets – his brothers being Benjamin and Barnabus – born to the inventor and physicist, Bancroft Bennett III.

Bancroft Bennett III was best known, infamously to be correct, for his theories on time travel; a line of research which made him the laughing stock among his peers. While it is true that he never managed to prove time travel waspossible himself his experiements had a lasting effect on his children – and the wife who died birthing them!

Bartholomew -like his siblings – was born with the ability to retain every piece of information that is available at that moment in time, no matter where on Earth it is. Streams of information and data are constantly bombarding him, perceived as a blinding light. The only way that he can function normally is to ensure that his eyes are blinkered at all times – using a pair of goggles that his father made for him. These goggles not only ensure that his brain is not overloaded with information but also allow him to project his memories as holographic images … unfortunately they also keep him in a world of darkness, blind to everything around him when he isn’t actively needed to use his powers.

A member of the Veritas Organisation, Bartholomew has taken the codename of Goggle and tries to make the world a brighter place.

#6 – The Arachnaphobaaphiliac!

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#6 - The Arachnaphobaphiliac! - Jay Faulkner

#6 - The Arachnaphobaphiliac! - Jay Faulkner

Parker Peterson was a janitor at the local museum when, during a science exhibit, a high school student was bitten by a radioactive spider. During the chaos that followed Parker himself was bitten by the same spider, in its dying moments.

Unlike the first bitee, however, Parker didn’t gain any miraculous powers from the bite. Instead he lost his job, being blamed for the accident, as well as picking up (as hs theraist told him) the only known case of phobia and philia at the same time … simply put Parker Peterson is both deathly afraid of spiders (and most creepy crawlies, to be honest) and uncontrollably drawn to them!

The only way that he can balance his irrational love/hate relationship is to don his costume – bee-keeper’s hat, ‘stomping’ boots, bug spray and zapper – and ptrol the streets as his alter-ego: The Arachnaphobaphiliac!

#5 – Sequoia

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#5 - Sequoia - Jay Faulkner

#5 - Sequoia - Jay Faulkner

#4 – Bliss

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#4 - Bliss - Jay Faulkner

#4 - Bliss - Jay Faulkner

#13 On’Rokk

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Long before man, the lands of Vapolany were brutally contested by Orc and Elf.  After many wars, the orc were victorious.  All elven men were slain.  What remained of their women were taken, some as slaves, many as wives.

Hornak were the rotten fruit of forced orc-elf union. The Hornak are vile creatures possessing the worst traits of both races.  Under the leadership of the warchief On’Rokk, the Hornak turned on their orc fathers and elven mothers, until only they remained.

What’s this?  A Tears of the Dragon spoiler!  Yup, the Hornak will be a major enemy and threat coming up for the characters in my webcomic, and 30Characters sees their leader first. Koko Amboro does a great job with character designs and these are his pencils here, with me taking a stab at the color scheme.

Check out Tears of the Dragon online here, or snag a copy for your iPhone or iPad.

#3 – Remembrance

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#3 - Remembrance - Jay Faulkner

#3 - Remembrance - Jay Faulkner

I think that this one speaks for itself.

#3 Eye of God

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#13 – Magistrivore

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The pursuit of knowledge isn’t without its perils. Exhibit A: the MAGISTRIVORE, devourer of knowledge, and eater of brains. A combination of psychic vampire, zombie, and Lovecraftian horror, the Magistrivore feeds upon the wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom found only in the Academy’s professors. After feeding psychically, it feeds physically, devouring the victims brain.

– – – – –

The Magistrivore is another Merrick-inspired character. As my characters are alphabetical, she suggested the word MAGISTRICIDE (the killing of a teacher or professor) for my M character, as it would be a good villainous character in a world of educators.

I also point to my D&D past, since there’s a huge likeness to the Mind Flayer from the Monster Manual.

– – – – –

I plan on revisiting my earlier posts this weekend, adding backstory to my characters as I’m *this* close to coming up with a name for the fantasy world they inhabit.

Donald Vice

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Donald is one third of the Time Freaks; criminals who escaped from a maximum security prison using a makeshift time machine constructed from an old bathtub.

#13 Bernerd Carnaby: Psychic Butcher

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Through his chosen profession as a butcher, Bernerd Carnaby is daily exposed to dozens of animal carcasses ready for production. It is rather unfortunate then, that Bernerd also happens to be psychic. While he cuts, he is constantly hounded by the ectoplasmic, shoggoth-like consciousness that all farmed animals are tied to on the astral plain.

Still, he likes his job, and deals with the shoggoth with the most powerful weapon he possesses – a bilious and vitriolic wit. If he doesn’t make the shoggoth cry at least once a week, he considers himself a failure.


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Two heads. Two brains. Half the common sense. Cunning Clive Mewson thought about little but food. His appetite was matched only by the genius of his brother, Garth. Following a nasty accident involving a trampoline, three clothelines and a sausage sandwich, Garth and Clive were left in a critical condition. Their solution was to fuse themselves together in order to use the unbroken parts from each of them to build a new working body. Unfortunately Clive’s appetite now dominates their gestalt self, making Doublecat the food-snaffling genius he is.

Day 9: Chipo

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I feel bad copping out with a scribbly tegakie entry on this one, so I apologize!

Anyway this is Chipo, or “Chip” as she likes to be called.  The only word able to describe her accurately is bitch, unfortunately.  A self proclaimed fashion master and alcoholic in denial, Chipo loves all the stereotypical things a woman her age (24) might like:  clubbing, flirting, acting better than everyone else, caring about stupid things like celebrity lifestyles, doing anything to be rich and spending money she doesn’t have, etc.  She is hard-pressed for any real, decent friends since she pushes everyone away after at least a few months of being around her if not a few seconds.
Her only real dream is to become a teacher someday.  The one thing she truly takes pleasure in is being around children, and she is actually quite good and responsible when it comes to them.  However, her reputation as an irresponsible, rude party girl makes it pretty hard to get any good babysitting jobs, let alone being able to teach in a classroom.  All anyone can hope is that she changes her ways before something terrible happens.


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Hello. I’m Howard. I don’t play nice.

George Edward Hanson

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George Hanson was a system administrator responsible for the network of the University of Dundee before the Final War. Now he’s responsible for keeping the power running at the border shelter, otherwise the Others could get in.

Faith Sorrel Canlin

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Although initially a member of the fifteenth battalion and later War Queen of Golgotha during the War of Independence (6854 – 7016), Sorrel Canlin (in Golgothan culture, first names are given in honour of the head of the child’s ruling house and is the name used in ceremonies and other events of cultural significance) has become a respected member of the Solar Republic’s ruling class.

When the Camue invaded in 9472, she was tasked with defeating the invading aliens and granted imperial status for the duration of this task. She served with Sir Thomas Godfrey Arundale during the initial stages of the Camue War and although they do not get along, they have a mutual respect for each other’s abilities.

Day 13: Louie the Lottery Bug

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#13 – “Gator Percy”

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“Gator Percy” from Australia will be a recurring guest star on “Marginal Men”.

A mysterious fellow who seems to be too perfect to be true. He claims to be the perfect gentleman, completely honest, and an expert in animal handling.

What sets him apart from any park ranger are his further claims of having been raised by and in the company of alligators, which has not only increased his strength to levels rarely achieved by humans, but has also made him the master of alligators.

“Gator Percy” insists that there are sewer-alligators in New York, and that he uses them to fight crime.

Needless to say, nobody believes the man. Yet, he is allowed to join the team since he is skilled in close-range combat and can tie up criminals in under 4 seconds.

It remains to be seen how much of his backstory is actually true.

Alligator Percival is meant to be an absolutely “over the top” character, to have a little bit of comic relief in the otherwise very serious storyline.

#11 A.K.A.

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Pages from the private notes of A.K.A.

This new set is from the project I had originally called ILLUMINATIONS but have since started calling MASKED (not to be confused with the Cher movie “Mask” or the awesome cartoon & toy series “M.A.S.K.”). Enjoy and thanks for all the support so far.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
You can find me on: Follow roshow on Twitter and/or

#13 – Extreme Dodgeball Gremlin, Esquire

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With obnoxiously large hand implants, Gremmers is the league leader in catches and is as acrobatic as they come, displaying his patented E.D.G.E. Handspring on a moment’s notice. Long, slender and agile, GremChop can duck and deke, dodge and drop his way out of a pickle. Four consecutive World Dodgeball Championship Trophies  has his place cemented in the Hall of Fame.

#13 Jericho

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Aiden Jericho along with being a founding member and sub-commander of Project: G.A.T.S., he is also a Cruetelan (like Tarot).  Having lived only 834 year thus far.  Never loses his cool, almost cold, and uncaring at times, Jericho leads his team with perfect, and expects it from them.  He has seen many terrible things in his life, and it seems to have “shut off his emotions”.  Outwardly he seems stoic and steadfast, but when he is with his one love, Vanessa (aka Necra) his emotions come out and he seems just the opposite as on the field and with his squad.

Jericho has a very unique power, he can “turn off” a Genetants powers.  meaning, he can make them powerless for a period.  Obviously this power is immense and feared by many.  On the flip side to that, he can also “turn on” a latent genetants powers.  If they have no emerged yet, he can make them come out.  He helped many of the GATS members open up their reception to their powers untapped.

#13 Trey Zantha

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Behind every screaming meathead, there is an exasperated family member wondering how the hell they’re related to him.

Trey Zantha is Lt. Leon Zantha’s younger brother and a signals analysis engineer on Valhalla Station. In stark contrast to Leon, Trey is the skinny intellectual of the family, having a master’s in signals intelligence under his belt.

He’s the sort of guy who, at first glance, appears to have his life together. He’s smart, well-educated, knows how to dress himself, and has a good paying job. He’s the guy your mom points at when she spots you loafing on the couch and says “Why can’t you be more like him?” However, beneath the surface he’s actually quite an unlucky bastard, hence his position day 13.

His job is a depressing step downward from his previous experiences. His former employer used to have him writing signals intelligence algorithms for CIA technology, but due to gross mismanagement, the company shut its doors and left Trey broke and desperate. Now he’s reduced to looking at graphs and going “look, there’s a spike!” and noting as such. Furthermore, he’s got chronic health problems that seem to be getting worse and a personal relationship he’s trying to keep secret or else he’ll get fried by both his job AND his brother.

In spite of all that, there are people who care. Even if he is a hard luck case beneath the surface, he’s still got family.

#12 Yai Phet Thi Sam

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During the superhero boom of the 1980’s, many countries resorted to questionable means in their efforts to build a native team form national defense – Thailand being no exception. Like many nations, they turned to a marginalized population – transvestites and transexuals – hoping to keep the program secret and free from intervention by human rights groups.

Yai Phet Thi Sam is a Class B Strong-Wall super, created by injection with gamma spliced DNA and subsequent controlled internal Alpha Decay immersion. She displays many of the powers traditionally associated with Wall heroes (Super-Strength, Super-Density, Language Entropy) with an added ability to generate and control a deadly radioactive field tethered to her midsection.

Like all of the Thai “ladyboy” heroes, Yai Phet Thi Sam continues to dress and act according to her pre-powered gender identity. Who would stop her, anyway?

note: apologies if I butchered her name, or if it’s completely nonsensical. There isn’t a ton of time to do research for these characters.

#10 Munjieou

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10 西男

Munjieou • The Rime Who is Inevitable

Western Munjieou (pronounced “Mun-YEOH) loves to watch the sun set on his realm, and despite his sluggish appeal, is the busiest of the Four Snows. He is responsible for punctually tucking in all the days between September and January early, to meet the solstice requirements. His left eye is indicative of this, and is frozen and grey for the rest of the year otherwise. He is a giant, nearly ten meteres tall, and is often mistaken for a small hill in the mist.

Munjeiou, like his sibling-aspects has two horns as well, but wears giant fuda as a sash. He is permanently covered in hoarfrost and his hands continue into large lumps of perpetually shapechanging ice blocks. He points the way to the Parade to those who die disappointed, remorseful, to those who are crushed under heavy things, and those who die thirsty in the desert. Munjieou very much looks forward to the Parade every year, as seeing new Walkers makes him feel nostalgic and proud of his job.


Inspired by the traditional Japanese mountain ogre » the Oni, and the frost giants of Norse mythology. Also Thrall, because he is made of awesome bananas.

#13 The What in the Box

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All around the mulberry bush

the monkey chased the weasel

the monkey thought it was all in fun



#13 – Michelle

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Day 13 - Michelle

Michelle the Artist

Michelle is the artist of the group.  She loves to draw all kinds of things, but is especially interested in the styles of the 1920’s – 1940’s.  She sometimes dreams of being a private eye despite the fact that a woman would never be accepted in the role during that time period.  She also loves using electronic devices and draws on a computer tablet. She is temperamental and can act dumb sometimes, despite her education.