#13 On’Rokk

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Long before man, the lands of Vapolany were brutally contested by Orc and Elf.  After many wars, the orc were victorious.  All elven men were slain.  What remained of their women were taken, some as slaves, many as wives.

Hornak were the rotten fruit of forced orc-elf union. The Hornak are vile creatures possessing the worst traits of both races.  Under the leadership of the warchief On’Rokk, the Hornak turned on their orc fathers and elven mothers, until only they remained.

What’s this?  A Tears of the Dragon spoiler!  Yup, the Hornak will be a major enemy and threat coming up for the characters in my webcomic, and 30Characters sees their leader first. Koko Amboro does a great job with character designs and these are his pencils here, with me taking a stab at the color scheme.

Check out Tears of the Dragon online here, or snag a copy for your iPhone or iPad.

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