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#4 Rosalyne “Lightning Lass” Lightman

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Gifts are easily given in the realm, but are never free.

A sky rider, inter-dominance messenger, and performer of odd-jobs, Rosalyne has an unusual perspective on the known realm. Soaring through the clouds in her airship, she claims to not be from the realm at all; an other-worlder. Her services are in high-demand in all dominances, as her vessel, the Iron Maiden can travel from dominance to dominance within a day – a feat none can match, making her the swiftest of messengers. Her missives have been known to start and stop feuds and skirmishes within the realm, and over the years her arrival is one generally met with concern.

The Iron Maiden, rumored to be inherited from her father, is powered by steam and lightning. Rosalyne gets her nickname from the retractable staff with which she collects lightning. The staff is not only a tool, but a weapon, and many of her gadgets are powered and driven by lightning.

Rosalyne’s latest mission troubles her. It’s been nearly a decade since she was last in Hold, and she’s never had to transport anyone before, let alone one so different; like her. This will also be the first time she’s met the enigmatic Princess.

EDIT: *I know Lightning Lass is the name of a DC character – this is a nickname only, and like Gandalf in the writing’s of Tolkien has many different aliases – some savory, some less favorable. (Mithrandir, The Grey, The White, Greyhamme, Stormcrow, Olorin, Incanus, Tharkun, Grey Pilgrim, etc.) *Dan is a Tolkien uber-nerd.

#4 Nigel

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A bit of a collaboration with a friend to get this concept going.

Nigel is a 12 year old boy who has a twin sister name Laine. Nigel is a necromancer in training. He later meets the devil who would offer him eternal life for half his soul. To his surprise the soul the devil was talking about was his very own sister’s Laine! Now Nigel and Laine are stuck as 12 year old children forever. Nigel travels the globe to find the devil to get back his sister’s soul and set things straight with the help of several creatures.

#4 Dead Alien Supersoldier

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I don’t have much on this guy.  Wanted to draw a dead alien super soldier and this is what I came up with.  Not sure if I’ll use him for my webcomic.

Day 4~ Cozy

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Cozy and Squidian

Cozy is descended from a long line of necromancers, in fact she is part of the ninth generation in her family.  Each female was born with a different breed of necromancy power.  Cozy’s mother, Snug, had great summoning potental but only for suicidal minions.  Thus her mother would summon a creature and send it off to her death while she waited in the background.  This took its toll on her as a mother and she raised Cozy from afar.

Cozy’s full name is very long, combining the first name of each primary necromancer female in her line.  This makes her full name Cozy Snug Corlite Moltavi Von Fortana En Eclipsa Mono Elspacefe!

Thats right, she’s an Elspacefe!  It turned out her Greatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreatgreat Grandmother Liley, was actually the first to be born with this power!  It was thought at the time that Liley had a mutated power but infact it was just her Necromantic Narcaleptic Nocturnal Nightmare power kicking in.  She would put people to sleep and they would have the most horrifying dreams, so horrifying that there minds made them forget it and no one figured this out for many many years!

Cozy’s specialty is to summon Squiggly Wiggly Slightly Slow Friends.  She also wears an overly warm and soft cultist robe made of fleece *cough*snuggie*cough* and makes her ‘friends’ wear them to!  This probably has to do with her mothers distant personality.  At least this way she feels warm and soft on the outside even if shes a little under loved on the inside.   She does have her friends though and as long as they’re with her shes fine!  Pictured above is Squidian Wigglebottom her best most handy caped companion!

#4 Vapor

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Only had an hour to get this one out tonight. Had a hell of a day. Will redeem myself tomorrow.

When Melissa Gomez visits Ireland on a singles tour, she got more than she bargained for. While singing near standing stones and ancient spirit was entranced by her voice and bonded with her, giving her the power to turn into fog. In order to get rid of him, she must complete five trials of bravery in her home city. After her first two trials the papers label her as “Vapor” and a reluctant hero is born. Melissa is beginning to enjoy the feeling of doing good, but how can she put off the inevitable end of their partnership?

#4 Tali Meerson

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The Wastelands border the Frontier regions, and while many try to stay out of the Wastelands, there are times when some…things cross over from there into the Frontier.  Needless to say, havoc ensues.  Sometimes the Frontier Patrol can handle these incidents, but sometimes, they are not around to deal with these incursions.

That’s where guns for hire like Tali Meerson come in.  She’s quick and accurate with a gun, is an excellent tracker, and she doesn’t scare easily.  In short, she can handle just about anything.  She doesn’t know why she has cat ears and a tail, but no one seems to mind.  All they care about is that she’s the best at what she does, and even the FP has hired her for certain tasks.  Rumors are rampant that she’s even traveled into the Wastelands and came back with something very important, but so far, those are just rumors.  Tali herself has kept quiet about the jobs she’s taken from the FP.

And no, she isn’t into it for just the money.  She’s searching for clues about her past, and they might be somewhere out there in the Frontier…or even in the Wastelands.

Talking #30Characters on the Webcomics Beacon!

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I sat down with Fes from the Webcomics Beacon to talk #30Characters.  Give it a listen!

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#4 Mr Smith From Next Door

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#4 – The Saint

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Being dead is like being alive...only deader! Lol!


A gangster with a heart of gold, The Saint was given a chance by the Powers That Be, to atone for his sins in the mortal world by being a good sheperd to lost souls!  Retaining his natural charm (who says you can’t take it with you), and a new ethereal and pliable body, The Saint tries to earn his way into heaven, one soul at a time!

#5 Michael

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Story set in the 50s, a group of kids find rings that give them special powers.  Made from a Russian czar, Michael supports the power of the cheetah, which gives him speed.

#4 Mardaline

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This character is from my seedseeker line, she is a character with a heart of gold, very smart and strongest of the group, uses her mallet to stop everything and anything.  She is very smart and astute.

Day# 04 Haywire

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#04 Haywire for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#04 Haywire for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#04 – Haywire: Born of an accident of the most unusual circumstances you can imagine, and yet in a wide universe, not so entirely unimaginable.

No one knows the exact circumstances. If we knew that we would reproduce them and create more of these… uh… creatures. Or maybe not.

Something to do with a universal G-class Explorer Colony Ship with the latest in Bio-AI cpu carrying out Top Secret Lab experiments just as a Wormhole appeared next to the sun that was going nova at the other end of the wormhole, while the cook was making pastrami for 24,000, and the crew was about to mutiny.

It all came together, –well, actually it all blew apart first, then came together again in a set of wires and conduits, circuits, diodes and motherlodes and AI gating nodes, and more wire and more… well, you get the picture. Thus. Haywire was born.

His best parlour trick is disguising himself as a wire sculpture or a coathanger. He overhears the most interesting things that way. His best non-parlour trick is interfacing with any other type of computational device. Why he even fixed Wheeler’s Toaster at least once before it broke down again into its normal bi-polar state of burn the toast or leave it frozen solid.

How he manged to drift into Wheeler’s Orbits however, is another story for another time. (Besides which, I’ll have to ask Wheeler and Ikey.  ;`)


#4 – Chain Sisters

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Day 4 - Amy and Misty

Amy and Misty of the Lesbian Biker Girls

Many of the Lesbian Biker Girls were introduced in LBG vs NNN already, but these twin sisters have yet to make an appearance.  They always work together in unison and make well coordinated attacks.  They always know what the other is thinking so it is very difficult to defeat them.  Their closeness is also their weakness; if you can defeat one of them, the other will surrender.

#4 – Knotty Nikki the Knock Out

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Knotty Nikki the Knock Out

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Nikki has been training for the big time since she was able to find a pair of gloves to fit her; which hasn’t happened yet. She’ll give a new meaning to the word rope-a-dope. Knotty Nikki is not your ordinary girl; she’s not made of flesh and bone like the rest of us. No she’s something a little more raw, tough and fibrous. Nikki is made of rope from head to toe. Mr. Fantastic ain’t got nothin’ on her.

Nikki is wearing on her head a bulky boxing helmet that completely envelopes her whole face, so you shouldn’t be able to see much of anything except the whites of her eyes, tip of her nose and maybe her lips. Protruding from the helmet you see two pig tails extending down to just above her shoulder; the pig tails will consist of long unraveled pieces of rope (some frayed). Her neck, shoulders, chest and torso area consist of rope that is coiled to form the shape of a very thin female. Nikki is wearing a fitted sports bra and a pair of mid-thigh, baggy boxing shorts; you are able to see the rope that makes up her body. Her upper arms are formed of rope that is wound around in a twist and knotted at the shoulder and elbow. On her hands you will find a very large pair of boxing gloves, they appear much to big for Nikki. Her thighs are formed of a smaller rope coil that knots at the knee. On Nikki’s feet you will find a pair of large boxing boots. Nikki being completely flexible in her stance, would be able to take on any dynamic pose for her pre-fight photo, so have at it and she’ll leave her challengers all tied up.

#4 Witch

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This is just a concept I came up with for a sort of modern witch (wiccan).

No special story (sorry).

#4 Deadlock

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Deadlock was a weapons designer for the US government. When the economy crashed he was given the pink slip. He has a history of depression, bi-polar disorder and manic episodes, but once he lost his job he had a major breakdown. He’s now a crazy anti-government recluse. He has a genius intellect, an advanced knowledge of weapons manufacturing and an agenda. He’s a very dangerous man.

#4 King Chayoro

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King Chayoro

That’s his wife’s scarf/bandanna that he’s holding, if you’re confused. She was originally from a farm and always tied it around her neck, even after she had to start wearing royal dresses.

For more info about the Elvari and the other races of Teyra, click here!


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This is Birdie. No one knows where she came from, who her parents are, or how she ended up here. She doesn’t know how to speak english, only broken english. Birdie mainly whines when sad, tweets when happy and barks when mad. She is 11 years old and tends to cling closer to men then she does to women.

#4 Layla

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Layla comes from a futuristic world of our own. Where you can transform yourself into whatever you please. But only by the hand of a machine. Layla Is generally a shy and quiet boy. He loves art, especially painting. His name means the night, thus the little earring and ornament on his right horn.

#2 Temperence “T.T.” Thompson

T.T. Thompson

The Jazz Police

On January 16th, 1919, the 18th Amendment to the Unites States constitution was ratified by the Congress and 36 states. It took effect a year and a day later, outlawing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of “intoxicating liquors”.

A lesser-known fact is that Prohibition was at the same time an effort by elements in the government to stifle the culture of jazz, licentiousness, and certain supernatural practices and entities that had begun to run wild in the United States. Raids on “speak-easies” and underground stills served as a perfect cover for work to extinguish supernatural threats to our way of life.

At the forefront of this effort, the elite and secretive Federal Bureau of Vice and Taboo Management, known due to their lack of a snappy acronym simply as the “Jazz Police”. They have badges, they have guns, and they have (probationary) special dispensation to make use of supernatural means and intoxicating liquors.

Among them is munitions expert Temperance “T.T.” Thompson, daughter of John T. Thompson, famous general and inventor of the “Thompson” sub-machine gun.

Born in 1900, T.T. was about 20 years old at the beginning of prohibition. Despite her youth, her government connections and early enlistment technically make her the senior agent on the team.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Juri Hayasaka. A Black Label Comics production.

#4 Otto

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Otto is another of Gonzo’s best friends and partners, though the two don’t get to hang out very often. Otto is married, you see, and very busy all the time working on this or that, making moves and whatnot. Plus he lives a ways away from Gonzo. But the two have fun when they do get together, even if Otto is a bit repetitive, and admittedly so.

Otto is an odd Lemur with a witty sense of humor. He is also the master of the straight-faced pun, and you can never tell whether he’s serious or not until he let’s you know. Well, his friends usually know, but not even them always.

Otto is an intelligent fellow well versed in pop culture and technological. A good guy with a big heart, who always wears sunglasses, but swears up and down they are prescription. We believe you, Otto, we do!

Otto and his fellow Ringtails are always buzzing about, never sitting still, always on the move and making things happen.

#1 Oblique



Tantalizing. Attractive. Indirect. Appealing. Distant. Mysterious.

Is she heroine or villainess? Cat burglar, or informant? Criminal, or vigilante? Are her abilities the result of a lifetime of training, powered by atomic-age science, or thanks to some arcane connection? Will she call back?

You sure as Christmas don’t know, chum– and she ain’t saying. She’s Oblique.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Jonathan Wyke. A Black Label Comics production.

Day #03: Prima

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#03 Prima, by Jande Rowe

#03 Prima, by Jande Rowe

Name: Donna “Prima” Diego Gallantra of mixed Earth and Callaxi heritage.
Age: indeterminate, due to the rejuvinating drug Rezon.

Prima is a new character for my space misadventure comic “Wheeler’s Orbits”. In her own way Prima is a kind of Super Hero, using her natural Pout Power and Tantrumics, to get the best of anyone who crosses her or gets between her and the object(s) of her desire. And if that doesn’t work, Cold Shoulder, or a jolt from her Ray Wand will do, not to mention various articles of Shil’nk Weapon Jewelery that she inherited from the Callaxian side of the family.

After failing as a Ballerina, Cheerleader, and Miss Universe (yearly), the very tall spoiled daughter of Galactic Leader, Araxola Freeblusg Gallantra, Prima took up Sleuthing as a hobby.
She now lives in her own stealth-capable ship (a gift from Daddy to keep her busy) and haunts the aethers chasing down  the lower forms of life from all the dark slimy corners of the universe.

She blames her human side for her lack of success rather than her arrogant feelings of entitlement.

Wheeler and Ikey, mostly because of Wheeler’s tendencies to walk straight into the nearest scrape, tend to fall along the edge of that description of sentience, and she often crosses their path. Wheeler says “…like she’s a Black Cat or sumthin –always trouble!”

The attraction goes both ways, with Ikey as intermediary and referee, as we will see in future issues of Wheeler’s Orbits.


#4 – Cassandra Savage

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If you’ve ever read my webcomic, The End, you’ll have already seen Cassi Savage, who, in the current story line, is about eleven years old. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going to happen during the course of the story, and a great deal of time passes while it’s happening. I realized that I would need to design older versions of the cast, and that hers would be one of the most drastic. I had a lost of fun designing her, and the act of doing so made me think of a lot of fun ideas that I want to implement later on in the story.

Aaaanyhow, I’m heading off to NEWW at 4am, so I’ll be doing my designs while I’m gone, but will have no way to upload them. So, I’ll be uploading a backlog of them when I get home on Monday. See ya then!

#4 Trixie Hexpot

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For all my pagan friends out there. Sure its a bit late for Halloween, but who’s complaining? I’m not, that’s who!

#4 The Raven

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

A remodel – . He and some others of his ilk are going to be in a book my writing partner and I want to do soon.

#3 El Presidente Magnífico

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El Presidente Magnifico demonstrating the Checks & Balance Neckbreaker

Forty one years ago, a renowned champion luchador known to the public only as El Lobo Loco was booked on his first tour north of the Rio Grande, along the border states. Leaving his native Mexico for the first time in his life, he took this tour very seriously, despite the fact that his young wife was extremely close to giving birth to their first son. So it was decided that she would come along as the young Luchador went to make a name for himself to audiences abroad.

Soon after, El Lobo found himself outside of Nogales, on the Arizona side, fighting a tyrannic trio of tiny wrestlers known as El Totem. It was there where his young wife suddenly went into labor. But the nearest hospital was hours away, & the hall was very dimly lit. Except of course, the center of the ring. And it was there that the child was born.

After the tour was finished, the new family returned home. Years past, & it became quite clear that the child was to follow in the footsteps of his father & his father’s father, & walk the mighty path of the Luchador. His training began at a very early age. The child lived, ate, & breathed Lucha Libre. It was all he knew. Upon coming of age, he was awarded his own mask & set out on his own. He started wrestling under the moniker El Lobo Loco Jr. in tribute to his old man, El Lobo Loco Sr. who at this time, was one of the preeminent wrestlers in all of Mexico, appearing not only in the ring up to five times a week, but even starring in his own film serials & endorsing a full line of toothpastes.

Nepotism was never part of El Lobo Jr’s path to glory. He fought long, & he fought hard. Cage Matches. Ladder Matches. Sudden Death Kerosene Heater Matches with thumbtacks. It was hard to say El Lobo Jr didn’t pay his dues. And finally, on that long & hard road, recognition slowly started to come his way. He worked his way up the ranks to become a headliner, selling out shows all over Mexico. A star on the rise.

This all culminated in what some deem the greatest Lucha Libre match up of all time: El Lobo Loco Jr. challenging El Lobo Loco Sr. for the World Title in Mexico City 1994. Both men shed manly tears of both pride & joy throughout the contentious match up. But at the end of the day, only one luchador could come out on top. And four hours later, that luchador was El Lobo Loco Jr. His father not only presented him with his belt personally, but promptly retired, calling it the pinnacle of his storied career. And upon his leave, announced to millions of fans that his son was no longer El Lobo Loco Jr. but the new & future El Lobo Loco!

Adopting his father’s persona, his stardom only grew, as he branched out & only surpassed the original Lobo’s success. But still, he only knew the life of a luchador. And over time, that life starts to take its toll.

In recent years, it had started to become apparent that El Lobo Loco was in the twilight of his career. Unlike his father, his pace was not steady & he was soon to burnout. Fans were becoming bored of him. Things weren’t looking so good. With waning interest in the one time great, Lobo’s promoters decided to play up Lobo’s dual citizenship status in a gimmick storyline where El Lobo Loco ran for President of the United States during each of their shows. And everyone was willing to play along. For a month or so, Lobo’s entrance music (which around this time had just been changed to the licensed “The Wolf is Loose” by Mastodon) was traded out for Hail to the Chief. As he walked down the ramp, he’d pass out buttons & kiss a (planted) baby or two. Since running for office requires a lot of paperwork, a stipulation to one of his matches at this time forced his defeated opponent had to fill out these extensive records in triplicate. But it was all part of the show. The gimmick had fair to middling success for most viewers & started a slow, but steady resurgence amongst Lobo’s fan base.

Time passed & wrestling storylines moved on. A year later, campaign season, this publicity stunt was nearly forgotten. But somehow, some way, without any knowledge to him, El Lobo Loco’s named appeared on the ballots across each of the 50 states. And it just so happened that this election cycle, most of the usual voters were jaded to the point of extreme apathy. And while only a fraction of the size of his fan base in Mexico, apparently polls reported very high numbers of El Lobo Loco fans, shocked & yet overjoyed that their one time hero was actually on the ballot.

As polls were closing, Lobo was in the middle 0f a brutal no-holds barred match against his long time rival Dr. Dolor for his Undisputed World Title in Guadalajara. Suddenly, the phone rang, & the message was passed up the ranks & told to the referee & the ring announcers, who hastily stopped the match & declared El Lobo Loco the new president elect of the United States. The wrestler, having only known wrestling & only wrestling all his life, was in a state of shock.

His citizenship was viciously contested by the opposition & the press. Rigged ballots & international conspiracies came into question. But everything checked out & that following January 20th, before a record crowd gathered on the lawn of the National Mall in Washington, the hapless wrestler prepared to be sworn in. It was on that day that El Lobo Loco traded in his wolf mask for the stars & stripes. The decision was heartbreaking, but fully supported by his father (who would go on to resume the mantle of El Lobo Loco). From that day forward, the child that was born in that wrestling ring in Nogales, Arizona all those years ago would be known only as El Presidente Magnifico, America’s First Luchador President!

Still, many wonder how this could ever happen. Some say El Lobo Loco Sr. is secretly behind his son’s meteoric rise into the world of politics, & may have some ulterior motives in play. No one can be sure if his schemes are nefarious or not, but nothing’s been able to be proven.

Some thought his former in-ring demeanor meant an aggressive foreign policy, but it has so far been stern, but fair. It’s become customary for other foreign dignitaries to pose with him while attempting to flex, actually. Opinion polls among the public put him in very high regard. This may be on account of his micro-management approach, where he pounds the pavement, meets people & tries to solve each of their problems on a one to one basis. Some say it’s something that couldn’t be done. Presidente responds (in Spanish of course, his English is at present, still very weak) “Perhaps for a mere man. But I am a Luchador!” And while he may in fact hold the highest position in the land, very little is known about El Presidente’s true identity.

#4 – The Detention Master

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This fantasy realm is taking form with each new character. I know there will be an academy or university or some sort of school-in-a-castle. Which means students. Which will mean troublemakers… because everyone loves troublemakers… which will lead to detention. And detention means spending time with the DETENTION MASTER.

Many thanks to Bobby “Fatboy” Roberts for the name inspiration for this character.

#4 God’s Gift

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Herpy “Allen” Dickman is the all around cool party guy you ladies have been begging for!

Losers need not apply.

Allen is ready to pah-tay with you ladies all the night long.
And he means long.

#4: Sir Gustavus

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And now, for something different. My last entries have been relatively based in reality, but in honor of my awesome dog Gus celebrating his 5th birthday today (monetary donations can be arranged), I thought it’d be fun to turn him into something fun for the Challenge. Thus, Sir Gustavus was born and the fruits of my labor can be seen below. As always, comments are appreciated. Enjoy!

The valley was vast, but it was not as he remembered it.

As he approached the zenith of the hill, he looked down upon the scorched valley he was once boastful to call his Kingdom. He had served proudly and well, offering his undying devotion to the King and Queen, serving out any task they requested. Now, upon his return, he came to find ashes and stone in place of all that he had held so close to his heart whilst seeking out the support of the bordering lands.

On top of the hill he stood for hours, gripping his sword ever the more tightly as the hours passed. Finally, as the moment came where he accepted his Kingdom’s fate, he slowly removed his helmet, letting it drop to his side with a clank. It teetered for a moment before gravity overtook it, sending it bouncing down the other side of the hill to the fires below. His ears flapped in the silent breeze. His nose twitched with every passing gust as the stench of his burned brethren and charred villages seeped into this nostrils.

Sir Gustavus had never been one to allow his emotions to gain control of his better judgement. Even when he was plucked from the litter as a youngling to be trained in the highest of guilds to serve and protect, he did not weep. But now, for the first time, he could feel the sting of tears in his eyes as he gazed upon the wreckage of his home.

The Ferals had long impeded on the Kingdom’s borders, taunting their very civilization for years on end. Yet there had been no war. No battles. Only years of endless taunts, seemingly meaningless jests of annoyance, on both sides of the spectrum. But now, in one fell swoop, the Ferals had banded together and left this great civilization in ruins. The Ferals had left behind their nomadic bands to form a single cohesive unit, collectively striking against their natural predators and effectively ending the ancient standoff.

As Gustavus stood upon that hill, the breaking dawn upon his back, he could see the faintest movement amongst the wreckage. Planks shifting, bricks rolling, fire stifled. Drawing back his tears, Gustavus instinctively gained focus, his keen eyesight sharpening the scene even miles in the distance. There, trotting around his former lands, stomping on the bodies of the deceased and scouring about for days-old fish carcass were Ferals. Dozens of them, scattered about like flies on his excrement.

In that moment, Gustavus stood tall. And for the first time in the many months of his journey, he spoke.

“The Ferals have taken our land, Brothers,” he said. His voice was a low rumble, spoken succinctly and true. “This day, they have stagnated evolution and returned us to our primal states. So shall I.”

Slowly, he began to shed the armor that protected his modest frame, piece by piece. From gauntlets to chainmail, all was removed, added to the pile at the bottom of the hill where his helmet lay. Lastly, he rested his sword on the ground.

Gustavus dropped to all fours, his ears pushed back and his lips curled. He bared the savageness of his teeth so ferociously that even Ferals miles away could stand to look away. His tail went horizontal, his hair raised, and he arched his back downwards, digging his hardened paws into the hard soil. With a howl, Gustavus charged fierce towards the remains of his Kingdom, bringing forth a new hunt.

If you love seafood and bad puns, you’ll love Scampy!

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