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#20 Epee

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Fencing themed crimefighter

#20 Rooster

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Rooster is Cory’s little brother. He’s an exuberant little guy with an unfortunate haircut, resulting in the nickname he’s been given. Nobody knows his real name, and Cory and Rooster aren’t talking. The two brothers are inseparable, but as different as night and day. Rooster is outgoing, energetic, and a little cooler than his big bro. But he still looks up to Cory.

#5. Mallory

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Mallory Malloy

The sassiest killer on the killing circuit

Mallory Malloy lives in a world where killing has been an internationally beloved sport since 2033. The daughter of two former soldiers, war heroes from the Mexamerican War, Mallory was orphaned in a senseless burglary. After spending years hunting for the killers, and with no aid from the police, Mal had nowhere to unleash her rage. Then she found her way to the International Murder League circuit. The flashier the killers, the more Murder Matches they’re offered, so Mal obliges with wild costumes and a bit of cleavage.

Day 20: Bullet Hole Beverly

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So I got sucked into watching this horrible show about housewives in Beverly Hills and sadly it inspired me.  This is what came from that show, Bullet Hole Beverly.  The women on that show all have amazing duck lips, foreheads that don’t move and crazy eyebrows. So it got me thinking, what would the superheroes of the future really be like? Well, if we base them on real life people who are on reality TV shows, they will be horrifying.

#20 – Athena

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Athena is the Greek goddess of War and Wisdom among other things. Not one to jump head-first into bloody battles like her brother Ares, Athena focuses on Strategy. In the Mythoscape, that makes her the best Pro-football coach in the land. Originating from Greece, she tried coaching soccer but then she realized… Soccer sucks. So pro-football it was. She leads the 34 time champions, The Legionnaires. They consistently have the best records every year.

Last season Athena was accused of video taping the opponents defensive signals. The allegations were looked into but Hushed up after the league decided, telling the Quarterback EXACTLY where each defensive player would be couldn’t possibly help a team win…

And her color scheme changes based on the team she coaches.

Legionnaires logo design by Jim Wagner of Lagom Design.

#20 Talia Frost

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Talia is a lounge singer in one of the seediest, under-city clubs.  Despite her hardened and feisty exterior, she has a good heart.

#20 – Typhoon Teddy

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Theodore “TYPHOON TEDDY” Hobbes, Captain of the Verdant Horizon. A well known, well respected swashbuckling buccaneer. Father of Jasper Hobbes, the story’s protagonist.

– – – – –

I had been thinking about Jasper, my protagonist, over the past few days and realized that I didn’t want him to be an orphan. Specifically, I didn’t want a lack of a family to be part of his backstory nor his motivation to do anything. So I knew I would be including his parents in the challenge at some point. As I started today’s drawing, I had a couple things in mind already. One was a name, Theodore, which was suggested by Merrick. The other was my want to do a pirate-themed character, in honor of the Swashbuckler’s Ball going on tonight in Portland. As I started sketching out Theodore the Pirate, I realized I wanted this character to be Jasper’s father. Someone courageous and intriguing, yet removed from his son geographically. That seems like a good recipe for creating an adventurous and inquisitive spirit in Jasper.

Expect to see Jasper’s mother somewhere in the next ten characters.

#20 Fizz

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Pop pop fizz fizz oh what a rocker he is.

#12 – Red

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. More specifically, this guy is designed as the father of a character from a failed project… both of which may show up in the comic within the next year… maybe.

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#20 Heavy Metal King Akkarrokk Kivokak

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Name: Heavy Metal King Akkarrokk Kivokak
Species: Ogre (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 44/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Maintain his control over the Iron Sands Desert and crush all who oppose him.
Occupation: Monarch/Warlord
Motivation: Lust for Power
Inner Need: Control over others
Flaw: Not very bright, takes what he wants without asking, kills whoever opposes him
Good/Bad Habits: Never trusts anyone, always goes to give orders in person so he can bully the subordinate.
Secret: He installed a secret self-destruct mechanism in every piece of ancient technology he gives to his henchmen, the remote for which he keeps on his person at all times.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Biggest, toughest ogre of the Kivokak tribe. Inspires fear and respect into the other ogres, if not hatred and jealousy.
Quirks: Carries only an iron club for himself and gives his entourage the high-tech weapons so he can order them to kill while he watches.
Attitude: Morbidly Cheerful, Cruel, Menacing
Dialogue Style: Wry, sarcastic, loud, intimidating, full of mean-spirited threats and insults.
Backstory/Description: Akkarrokk was, by pure accident of birth, the biggest, toughest ogre of his clan, the Kivokaks. Growing up he’d fight and damn-near kill anyone who so much as looked at him funny, and when he was a young man he challenged the king of his clan to a fight, killing him in the process. Akkarrokk then declared himself king, but was not content to rule over just one ogre clan. He had heard tales of ancient humans using powerful weapons and technology, so he sent out his scouts to find him a learned human. Eventually they found Frakkus, a servant of a long-dead forge god, and his son, Russ. Frakkus refused to make them weapons, and thus was bludgeoned to death. Seeing this, Russ agreed, and crafted and restored scores of weapons and technology for him, such as giant dune bikes made from bisected automobiles, crude firearms and cannons, even a few suits of powered-armor scaled up for ogre use. Using these weapons, Akkarrokk and his men rode out to conquer all the twelve other ogre clans and made their kings swear oathes of fealty. Having conquered such a vast kingdom with his metal weapons, Akkarrokk took on the title of Heavy Metal King and now rules his territory with extreme cruelty.

Yeah, remember this guy ( He’s the one Akkarrokk gets his weapons from! I don’t know about you guys, but I think that’s pretty cool.

#19 Florence Reine le Téméraire de San Marais

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Name: Florence Reine le Téméraire de San Marais
Species: Maraian (mutated human)
Age/Sex/Race: 364/Female/N/A
Main Goal: Turn San Marais into a thriving trading city to bring in plenty of men
Occupation: Monarch
Motivation: Love for her people and her city
Inner Need: To improve the lives of her people and her city
Flaw: Overly optimistic, too trusting, bold, a little reckless
Good/Bad Habits: Stays cooped up in her castle, preferring to rule through emissaries. Kind of lazy.
Secret: Frequently makes treaties with the kroi (pig-people also living in the swamp) to turn them against each other before betraying and enslaving them.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very good liar, a schrewd politician, has many connections both in and out of the city of San Marais
Quirks: Eschews formal garb in favor of more fashionable apparel. Had her throne replaced by a hammock.
Attitude: Lax, warm, friendly
Dialogue Style: Cordial, polite, a little coquettish
Backstory/Description: On the southern coast of the Bile Swamps there is the glimmering canal city of San Marais, inhabited by a race of long-lived tailed women. This city is ruled by a queen who is revered like a saint, of which there have been two. Being the third queen after her mother died about two-hundred years ago, Florence le Téméraire was young, energetic, and ambitious. Needing un-mutated human males as part of their unique semi-parthenogenic life cycle, Florence sought to turn her city into a trading empire to bring in more such specimens. During her rule she has sent out ambassadors and explorers to make deals to trade with foreign powers, mostly in the commerce of slaves. The savage kroi, monstrous pig-like humanoids who also live in the Bile Swamps, are routinely enslaved and exported to other lands in exchange for human males. Florence’s policies are mostly favored by her subjects, and she is widely approved by all but a few die-hard isolationists.

Yeah, this one’s a little different from the others since it’s entirely digital, made in GIMP. I usually draw the characters by hand, ink them, scan them, then color them in GIMP, but I think I like this technique better.

#18 Candlesleer

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Name: Candlesleer
Species: Giant Floating Head (severely mutated human)
Age/Sex/Race: 88/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Make his tribe survive
Occupation: Tribal chieftain of a tribe of floating heads
Motivation: Survival
Inner Need: Respect, success
Flaw: Reactionary, short tempered, blood thirsty
Good/Bad Habits: Leads by example, first to rise, first to rest. Sees all criticism or hesitation as a challenge to his authority.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very good memory, knows the migration patterns of animals, good strategist.
Quirks: Inexplicably has four constantly-burning candles growing out of his tentacle-eyeballs. Gets offended whenever somebody asks about them.
Attitude: Jovial
Dialogue Style: Verbose, often repeats whole sentences with slight variation between them. Very loud.
Backstory/Description: In the frozen tundra of the Sacred Lands live a race of floating head people, who call their land Sacred and declare it a sin to touch it, hence they levitate everywhere. Candlesleer was born into one of the several semi-nomadic tribes of floating heads, led by his father, their incompetant and forgetful chieftain. When Candlesleer was barely 25, the age of sexual maturity in his people, his father declared him the new chieftain. Though the other heads were skeptical, at first, Candlesleer won their respect by memorizing the migration patterns of animals and using that knowledge to help his people find food. His tribe has thrived ever since.

Alright, here’s another three from my post apocalyptic campaign. I like this setting; it’s easy to come up with characters for it. However, I’m more than ready to be done with this competition. This is starting to wear me out.

Day# 19 Sly Peter

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#19 SlyPeter for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#19 SlyPeter for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Sly Peter

Peter Vale (aka Sly Peter) was already established at Maple Public School when Aedre arrived on the scene, and was a couple of grades ahead of her. But since she was an outcast, basically friendless, she had time to notice things about people. And the things she noticed about Peter Vale was that he was a nasty sneaky boy who took pleasure in hurting things smaller than himself –specially if he didn’t get caught doing it.

He was the kind of boy who pulled the wings off live flies and watched them buzz around until either they died or he grew bored with the sport. But not only flies; butterflies too, and if he knew it bothered you (especially if you were a girl) he would follow you around with the poor wingless creatures, sticking them under your nose, so he could get double the enjoyment from the pain he was causing.

He was the kind of boy who tripped the weaker kids in the hall in such a way they didn’t see who it was, or who pinched the little ones he knew were afraid of him –pretty hard, too. Mean and mean-spirited, he was always on the lookout for nasty things he could do to the other kids and to small animals, and get away with it. And if he couldn’t find anything he would make up nasty stories and spread them around.

He would befriend any new kids until he found out everything he wanted to know about them and their family, find out their secrets, blackmail them, and gradually be meaner and meaner to them, until they finally broke away from him.

Aedre watched him, and seeing his methods determined to have nothing to do with him in spite of her need for friendship and the touch of another human being. Therefore when he got around to trying to befriend Aedre, who was as socially ungraceful as wild animal, she scorned him, telling him hotly that she was aware of his sneaky tricks. He denied this in the face of the truth, apparently hurt, for that was his last bastion of defense: no one could prove anything he did. Thus he swore that he would make her sorry for her accusations.

#20 Dark Revenant

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Once a bishop in his lifetime, this visible soul now haunts the outer rim. Tales are told by all who pass through his sector of the sound of low murmuring and dark hymns coming from parts of their ship where no living soul is present. Often times materializing just outside of the ship, this old soul has been responsible for throwing many a ship off course due to the surprise it creates in pilots who are never quite sure they’ve seen something.

#20 – Chicken Monkey

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This banana-eating, egg-laying, cock-a-doodle-dooing beast is entertaining to have in the farmyard, but his silly antics generally end up costing Old MacDonald expensive equipment and important crops.

#16 Dober-Man

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This is Dober-Man, a supervillian that trains and uses dogs (specifically dobermans) to commit his crimes. Wears padded armor on his costume to train his pooches. Pretty low level supervillian but I thought the name was funny.

#15 BettyRock

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OK I’m behind so trying to catch up. This is BettyRock (Obviously a play on the world Bedrock, just made it female.) She has the power to take rock and make it into weapons and armor.

12. Miss Raya

Only a couple of years after the debut of the first super heroes in comic books, America found itself with its first real-life superhero– the incredible Miss Raya!

America’s Super-Sweetheart helped turn the tide in the Second World War, thanks to her super strength, invulnerability, and atomic-powered lights that were as deadly as they were dazzling. More so, though, her presence meant an unprecendented boost to the morale of allied troops.

All of her accomplishments could not be overshadowed by her terrible fate at the hands of mysterious snipers, as she joined the troops as they marched into Berlin.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Jonathan Wyke. A Black Label Comics production.

#14 Neela Farris

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Neela Farris.  A name that Gareth Hauser will never forget, a name he will remember for the rest of his days.  She is one of his greatest enemies and nearly ended his life.

Things were different before.  Then, Neela was a young student curious about exploring her own magical abilities.  This caught the attention of the Council, and one of its well-known advisors, Gareth Hauser.  However, Gareth became increasingly concerned about Neela’s desire to push the boundaries of what was known in regards to magic.  There was also the matter of Pasrov, the Council member who was assisting Neela.  Gareth was wary of the relationship between the two, and his concerns were validated in the worst possible way.

An illegal experiment conducted by Pasrov and Neela led to Neela’s “infection” by an extra-dimensional entity that manifested itself as a writhing mass of darkness that surrounded her.  The infection also drove her insane, and she struck out at anyone she saw–including Pasrov.  She killed him and it was only through the efforts of Gareth and the Magician’s Guild that Neela was finally subdued and imprisoned.

Determined to get to the truth, Gareth stormed into the Council chambers and demanded an explanation about why Pasrov’s actions were allowed.  The response from the Council was stunned silence–even they had been duped, or so it seemed.  Later, Keldo, a Council member trusted by Gareth, told him the truth: Pasrov and a handful of members had used Neela as a guinea pig for their own purposes and were planning to use her as an ultimate weapon.  No sooner than Gareth had learned the truth the report came in that Neela had escaped from prison and had disappeared.  After that, Gareth left the Council and struck out on his own to oppose the body that he no longer had faith in.

Neela haunts the outlying areas, enticing innocents and either seducing them and then killing them–or killing them outright.  Her magical abilities are high, and even Gareth wonders if he can truly defeat her….

#20 Admiral “Slade” Chavez

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I love Battlestar Galactica (new series, not the disco glitter catastrophe from the 70’s). Let’s get that out of the way. I love Battlestar Galactica and it should be no secret that it was a major influence on me in developing Valkyrie Squadron. There’s a lot to love about the show: intense writing, amazing performances, really hard-hitting themes, sweet ass battles; but for all there is to love about BSG, there were parts of that show I didn’t love.

Namely, the familial DRAMAAAAA. From the get-go, we find Commander Adama and his pansy crybaby son, Lee, entwined in some serious DRAAMAAAA following the death of Lee’s brother and the Commander’s Son, Zak. Now, don’t get me wrong. Deaths in the family can fragment the whole crew, but their griping was just OVER THE TOP. Everything AND I MEAN EVERYTHING was a big blowout, usually ending with Lee storming off in a huff and the commander gritting his teeth. It bordered hilarity and merits parody.

So here we are.

Admiral Chavez is the commander of the space forces overall, his power trumps even that of Commander Duri, highest ranking officer on Valhalla station. He is a “good ol’ boy” and macho almost to a fault. He sets the standard for hard-nosed leadership in the upper echelons of the United Space Forces.  He’s an aging meathead. He’s basically Lt. Leon Zantha plus 30 years.

Speaking of Zantha, Chavez hand-picked him to make a man out of his “sissy boy” son, Aidan, by assigning his son to Odin Squadron 4. He doesn’t get along with his son at all, because the Admiral would love nothing more than to have his son follow in his footsteps and that’s not likely to happen. We’ve already established Aidan is a cowardly drama queen, not exactly military bad ass material. What’s so frustrating to the admiral is that his ongoing battle with his son is the one battle he can’t settle with a sidearm.

Damn sensitive sissy boys.

You’ll notice the Admiral has a prosthetic eye. Officially, he lost his eye in a key victory against the droids ten years prior, though unofficially, the injury might’ve had more to do with this…

For the record, CMO Bastion does not approve of playing with fireworks while drunk.

#13 Skyspy

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Yikes!  Well…fell behind in posting, due to family matters.  Hopefully I can catch up.  Now onto…Skyspy!

As an intelligence officer, Lee Gibbs worked in the shadowy world of gathering and studying data for government agencies.  His world was shattered when his journalist friend Carla Hass was murdered.  Despite the efforts of the police, the ones responsible for her murder went free.  They were also part of the Marano crime syndicate.

Angered by Carla’s death and the miscarriage of justice, Lee used his skills and discovered the existence of a prototype battlesuit being tested by the military.  Lee not only managed to steal the suit, he carefully covered his tracks and decided to put it to use.  The suit–an offshoot of the XOS series of powered exoskeleton prototypes–is capable of limited flight; it increases the strength of its wearer by a factor of ten, and it is packed with numerous sensors and recording equipment including FLIR and thermograph scanners. For defense, it has a wrist-mounted 9mm gun and ECM capability.  And although he was well aware of the illegal actions he took, Lee weighed that against pursuing justice (while resorting to violence only when absolutely necessary).  In his mind, justice won out.

Lee used the suit to track down and gather evidence that lead to the convictions of Carla’s killers.  That evidence also lead to further investigations of the Marano syndicate.  Lee names his alter-ego “Skyspy” and forges a relationship of trust with D.A. Karen Rothenberg and maverick detective Sam de Leo.

As Skyspy, Lee Gibbs is now the new eyes and ears of justice.

#20 biGdamNroboT

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Just trying something different.

#13 Hero

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The Hero is one of the few superheroes without an alter-ego.  His identity is completely consumed by his role as a savior of humankind, and because he has no way of hiding who he is, it is impossible for him to show his face to anyone whenever he’s not saving the world.  The Hero spends the hours while he is not saving the world in a dark, solitary place and is perpetually alone even when he is surrounded by others.

#12 Faerie

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In a little known battle, long before the time of humans, the faeries conquered a little known land full of wispy androgynous creatures who were known for being generally quiet, peaceful and solitary…and for their hunting prowess with large machetes. As what would be considered a colonial power by today’s standards, the faeries forced the local creatures into servitude, humiliating them and torturing them into submission.  Faeries demonstrated their wealth by wearing jewelry made from the horns of the enslaved creatures under their control.  A small sect of these creatures eventually fought back, hunting down every fairy in sight and cutting off their wings as revenge for the humiliations they had suffered at the hands of their captors.

#19 Bobby Finn

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Pages from the
private notes of A.K.A.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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#20 – Oomph

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Day 20 - Oomph

Oomph Gunther the bass guitarist

“Oomph” Gunther is the youngest member of the band “Swoosh!” and plays the Bass Guitar.  He is a young innocent but tries to act tough and street smart.  He’s in love with Sally Ann but she has no knowledge of this.

#19 Kalcon Sabre

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Kalcon is one of the top Bounty Hunters for the Sabre Operatives. Master of intensity and intergalactic tracking, he is ruthless but fair. The Sabre’s have always been known to have a very strong code of ethics for bounty hunters. Their methods may be brutal at times, but their selection of only bounties on convicted violent offenders allows for a little less discretion in how they carry out their captures. They are the Rogues of the galaxy, but one needn’t fear if one has no violent past.

#23 The Cornerstone

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Oh, time for a revelation. When I was starting out as a comics writer, I wasn’t getting many gigs. No one does, right? So, as a professional wrestling fan, and as a fledgling writer, I took to wrestling roleplaying. I will say this much for it; I had fun doing it. You can talk about it all you want, make fun, whatever, but I had a blast. And I’ll say this too; it taught me how to dialogue characters. If you can, try to find some of my roleplays online.  I think they’re somewhere.

Anyway, today’s character(s)…

Concept: Where does a wrestler go when he’s hit the ceiling? After winning every championship (some multiple times), “The Cornerstone” Dino Black, the franchise of the federation, retires and goes into business for himself…as a hero for hire.

Design: The Cornerstone is based on me, but I wanted him to go a little bit further. He wears the black and gold of Pittsburgh, his hometown. The pants are supposed to be leather, but the leather that wrestlers wear (you know, pleather). The mask is new, but that just adds to his new heroic persona.

As an added bonus, I threw in his old tag team partner, Jack Suede! I picture him as a recurring character, helping him out when he calls.

Art (above) by Andres Balmir! Art (below) by Uriel Duran!

The Cornerstone is copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.  Jack Suede is copyright © 2010, Chris Schiavo.

#20- Vortri, the exterminator

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Don’t Mess With Mr. In-Between

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He eliminates the Negative

#20; the Black Scarab

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Villain, terrorist, anarchist and all around thief, the Black Scarab can be hired by any agency to do most any illegal action needed to meet their ends.  He takes great pride and pleasure in the jobs that do harm to any person who dares call themselves; “Hero”!