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#5. Mallory

| November 20, 2010 | 0 Comments
Mallory Malloy

The sassiest killer on the killing circuit

Mallory Malloy lives in a world where killing has been an internationally beloved sport since 2033. The daughter of two former soldiers, war heroes from the Mexamerican War, Mallory was orphaned in a senseless burglary. After spending years hunting for the killers, and with no aid from the police, Mal had nowhere to unleash her rage. Then she found her way to the International Murder League circuit. The flashier the killers, the more Murder Matches they’re offered, so Mal obliges with wild costumes and a bit of cleavage.

#4. Loom

| November 9, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Wayward Fate

The Fates are the three godly sisters who control all of destiny, but the Fates haven’t always been the same three sisters. Clothos, Lachesis, and Atropos have been held the jobs long as anyone can remember, spinning life thread and cutting it when it is time. However, they have dozens of little sisters waiting for their turn at the spinning wheel. Loom is next in line to replace Lachesis, the Measurer, and she wants none of that. Planning peoples’ lives for them is ridiculous and offensive to her—the fact that she has no say in taking the job is bitter irony. So she steals the Thread of Fate itself—the entire spool—hoping to place mankind’s destiny in its own hands. On the run from the ticked-off gods, Loom roams the Earth, planning her own life and helping others where she can.

#3. Space Pirate Alustar!

| November 7, 2010 | 0 Comments
Space Pirate Alustar!

He's totally a least in his own mind.

Self-proclaimed “space pirate” Alustar Aralune  is the commander of the Havoc Queen, a freight-class vessel named after Alustar’s long-lost love. Drifting through space looking for exotic space!treasure, Alustar has made a name for himself as a reckless and brave captain. He has made as many enemies as friends in his long career. He also has an extremely high opinion of himself.

That’s where the “self-proclaimed” part comes in: Alustar is not really a pirate, and his past heroism is largely imagined. He is in fact a traveling junk dealer and scavenger. The Havoc Queen is not a grand pirate ship. It is in fact a run-down cargo cruiser that is both cheap and hard to maintain. The Queen is crewed by the Howitzer Twins: zealously loyal navigator Tanis and occasionally loyal engineer Sylas. Now Alustar is in search of the greatest treasure he can think of: the original Havoc Queen herself, Alustar’s fugitive ex.

#2. Soul Sister

| November 5, 2010 | 1 Comment
Soul Sister

Voodoo Super-Killer Extraordinaire

Ayesha St. Croix only ever wanted to be like her big sister Ayana. Like her late mother before her, Ayana was chosen to lead her close-knit Haitian village as the High Priestess, and was gifted with her mother’s mystical abilities. Ayesha was always jealous of the favored Ayana, and struck a deal with a demon to take her sister’s powers for herself. The pact worked—Ayesha gained mastery over the living and the dead, as well as intimate knowledge of universal secrets. The transfer also happened to kill Ayana, which Ayesha had hoped to avoid. She is now forever haunted by her actions, and the voices of the dead will never let her rest. She now travels the globe, seeking redemption for her sins and meting out the judgment of the wicked.

But it’s not all misery and torment–Ayesha now possesses some powerful abilities. She is able to sense the supernatural, from demons and ghosts to the auras of a person’s soul. She can speak to the dead (and undead) and bid them to do as she commands. Her hellfire bolts are effective against living enemies, but her rather large and jagged knife is pretty effective, too.

#1. Dr. Fun-Doh

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Better late than never, right?

Dr. Fun-Doh

The most fantabulous piece of psychopathic dough you'll ever meet.

Dr. Fun-Doh was the spokes-creature for a toy fad briefly popular from the early 1990s. For two years, Fun-Doh (a creation of Stellar! Toys, a division of Astro Chemical) produced colorful and highly addictive modeling dough. When it was revealed that Fun-Doh himself was dangerously radioactive and potentially explosive, his toy empire crumbled. He still lives holed up in the old Make-A-Shape Factory and is as unstable mentally as he is molecularly.

Dr. Fun-Doh is able to secrete tubes of dough from his mouth in many colors and shapes. He is extremely sensitive to heat and baking, and he always gets stuck in the carpet.