#3. Space Pirate Alustar!

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Space Pirate Alustar!

He's totally a hero...at least in his own mind.

Self-proclaimed “space pirate” Alustar Aralune  is the commander of the Havoc Queen, a freight-class vessel named after Alustar’s long-lost love. Drifting through space looking for exotic space!treasure, Alustar has made a name for himself as a reckless and brave captain. He has made as many enemies as friends in his long career. He also has an extremely high opinion of himself.

That’s where the “self-proclaimed” part comes in: Alustar is not really a pirate, and his past heroism is largely imagined. He is in fact a traveling junk dealer and scavenger. The Havoc Queen is not a grand pirate ship. It is in fact a run-down cargo cruiser that is both cheap and hard to maintain. The Queen is crewed by the Howitzer Twins: zealously loyal navigator Tanis and occasionally loyal engineer Sylas. Now Alustar is in search of the greatest treasure he can think of: the original Havoc Queen herself, Alustar’s fugitive ex.

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