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#27 – Lop-Lop

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Day 27 - Lop-Lop

Lop-Lop the Destroyer

Lop-Lop is both the terror and the darling of the art department.  With a power and ability beyond her years she creates some amazing paintings; however, she is also very self-centered and conceded.  She takes her talents for granted and puts down the other students as if it’s their fault they weren’t born with her abilities. She also brings her strength to the sports arena and will sometimes take on several opponents at a time just for the challenge.  Not only that, but she also has a powerful singing voice and plays rock guitar solos.  She has butted heads with most of the other girls and isn’t liked by any of them.  They would plan their revenge if they weren’t so scared of her.

#28 Sand God of the Mojave and Nomadic Revelry

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The Sand God of the Mojave is an elusive one. His physical manifestation standing over 250 feet tall, he is never seen in his entirety. Often only glimpsed briefly in the midst of sandstorms, much like the castle of Howl. He has been wandering the great deserts of the world for hundreds of thousands of years but has settled on the Mojave for the past 3000 years where he maintains the natural way of things. He is also a friend to the nomad and the desert adventurers and wanders, often providing water and sustenance to lost and weary travelers.

#12 – Xenos

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This is not my character. This design and character were created by the esteemed Vito Delstante who is running his own 30 characters gamut! When I saw this character, I thought the general design was cool and said I wanted to draw him! Vito said go ahead, and so I did!

I made a few minor changes to the original design; nothing big. I think the biggest change is the belt piece, which I decided to link to the shoulderpads. Xenos is eating a pizza. Vito’s design said he fell in love with Earth food and everyone likes pizza!

You can read more about Xenos on Vito’s original post.

#28 – Draco Demakia

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Draco Demakia is the king daddy of all the demons.

Day 14: Lee-Ann

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A 17-year-old mallrat who appears to be very comfortable with herself.  The truth is that like many teens she hates her body and has a horrible self-image, choosing to mask her bad self esteem with a loud disposition and clothes that purposely attract attention.  She is level-headed and will probably outgrow most of her friends eventually, but for now she is just a sad, rowdy, confused kid trying to figure out who she is.  She’s a virgin and doesn’t really seem to process the fact that she looks like a corner whore in this getup, but she’ll probably figure it out eventually :)  The pose I drew her in really doesn’t help her case though lmao

#24 Tommy the Harlequin

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#27 – Dennis Goldstein

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Dennis Goldstein is the manager for the band “Dr Hawthorne’s Crazy House”. He’s the kind of guy who wears a ponytail and undoes one more button on his shirt than you’re really comfortable with. Aside from being a douchebag, he’s a fantastic band manager.



#22 Mystery Super Hero

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#13 Hemera

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Inspired by a RPG, personification of the  day and the dawning. Actually, because of the RPG I’m very interested in greek mythology at the moment, especially the orcus and its inhabitants.

So, as allready said, this is Hemera, the day herself and only one of the many siblings of  Charon, the ferryman of the death people. Hemera seems to be the black sheep of her family since her brothers and sisters are almost all conected to death, pain and darkness. Her mother is Nyx, the night. Hemera stays in her own chamber at the orcus during the night, which has two doors, one to the orcus and one to the world of men. As soon she leaves the last door a new day is dawning.

She is quite popular with the other gods and  a real gossip girl. No wonder, because she knows about everything happening under the sunlight. Most of the time she acts kind and friendly, but she can also be very touchy, especially according to her family.  She often argues with her mother because Hemera is staying outside the orcus very often to long and Nyx started to lock the door of her chamber at a certain time so Hemera couldn’t go back without asking her younger brother Charon to take her over the river Styx.  When he once intendet to tell their mother his older sister became so angry that she told every god about the tussle of Charon and Heracles (Heracles did win, of course and was one of the very few mortals who did cross the river Styx as living people).

I’m not so happy about the colors. I tried to copy a dawning but it doesn’t look how I did imagine it.

Ah, the flower is a daisy.

Day 13: Pietta

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Thanksgiving and work really busted into my drawing time so now I am playing catch-up!

Anyway, here’s Pietta, a harpy girl who has a very bizarre personality.  Nobody can tell if she has a dark sense of humor or if she is actually crazy.  Nobody really picks up on her sarcasm either.  She is generally well-liked and respected though due to her kind disposition and graceful nature.

Day# 28 Sonata (with writer James S. Allen)

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#28 Sonata, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen, by Jande Rowe

#28 Sonata, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen, by Jande Rowe

#28 Sonata, from the novel Alien Artifacts by James S. Allen

Note: As promised, here is another, and I must say–very important– character from the novel Alien Artifacts, by James S. Allen. Since at this time I don’t have the time to colour it in a way that would do it justice, I’ve presented it in black and white for your pleasure. The coloured version will come along later. Once again, James has given me a most generous excerpt form Alien Artifacts, featuring the debut of Sonata, little alien woodland creature. And smart? Ooh! Sure is!

But since I’ve been privileged to read the whole novel, I must be careful. I don’t want to hand out any spoilers. There is so much depth and fun in this novel, I wouldn’t want you to miss any of it.

So here is the excerpt, and my thanks to James for allowing me the privilege of drawing his characters.


In the gray, early hour before dawn, Stephen was jolted awake, this time by a cry from much closer at hand.  He’d heard Rowan scream, he was sure of it! But like the cry in middle of the night, hers too was suddenly cut off.  A surge of adrenaline shot through him as fear clenched at his gut.  He leapt to his feet, staggering slightly with dizziness at the suddenness of his rising.  Where was Rowan?

As a matter of fact, she was standing in the basket just in front of him, facing its forward end.

“Rho!”  he exclaimed.  “Are you all right?  I heard you cry out.”

She held a finger to her lips and then whispered, “I’m fine.  Sorry to alarm you.  I’m afraid I’ve frightened it as well.”

It?”  he replied in a whisper, looking around. He noted that Myrll was sitting quietly in the rear of the gondola, head tilted in puzzlement.  “What ‘it’ have you frightened? And why are we speaking in whispers?”

“So we don’t frighten it anymore.”  she said.  “It was just so startling to find it there when I awoke that I let out a scream before I could stop myself.  Now I feel badly.”

Stephen looked at Rowan wonderingly.  “Uh, find what where?  Rho, by Goatha’s Lolling Tongue, what are you talking about?”

“Shhh!” she admonished, and inclined her head towards the front of the gondola.  “That.”

A small furry head with large, liquid golden eyes, popped up from the edge of the basket.  “Purdeeep…purdeeep?” it chittered.  It looked over the occupants of the basket, head darting from side to side.  When no one moved it apparently reached a decision, and leapt nimbly from the side of the basket to one of the ropes that held the gondola suspended.  “Purdeeep?”  It called again questioningly.

It was roughly the size of a large earthly squirrel, and similar in shape, with a luxuriantly furred body and a large bushy tail.  Instead of four limbs, however, it had six.  The hind legs were powerful and well-muscled, made for jumping and climbing.  The four front limbs were like two sets of arms, each ending in a tiny articulated hand with three fingers and a thumb for grasping.  Its fur was a glossy black, with splotches of gold and orange.  On its face was a tiny white bandit’s mask, and just above each of it hands, there was a band of white fur that encircled its arms.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous.”  Rowan breathed raptly, “And so cute!  I wonder what it might like to eat?”

Stephen had to agree.  It was both.  Still, it was also a wild creature on an alien world.  Caution would doubtless be the wisest course of action.

“Rho,” he whispered diffidently, “do you really think it’s wise to get involved with an unknown wild creature, stranded here as we are, amongst aliens of uncertain intent?”

Rowan considered briefly, and shook her head from side to side slightly.  “No.  Almost certainly not.”

The creature, who had been looking from one human to the other as they spoke, shook its head from side to side.

“No… neither do I.”  Stephen whispered back.

“So,” Rowan repeated.  “I wonder what it might like to eat?”

“I suggest some of the nuts we brought from the island.”  Stephen offered hopefully.  “It looks a bit like a squirrel, and they certainly like nuts.”


Afternote: I’m toying with the idea of Having Rowan and Stephen as my last two characters, but they  may be too complex for me to create in a way that will satisfy the writer.  I’m going to give it a try anyway and see what happens.  If they don’t turn out, I’ll do something else. I’d really like to have an awesome finale piece (but I’m afraid I won’t be able to top this one. lol)


#28 Anora Yurudón

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Well, looks like I left my tablet’s stylus at my aunt’s house after Thanksgiving.  She said she’d mail it but I probably won’t get it back until Tuesday.  So to keep on schedule, I figured I’d try a few written entries instead.  The image is a five-minute pencil sketch I did and took a picture of with my phone, touched up a bit in Photoshop.

Name: Anora YurudónSir Anora Yurudón

World: Race

Species: Jorgoan

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Bio: Sir Yurudón is the unofficial leader of the Jorgoan Upper Council, the single highest-ranked man in the entire empire.  Most call him the Protector.  Some have called him the Dictator, though those who do usually end up banished.  The mind-numbing injection now unknowingly given to and received by all Jorgoans upon turning eighteen, when they go in for their required medical checkups?  That was his idea.  He’s been infected with the desire to have as much power as possible, and seeing the entire population brainwashed in front of him is one way of doing so.  It’s oddly satisfying, in a way, seeing an entire race at your mercy.  His corruption also came with paranoia, though, and he desperately fears losing his position.  Any dissenters, nearly always youth who have not yet received their injections, are punished ruthlessly.  He even gets defensive around the other Upper Council members.  He’s gone so far as approaching the Innovation Team about extending his life indefinitely…perhaps transplanting his brain into a young clone of himself would work?

They’re after me.

I know they are.  I see the way Kalana eyes me during meetings, I see the way Noraji flirts with my daughter, the way Runi and Hinál always leave together, conversing in hushed tones with their shoulders hunched.

I see the number of dissenters rising.  Twenty-two this past year here on Jorgoa, eighteen on Eléz, twenty-nine on Atareo!  And all of them these teenagers.  I fear we may have to move the injection down to fifteen instead of eighteen, maybe even lower.  This can’t go on.  We can’t risk being overthrown, not now.  Not after all this time, all this effort.  I can’t let it happen.

The Innovation Team contacted me today and said their experiments were underway, but so far they haven’t been able to do a transplant without permanent damage to the brain stem.  I do hope they get their act together soon.  This body of mine’s only got forty more years to live, if it’s lucky.  And I refuse to let this empire go without me watching it.  I refuse to let it fall apart.  I’ve held this nation together for more than twenty years now, and Dani-Shugál smite me if I’m letting it go anytime soon.

There have been enough failures.  Our armies failed to subdue Anaziim and its people, those hideous slug-rodents.  Zanduul, they called themselves.  I already got on the Resource Team’s case for that one.  Water shortage, my ass.  You can’t have a water shortage if you’ve got a planet 85% covered in it under your belt!  Blame the Transport Team if you must for not expanding its NSoD facilities, but come on!  You’re higher than them!  Kick their sorry tails!

But no matter.  We’ve already scouted out another life-supporting planet, Narinno Gamma.  Less populated than its neighbor, Narinno Delta.  If we can seize the former and stock it with troops, the latter will fall all the easier.  Pray the locals aren’t as resilient as those damn Zanduul.  If they fail again, I swear, I swear by the Dani-Hajoro itself, that their grandkids are going to be feeling my wrath.  That system’s going to be ours if it’s the last thing I do.

General Race info, as usual, can be found here.

#28 Vorador

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Vorador the living blade doesn’t just cut through his wielder’s foes.  He makes it as though they never were.

#28 – CyberBaller

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For all your iPhone basketball app needs. Just don’t ask him to receive a pass.

#27 The Googly Gods of the Lab

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The real secret behind good science are these guys. Much of the serendipity and good ideas that come out of the great labs of the world are actually put into researcher’s heads by these guys. Focused solely on scientific progress though, these god’s never intend to gain glory or praise for their work. They only hope that  the world will become a better place where science rules the day.

#20 Samsonite Stevens, Marine

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Sam Stevens is one of the few aboard the Vega 7 who joined the colonial marines of his own accord. Desperate to get out of becoming a water farmer in the outer colonies like most of his family, Sam wanted a little adventure in his life. What Sam didn’t realize is that the new colonial marine corps goes everywhere and does everything – while flying. Sam is not fond of flying and failed jetpack training a record thirty-six times before finally being passed out of frustration by a sergeant who retired the following day.

Sam is tough as nails and quick on his feet, and it’s a good thing: Due to his being flying-challenged, Sam tends to meet most of the larger forms of wildlife and dangers up-close and personal.

Sam’s favorite phrase: “Hell yeah! Breathable atmosphere!”

#27& 28 Double Headers

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#26 [War Goddess]

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Needed a “Wonder Woman” archetype for The Red Ten.  Don’t have a name for her yet, but kind of like the basics of the character design here.

#28 The Western

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14. Rayana

After the disappearance of the second Miss Raya, the world found itself missing the tradition. It seemed like there had never been a time when, among their protectors, there wasn’t a beautiful blond bringing courage and blinding light to the corners of the world.

So when the grand-neice of the original Miss Raya announced on her 18th birthday that she had somehow inhereted the powers of her famous relative, her public reception was unprecedented– the greatest celebrity in living memory appeared– Rayana!

Alas, while her powers were even greater and more dangerous than her predecessors, her early appearance as both a presumed-hero and as a celebrity meant perhaps too much pressure on the young girl. So far, she hasn’t shown herself to be as courageous as her role-models.

Perhaps there is still time for her to prove herself.

13. Miss Raya (2)

Decades after the first super-heroine, Miss Raya, appeared and changed the course of history, the world found itself with a new generation of super-powered heroes.

Among them was another beautiful young woman with long blonde hair, and incredible light-based powers. In fact, her appearance and power set were uncannily similar to her predecessor, and so she was encouraged to take on the same name to honor the original hero.

And so the Legacy of Light continued…

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Jonathan Wyke. A Black Label Comics production.

#27 The old One

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#26 Twitchy

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Fell behind because of work. Playing catch-up today.
The last few here are all freehand pen drawings I did in fifteen minutes. Enjoy

#28- Colonel Higginbottom

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#28 – Reginald Blastworth

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Reginald Blastworth is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Reginald Blastworth plays percussive instruments in the Tempo City Orchestra. That’s his day job. At night he moonlights as a goon for hire, wielding his powerful drum hammer to guard, steal, or smash whatever his client pays him to.

the arms dealer

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#27 Murderman

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#28 sister golden hair surprise

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sister golden hair surprise

Not half as surprised as the people at the soup kithen. part of the MONKiees

Frogenbunny: Science- OR MADNESS?!?

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#25 Android

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ANDROID is the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence.  And she is about to have an existential crisis.

#24 The Goob

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