#13 Hemera

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Inspired by a RPG, personification of the  day and the dawning. Actually, because of the RPG I’m very interested in greek mythology at the moment, especially the orcus and its inhabitants.

So, as allready said, this is Hemera, the day herself and only one of the many siblings of  Charon, the ferryman of the death people. Hemera seems to be the black sheep of her family since her brothers and sisters are almost all conected to death, pain and darkness. Her mother is Nyx, the night. Hemera stays in her own chamber at the orcus during the night, which has two doors, one to the orcus and one to the world of men. As soon she leaves the last door a new day is dawning.

She is quite popular with the other gods and  a real gossip girl. No wonder, because she knows about everything happening under the sunlight. Most of the time she acts kind and friendly, but she can also be very touchy, especially according to her family.  She often argues with her mother because Hemera is staying outside the orcus very often to long and Nyx started to lock the door of her chamber at a certain time so Hemera couldn’t go back without asking her younger brother Charon to take her over the river Styx.  When he once intendet to tell their mother his older sister became so angry that she told every god about the tussle of Charon and Heracles (Heracles did win, of course and was one of the very few mortals who did cross the river Styx as living people).

I’m not so happy about the colors. I tried to copy a dawning but it doesn’t look how I did imagine it.

Ah, the flower is a daisy.

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  1. I love the colors, myself- very pleasing image overall!

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