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#23 The Unbroken

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This is The Unbroken, he is from an alien race who travel the galaxy conquering weaker races. He is covered in fur, war paint, has claws, and a primal scream that can incapacitate his opponents. He is called The Unbroken because he has never been beaten, ever. He’s an unstoppable force.

#22 Emmett Clayton

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Following his service in the Civil War, Emmett Clayton took his wife and baby son out West. On the long trip, his wife fell ill and died leaving him and young John alone. For the first few years it was difficult but not fruitless. Emmett came to be known as one of the most effective and feared lawmen in the new frontier.

But (there’s always a but in these stories, isn’t there?) even he was no match for three vicious killers. Emmett followed them into the desert and the shootout that ensued was brutal. Oh, he managed to kill all three, since even a fatal shot was not enough to stop Emmett from finishing his job.

As he lay bleeding out in the desert sun, all he could think about was John. Still a young boy, he would soon be an orphan, left to fend for himself. Then Emmett heard a voice. He looked up and saw a man standing over him. The man offered him a simple deal: Emmett’s wounds would be healed and he would be granted a second shot at life to finish raising his son. In exchange, his soul would be marked for eternal service to the Devil.

Emmett agreed and promptly passed out.

When Emmett woke up, the only evidence of the fatal gunshot were the holes in his clothes and a small scar. His first instinct was to thank God… and then he remembered that was not who he had made the deal with. He threw the corpses of  the three villains on his horse and rode back into town.

What Emmett found back home, though, was more horrifying than anything he had just been a part of. While he was out hunting down the three men, their fourth partner had come into town. Enraged to hear that his friends had been driven out by the sheriff, he went on a horrific shooting spree. The townsfolk were able to subdue him but not before he had killed four people. One of them was Emmett’s son.

Conned by the Devil and without a chance for redemption, Emmett prepared to kill himself. Then he stopped himself. No, Emmett would not give the Devil his due any sooner than he had to. In fact, he vowed to spend the rest of his days hunting down the Devil’s minions on Earth. He would do what little he could to help humanity and screw Satan before his mortal death.

Before setting out on his self appointed mission, Emmett carved a cross into the ivory handle of his six shooter and had it blessed by the town priest. Being a marked soul, he would never be able to hold the gun without the cross burning his hand. The pain would be a constant reminder that no matter what good he did, Emmett was still damned.

[I’m not an artist, just a writer, but I’m having way too much fun drawing again. It’s been way too long! I feel like a kid again in the best way. Enjoy!]

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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#16 Jolly Roger

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All I had when I began this guy was the name ‘Jolly Roger’, that’s it. I think that’s the fun part of this – making stuff on the fly, pushing the imagination to work fast and loose. He’s not my favorite but I think he’s pretty unique and does give me a chuckle. 🙂

#23 – Woekine Grimoi

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WOEKINE GRIMOI, master magistral, former mentor to the Academic (I need a proper name for him now), and wandering warrior-scholar. Presumed dead, though no one knows for sure.

– – – – –

This character is something of an homage to an artist that I greatly admired: Mike “Ringo” Wieringo. Mike was a comic book artist and co-creator of the fantasy series Tellos. He passed away in August 2007, and the comics industry was the worse for it. While I never met him, he and I had friends in common. They speak highly of him and miss him to this day.

Tellos is a wonderful story about overcoming tragedy, artfully disguised as a thrilling wizards-and-warriors fantasy series, and one of my favorites. It was instrumental in my decision to create fantasy-themed characters.

The character’s name is an anagram of Mike Wieringo.

#23 – Dean Berryside

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Day 23 - Dean Berryside

Berryside, Dean of arts

Mr Berryside is the dean of arts at the university where the rest of the gang studies.  He is a bit of a glutton and greedy, using some of the art departments funds for his own projects.  He loves to cook and is known for entering cooking contests.  He studies the classical arts and doesn’t approve of “comics” or “cartoons”  Most of the students hate taking classes from him, but he is very knowledgeable on the subject

#11 – InFester

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While Fester’s methods might clash with some more conservative members of the animal hero alliance, known as the ARK, he gets results.  A member of the City Sector of the ARK, Fester is the company spy.  Through his taming hoods, he can use his rodent friends to infiltrate enemy territory and gather intel or just reek havoc.  Simple, but effective.

#10 – The Stallion

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Renown Flamenco dancer by night, champion of animal justice by day.  The Stallion is a mysterious figure, even to his fellow heroes.  But what is known is his unmatched speed and agility.  Criminals need not run once The Stallion rears on the horizon.

#9 – Naurand the Officer

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A soon to be graduate of the Windsoar Adventure Academy, Naurand is just about ready to lead his own guild into battle!  He’s known to be arrogant by his fellow classmates, but his logic and strategy go unmatched.  He has aspirations of one day reigning over a kingdom of followers, but for now will relish the journey.

#23 Slurgus the all Consuming

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Slurgus is a giant tongue.  He lurks in the dark, dank places deep beneath cities, feeding on the old and forgotten knowing that eventually everything will be forgotten and he will feed.

#14 – Weylokidinian

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. Based off of the fae of The Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan. The name and colors may change when/if this character appears in the comic. Mainly for accuracy of adaption.

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#23; Nara

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A contact for Zebra and Szadera from one of the more prominent thieves guilds. Nara is a thief that covers by being a dancer. The dancing profession also gives her a means to scope out new marks and easy prey.  Luring wealthy men back to her place (or theirs), drugging them with a heavy hallucinagen and then ripping them off is a favorite past time of hers!

#15 SuperFreak

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Exposure to high levels of radiation gave him SUPERPOWERS and the cancer.

#22 Shulaya

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Another fighter in Neklara‘s group!  I’ve been wanting to try something with dual blades.  I was originally going to do this with Akarnu, but I kept having issues coming up with a good fighting stance.  Hopefully this one looks decent.

General Teyra info can be found here.

#13 & #14 Boubo & Kiki

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Can you guess who’s who?

Day 23: Andy the Adenovirus

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This faceless little guy may look harmless and you may be able to fight off his affects with some Nyquil, but lookout, he’s decided to use a prion as his weapon!  If you don’t know what kind of damage a prion can do just think, mad cow disease! ewww!

#23 – Instant Replay

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This guy’s wrath can always be felt the second time around. He doesn’t even need to be in the same building to launch an attack. Usually sitting on the couch in his mother’s basement somewhere in Toronto, Instant Replay is on-call all hockey season long and is authorized to question every little move of our beloved old-timer goal judge, Red Light Rebel (see Day #21). Who will get the edge in this battle of Tech vs Old School?

#12 LeeLee Pipkin

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#11 Tusker

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Back in the days before Science, men found the bones of Woolly Mammoths and put them together incorrectly, mistakenly believing they had discovered the remains of a giant humanoid cyclops.

But what if they weren’t mistaken at all?

#23 Nolan, The Gentleman

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Murdered childern, innocent and left behind.

Slaughtered souls, someone took them now their mine.

I’ll not relent, my goal is clear

For in the night, it’s me you fear.

Nolan collects the souls of murdered children. He entices them out of hiding to join him, promising to avenge their death. He always keeps the promise, but the act strips out the purity of the children. Still innocent, they are now twisted forces that bend to his will.

#23 Spider Droid

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The spider droid is the foot soldier of the droid world.  They are fairly easy to manufacture, so the underground factories put them out in droves.  Their combat capabilities are somewhat limited, but it’s their mass numbers that is their greatest strength.  An entire field of these coming at you looks a lot more intimidating than just one (they only stand about 18 inches tall).

The funny thing though is that even though are dedicated to field combat, thought and reasoning is not beyond them.  What roboticist wouldn’t kill to know what these little guys are thinking…

#23 Wu Chin

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Wu Chin is the chinese God of get your damned lazy ass outta my house and get a job!
or pie
i can’t read chinese well enough

#21 Captain Z’Artist

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No. 4: “Nappy” Thort

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A fellow who takes himself very seriously.
His name is an anagram for the cause of some sleepy side-effects of Thanksgiving dinner.

No. 3: Poor George

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“Poor George” is the characterization of an infamous Akronite who is known to howl at the moon when expressing his… satisfied state.

#30 Josh

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#30 Josh as myself for webcomic serie I try develop.  I draw very special to me that’s I complete the challenge this around and I didn’t complete the challenge last year.  This year challenge, I DID IT!!  It was very fun journey to draw 30 characters and I have blast.

#26 Black Cobra (2)

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The second Black Cobra is the next in the legacy. He’s a bit of a question mark. No one really knows how he fits in.

Concept: The Black Cobra/? (Pulp) – The cowboy’s grandson (?).  He’s a true mystery and may or may not be related to any of this (like #4). He either inherited, acquired or stole #1’s revolvers. He is the biggest question mark in the entire legacy. As soon as he appeared, he disappeared.

Design: In my head, the eye patch and the mustache are both fake. Those are the same guns from #1 (Fang and Venom), so they would have the logo on the handles. This is the first Black Cobra to have the insignia/brand as a major part of the design. Note the pants…those will come back with Black Cobra #7.

Art by Ricardo Venancio!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#23 Brock

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Brock is, well, the jock of the group. He loves sports, and he likes to throw it around that he’s better at them than anybody. He messes with Cory all the time, though Monty shows him up sometimes. He’s a bit of a bully, but in a lovable way.

#18 Brain Drain, Jr.

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#22 Jack-Jack

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concepts by Byron Rempel

concepts by Byron Rempel

Name: Jack-Jack
Race: Gremlin
Height: 2’
Weight: 2 Stones

What is a Gremlin?
A goblinoid creature of gnomish heritage. Gnomes are known for their ability to craft efficiently, some have even become great inventors. Most goblinoids tend to be deceptive or destructive in nature. So Gremlins have an affinity for mischief in mechanics.

Where did Jack-Jack come from?
Simple answer, the future! In the future monsters, under the command of the Overlord/Mastermind, have taken over the world. Humanity lives in small pockets, either on sacred lands that are still pure or tucked deep within the hidden places. These last bastions of hope for a dieing race is where Jack-Jack is found. Dr. Van Güdsing was a well-known monster expert/slayer and inventor. Jack-Jack is found by the Dr while sabotaging his latest invention. The whole thing actually took place over months. The doctor would struggle to complete the prototype and Jack-Jack would show up later and break it in various ways. Eventually the Dr. caught on to what Jack-Jack was doing and laid a trap.

After capturing Jack-Jack with a puzzle box trap he kept him in his lab/shop to study. Gremlins had not been seen for some time and there wasn’t much known of them. As time went on Jack-Jack began to pick up on mannerisms and speech of the Dr. This eventually impressed the Dr and he decided to try teaching the little monster. It all started with the day Jack-Jack pointed to a painting of a monster and saying, “Monster Bad!”

Jack-Jack trained under the doctor, becoming his assistant. He would eventually go on missions with the Dr to stop monsters who were threatening the human settlements. Though not widely accepted as he was a monster himself, he was tolerated thanks to the Dr’s reputation. The Dr was building up to his end goal of taking out the Overlord/Mastermind. His theory was that if the Overlord/Mastermind was gone then the monsters would no longer be united and the humans could once again take back their lands.
Inside Jack-Jack’s mind-
Jack-Jack is naturally curious and inventive. He has a slow fuse for anger but when it goes off he flies into a crazed rage. Jack-Jack has a fondness for humans, especially those who build things. While he understands he is a monster he also thinks that what the monsters do is bad and it must be stopped. Jack-Jack does desire that some day humans and monsters will be able to share the world but also understands until that day he must continue to fight for the humans. He is extremely loyal to the Dr and his cause. He has an intense fondness of Brew and Stew.

Jack-Jack is part of a new series called Monster Bad in works by Martin Brandt and Byron Rempel.

#17 Mach Ten

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You’ve heard of a runner’s high right?  You know, the feeling of euphoria athletes can get after long periods of intense cardiovascular exertion.  Well, imagine what it’d be like if you can run at supersonic speeds.

You can’t.  But Gideon Thoom can.

He’s the world’s fastest man…and an addict.  He has a literal need for speed.

MACH TEN is one of THE RED TEN.  That’s the Agatha Christie’s “Ten Little Indians” meets The Justice League graphic novel I’m noodling around.  Essentially, it’s a superhero murder mystery, darker and more mature than some of the other stuff I’ve done.  I’ll be looking for artist to co-create this project sometime next year.

Obviously, this guy’s my speedster.

#18 Robber Hood

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This character is based on Robbin Hood.  I wanted to make Little John’s son grow up and admire Robin Hood so he would become so and try to take over.  He gathers up his merry men to help take the rich down and help out any way he can to help those in need.