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#7 Devin

| November 7, 2011 | 0 Comments

Devin was born to a poor family in the lower city levels of the tower city. He has never known his father nor has his mother spoke of him. Devin’s mother was a woman of faith, though she did her best to hide that. Devin’s sister was only a year older than him and the two were very close. In his mind he needed no one other than his sister. Eventually their mother killed during a collapse in the commended portion of the city where religious folk would sneak off to meet in an old church. The two were not phased much as their mother was gone most of the time attending to her secret religion and leaving the two to care for one another. It was only three years later when his sister was killed in a gang turf dispute. He was out pilfering merchant stands for supplies when this happened. It is something he never forgave his self for. He found her moments from death. She bestowed on them a bracelet of hers and left him with the words, “I will always be with you.”
Now in his mind he hears her. This disembodied voice of reason tries its best to keep him on the straight path but many times leads to him arguing with himself in public. Now Devin has found himself fallen in with a bad crowd, just trying to survive until he can find a way out of the lower levels. After all that is what he promised her.
(Artwork by Katy Millay)




#6 Calvin Adarsh

| November 6, 2011 | 0 Comments


Calvin suffers from something referred to as the Corner Stone syndrome. The main symptom is the inability to permanently die.  Sure you can kill his current physical form but then a molecular facsimile is created directly corresponding the time of his death. This new Calvin is almost identical save for a temporary .5712% increase in all physical attributes. He also appears directly next to his old body and can remember everything up unto the point he was terminated and reassembled with new matter. The universe will not let him die and he has no idea why. The marginal increase in his abilities doesn’t amount to much, but if he were to die several times in succession the effects would be quite dramatic. This increase is only temporary though and will fade after falling asleep.


(Picture is a pass for me, just created a character in DCUO’s interface to you for this. I am no 3d modeler. )



#5 Karros Ironhorn

| November 5, 2011 | 0 Comments


Karros Ironhorn is a Minotaur of the realms. His people are nomads by nature with the exception of a large port they have setup in the western lands inlet. Karros lost his horn about 10 years ago on the side of a mountain. A creature in black attacked him and sliced it clean off with its hands. Luckily Karros’ travel companion crafted him a new horn before he succumbed to the injuries. The Minotaurs of the realms find the loss of horn to be fatal most times much like the unicorns of myth.


#4 Lowe

| November 4, 2011 | 0 Comments

#3 Thunderfoot Clan Member

| November 3, 2011 | 1 Comment

The Thunderfoot clan is a group of never aging humanoids who roam the forest paths. They wear what a appear to be masks with rabbit ears on them in varying lengths. No one is sure who they really are or what their intentions are as they never seem to take a side in a conflict. Perhaps they are just looking out for number one.

(I’ll have to fix the image later.)



#2 Gort

| November 2, 2011 | 0 Comments



“In the court of the goblin king lives seven lords who love to sing…” – a bard’s song

Lord Gort is one of seven goblin lords in the Goblin courts. He is also the one who provoked Lord Sk’Flaggen into challenging the Lady Winter. Lord Gort is also the champion of Goblin wrestling and proudly wears his champion belt at all times. Most goblins are known for their greed, ingenuity and pride; Gort is no exception.

“I can still hear Sk’Flaggen screaming m’twigs-n-berries.” comments Gort with a chuckle as they reflect on Sk’flaggen’s fight against the Lady Winter.











#1 Winter

| November 1, 2011 | 1 Comment

Name: Winter

Alias: Lady Winter, Mistress of Keys

Affiliation: Uknown

Hair Color: Light Brown with platinum fox tails

Eye Color: Black

Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: Ask her

Background: Winter has been seen roaming the lands. It is rumored she spent some time in the court of the Goblin Lords. There it is said she was called Lady Winter and given the mantle Mistress of Keys. No one knows how so acquired her ominous black eyes or where she came from. The one thing they can tell you is she searches for her sister’s soul.


(Really need a scanner, this camera added some funky colors to white paper)

2011 Challenger: Martin Brandt

| October 20, 2011 | 0 Comments

Hello, my name is Martin Brandt. This will be my 3rd tour of duty for the 30 Character Challenge. I’ve been writing and doodling most of my life but it wasn’t till 2009 when I published my first book Grim Furry Tales: Seeds. Since then I co-founded a small print company called Raven Warren Studios which houses two imprints, Grim Crew and Tummel Vision.

I was a runner up winner in Small Press Idol for a collaborative work called Stitchwork. Recently we wrapped up a large project called Dead Future, a 250 page anthology of zombie apocalypse stories. Since then I’ve moved on to an all-ages title called Kidthulhu which I co-created with Jason Stephens. During this challenge I will be fleshing out a solo effort that I have yet to reveal any real information on. I will also use it to cook up a few characters for other series I am collaborating on.

Sincerely I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, it is always a thrill watching people’s characters come to life. (I also hate writing about myself…)

Best to you all,



#30 Kung-Fu Zombies from Outer Space

| November 30, 2010 | 1 Comment

Tribute character to the old wacky ideas I used to cook up with a friend of mine. Kung-Fu Zombies from Outer Space was a campy short film idea we had that I wrote up a script for. It never really made it past that point and I thought it would be fun to visualize one of the Kung-Fu Zombies or as I refer to them, KFZ.

~Kung-Fu Zombies from Outer Space,

Know Shaolin moves but prefer your face

Kung-Fu Zombies from Outer Space,

Think ninja zombies are a huge disgrace

Kung-Fu Zombies from Outer Space,

don’t really care how your brains taste

KUNG-FU ZOMBIES!~ (Picture that being sung by the B-52s)

#29 Ga’Lor and Gi’vor

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Alien power armor pieces have strange effects and when Giaus and Gianna place the gauntlets on their  hands they were granted abilities. When they join hands they become Ga’Lor and Gi’vor, two bodies sharing one mind. It is not exactly the best arrangement, as normally it would be one mind. Since they won’t allow one or the other two wear both gloves it is two minds sharing two bodies at the same time.

(Totally hosed up this drawing but I wanted to get it posted before the day’s end.)

#28 Gianna

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Alien technology, two best friends at odds, the mix is in. Giaus and Gianna found a box in the woods, inside were two 3 fingered gloves. The two decided it was among the most awesome find of their treasure hunting career, of course they were only 12 at the time.Both wanted the gloves and eventually decided to each take one. Within the gloves is a power( and some wicked glowing face tattoos). Giaus’ allows him to summon energy to protect himself and others. Gianna’s allowed her to fly, Giaus was not amused as he had always wanted to fly(Girls rule, boys drool). She refused to trade(I didn’t want his boy germs) and the two did battle for some time(He hits like a girl, a weak girl.) till a mysterious stranger arrived(he was a total perv). This stranger came to collect the gloves and use their powers for his own goals(Pervy goals I am sure). Giaus and Gianna both agreed he was far too creepy(Giaus finally came to his senses) and teamed up to take him out. When the two joined hands they become something even more powerful… (Yeah, I’m still freaked out.)

#27 Giaus

| November 29, 2010 | 0 Comments

Alien technology, two best friends at odds, the mix is in. Giaus and Gianna found a box in the woods, inside were two 3 fingered gloves. The two decided it was among the most awesome find of their treasure hunting career, of course they were only 12 at the time.

Both wanted the gloves and eventually decided to each take one. Within the gloves is a power. Giaus allows him to summon energy to protect himself and others. Gianna’s allowed her to fly, Giaus was not amused as he had always wanted to fly. She refused to trade and the two did battle for some time till a mysterious stranger arrived. This stranger came to collect the gloves and use their powers for his own goals. Giaus and Gianna both agreed he was far too creepy and teamed up to take him out. When the two joined hands they become something even more powerful…

#26 Kitsune

| November 26, 2010 | 0 Comments

Let me preface this entry with the follow. After seeing all the super hero characters created I felt the need to contribute to that. Since my early days I’ve loved super heroes and villians, as I got older though I found that my stories would steer far from the traditional super hero world. Anyways I present my traditional anti-hero, Kitsune.

Kitsune was once fiancee to a Japanese salary-man. After a whirlwind romance she found out his connections to the Yakuza.  She pleaded with him to leave that life behind and so he brought her back to America. Unfortunately his dark past followed. Kitsune was much younger than her fiancee and naive to the world around her at the time.

The Yakuza offered to let him leave his life behind if he pulled off a heist. With Kitsune’s help he was able to succeed but the Yakuza killed him anyways. Kitsune fled that life and moved to the east coast, taking on the persona of Kitsune. Stealing and taking what she wanted as life had taught her. She tries her best not to be attached to people or places and is always looking for the next great heist.

#25 Cyrus

| November 25, 2010 | 0 Comments

Faceless forms down nameless a street

The lost left whispering below our feet

No one cares to notice or try

No one cares to ask them why

Cyrus found a paper trampled on, it looked like one of those “have you seen my dog” posters you find on empty light poles. This one though, all crude and crayon, read “Have you seen my murderer?”

Now Cyrus finds he can’t elude the question and deep inside he feels driven to discover the mystery.

#24 Lilly Aberdeen Philson – Lost Soul

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

Lost souls float down rivers streams

Like little sparrows through our dreams

Yet on the shore you’ll find her there

The little lily with yellow hair

A soul so sad it cries for ears

and in its plea we feel the fear

Her name is Lilly Aberdeen Philson, Abby to her friends and Lil to her classmates. That was before she was murdered. Now she spends her days in the shadows of the city, waiting, pleading for help. For ages no one has answered her. She has begun to start posting papers around drawn in crude crayon caractures, “Have you seen my murderer” they say.

He’s tried to collect her, but she has had the strength to refuse. There was another with her at some point, someone dear, but she can’t remember their name anymore.  She knows the Gentlemen has collected them.

#23 Nolan, The Gentleman

| November 23, 2010 | 0 Comments

Murdered childern, innocent and left behind.

Slaughtered souls, someone took them now their mine.

I’ll not relent, my goal is clear

For in the night, it’s me you fear.

Nolan collects the souls of murdered children. He entices them out of hiding to join him, promising to avenge their death. He always keeps the promise, but the act strips out the purity of the children. Still innocent, they are now twisted forces that bend to his will.

#22 Jack-Jack

| November 23, 2010 | 2 Comments

concepts by Byron Rempel

concepts by Byron Rempel

Name: Jack-Jack
Race: Gremlin
Height: 2’
Weight: 2 Stones

What is a Gremlin?
A goblinoid creature of gnomish heritage. Gnomes are known for their ability to craft efficiently, some have even become great inventors. Most goblinoids tend to be deceptive or destructive in nature. So Gremlins have an affinity for mischief in mechanics.

Where did Jack-Jack come from?
Simple answer, the future! In the future monsters, under the command of the Overlord/Mastermind, have taken over the world. Humanity lives in small pockets, either on sacred lands that are still pure or tucked deep within the hidden places. These last bastions of hope for a dieing race is where Jack-Jack is found. Dr. Van Güdsing was a well-known monster expert/slayer and inventor. Jack-Jack is found by the Dr while sabotaging his latest invention. The whole thing actually took place over months. The doctor would struggle to complete the prototype and Jack-Jack would show up later and break it in various ways. Eventually the Dr. caught on to what Jack-Jack was doing and laid a trap.

After capturing Jack-Jack with a puzzle box trap he kept him in his lab/shop to study. Gremlins had not been seen for some time and there wasn’t much known of them. As time went on Jack-Jack began to pick up on mannerisms and speech of the Dr. This eventually impressed the Dr and he decided to try teaching the little monster. It all started with the day Jack-Jack pointed to a painting of a monster and saying, “Monster Bad!”

Jack-Jack trained under the doctor, becoming his assistant. He would eventually go on missions with the Dr to stop monsters who were threatening the human settlements. Though not widely accepted as he was a monster himself, he was tolerated thanks to the Dr’s reputation. The Dr was building up to his end goal of taking out the Overlord/Mastermind. His theory was that if the Overlord/Mastermind was gone then the monsters would no longer be united and the humans could once again take back their lands.
Inside Jack-Jack’s mind-
Jack-Jack is naturally curious and inventive. He has a slow fuse for anger but when it goes off he flies into a crazed rage. Jack-Jack has a fondness for humans, especially those who build things. While he understands he is a monster he also thinks that what the monsters do is bad and it must be stopped. Jack-Jack does desire that some day humans and monsters will be able to share the world but also understands until that day he must continue to fight for the humans. He is extremely loyal to the Dr and his cause. He has an intense fondness of Brew and Stew.

Jack-Jack is part of a new series called Monster Bad in works by Martin Brandt and Byron Rempel.

#19 – #21 Lady D, Red, Tina Titan

| November 19, 2010 | 1 Comment

From left to right: Lady D, Red, and Tina Titan.

They’re out to do one thing… Kill Matt! What you didn’t know?

#18 Tobias

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

You left me, for them, for her. I know the truth. They killed you.

Then they killed me because they thought I was you.

But you are not you anymore. It doesn’t matter, you’re going to pay brother! I don’t care what you call yourself now, Joshua you’re a dead man. You may only wear his skin, but you’ll still pay for his sins.

You’ll pay, those spider-limbed bitches, and that ghastly foul shadow of a man. With my new friends we are taking you down!

Tobias is a character in the Stitchwork Universe.  Take a look at the preview here: Mysterious Visions

#17 P.I. Emmerett Edward Elton-Evans A.K.A. E-Squared

| November 18, 2010 | 0 Comments

In the world where clones are common place yet still illegal and friends abuse the power of technology, Private Investigator Emmerett walks the line. Hired out for the right price or cause, helps to keep hi-tek off the streets or at least in his customers’ hands.

When Matt decides he can no longer stand disappointing his friends, by being unable to be everywhere at once, he decides to clone himself. The call goes out to E-Squared Investigations to recover the hi-tek contraband before the government gets involved. As the numbers rise and Matt’s clones began to take over Lameland City, Emmerett realizes he won’t be able to retrieve the item in time. Taking a more deceptive route he teams up with the government’s new team brought in to counter the Matt-Threat till he can steal away with the item in question.

E-Squared is a character in the Kill Matt! universe.

Day 16 Tatiana

| November 17, 2010 | 0 Comments

Sure humans die of natural causes, but not Tatiana. She was murdered by a demon on her way home from the grocery store. There was no real reason, the demon was just thirsty for blood and she happened to be shopping the local 24-hour store at the witching hour. When she died there was no real surprise, after all dead is dead. Tatiana had managed to kill the demon before she fell herself. There in the parking lot, shrouded by shadows cast of of SUVs the two bodies laid. It wasn’t till she realized her soul would not depart that she began to freak out. That was when the Sisters of the Stitch showed up to collect her. She watched as they finished disassembling her body. She screamed at them to stop and they merely brushed her aside while they stored the parts. When they started to fix the demon’s body she tried to attack them but it was futile. As the last stitch was being placed on the demon’s form she grabbed hold of the thread to rip it from their hands. Instead she was pulled into the body.

She quickly woke up in her new powerful form and tore the sisters apart in mere seconds. Gregory soon showed up after she had calmed herself. Applauding her ability and rage he asked if she would join his gang to help stop these sisters from continuing to desecrate the flesh of the dead. Gladly she has joined them, hoping to find a way out of her new body and home to her family. She collected the satchel that contained her body’s pieces realizing at some point she would have to make a deal with these demons, these sisters of the stitch, if she wanted to ever go home.

Tatiana is part of the Stitchwork Universe, a story I started to develop during last year’s challenge. The artwork here is by collaborator Silvina Rinaldi. This story went on to win cover feature of the Mysterious Vision’s anthology over at Small Press Idol with the help of my collaborator Silvina Rinaldi and editor Amanda Orneck. For more details stop by and check it out.

Check out our preview here:

#15 Jareth the Half Dead Knight

| November 15, 2010 | 2 Comments

Jareth the Half-Dead Knight.

That fateful day when Jareth, last son of the line of Magus, fell was a day mankind would soon never forget. It was not because the blow the knight’s order would take by loosing their leader. Nor was it the blow dealt to the church for creating the beast and causing the collapse of balance now revealed to the people. These things were small order indeed, compared to what came next.

Jareth fell to the sword of Cerria, Heart of the Beast. As he laid there bleeding onto the floor, as the darkness began to set in, the beast himself knelt down beside him put his mouth to the fading knight’s ear.

“Today you lose your soul, and spread the wickedness.” The Beast seemed to savor the words, “For as I am the bane to your order, so will you be the bane to the order of most holy.”

Life faded, Jareth slept, and the world prattled on its way, the last sound he heard the beast footsteps leaving him to die. Consciousness flooded his body; he was aware, too aware considering. All around him his senses danced, the shadows held no secrets, his eyes hungrily searched. Something inside him needed to be satisfied, his mind raced for the answer. He panicked, the room spun, and then he was standing on a street corner in an alley facing an inn. The Haggled Hag, not a place he would normally find himself. Once again his heart began to race, at least he thought it was his heart, he could hear it beat.

No it was not his; it was the lone maid walking the lane past the inn. He could hear her breath as though she were breathing in his ear. Her heart beat louder, he felt his mouth wet with appetite.

With only what could be described as the awkward grace of a newborn he managed to grab her, and drag her into the alley. Her long flowing red locks smelled of flowers, her chest heaved in fear as she gasped for air. Suddenly it was not fear that set in her eyes, it was lust. Jareth’s demeanor changed, he would have her, ravage her. Tearing her close, loosing himself on her, he thrust his will upon her and she received it willingly.

Her screams of ecstasy and pain filled the alley as he grinned most wickedly at her, and just as she began to reach climax her body started to glow. Placing his hand above her chest while still taking her, he felt an energy siphon up. Her soul was bleeding from her body as she reached the pinnacle of her being with him. The scream was now from her soul not her body as it raced into him, his eyes flashed with power as his back arched and he screamed to the sky. There below him lay the husk of a woman, nothing but flesh and bone, her light gone forever.

On this night a soul eater was born, Jareth the Half Dead. His cry to the heavens signaled a dark end to those most holy. In the distance the sound carried to the ears of one listening with eager intent. His wicked grin, the Beast was satisfied, revenge was most sweet, and by his side his Heart did cling, unsettled but reassured by his touch. For now.

Jareth, The Beast, and Cerria are one of the many characters in Feral Legacy, a love letter to my wife.

#14 Initiate of Whispers

| November 15, 2010 | 0 Comments

There are those who hear voices when there is no one speaking. Most talk of these folk in hushed voice in dark corners of the pubs. Still as odd as these individuals are there are some still that are by far worse.

There are those who hear voices and the voices follow them, like audible pets floating in the ether. These voices speak and all hear their cries, screams, prattle, and whispers. These individuals are quickly taken away by the Order of Whispers. Surely voices without a face can drive one mad, but these people can topple kingdoms with their presence. The whispers that surround them drive all insane. The Order strives to quiet the voices, to teach their disciples control. It is rumored though, in those same dark corners, the Order is actually a cover for assassins.

Imagine being killed by voices alone, thousands of them calling out in a chaotic choir. When the madness took you and your life ended no one would suspect.

The Order of Whispers is one of the many factions in Feral Legacy, a love letter to my wife.

#13 Three-Week Johnson

| November 14, 2010 | 0 Comments

They call him Three-Week and on one knows why.

They call him Three-Week and he’ll never tell you why.

They call him Three-Week and he doesn’t know why.

They call him Three-Week and he hates the 4th of July.

They call him Three-Week and he ain’t shy.

They call him Three-Week and he makes the babies cry.

They call him Three-Week and he swears he can fly.

They call him Three-Week and his can his never dry.

#12 Puppet Supplicant

| November 12, 2010 | 0 Comments

“And on the 8th day the hand of god was clothed with fabric and face and it was good.” – Book of the Teir

He humbly seeks guidance from the Puppets on high, he is the Puppet Supplicant. Earnest servant of the dark puppet gods.

#11 Trickster

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

I was the eyes and ears of gods on high.

But now I find you here my dear, so near to me so near.

To father-mother, I do bow, salute you yes, and pledge.

But brother, brother you know, we do not agree.

He calls me trickster, gives me names.

His speak is odd, his manner strange, this bird like man comes to you on the road. Some pay him respect and his role will change. Others avoid the trickster and he lives up to his name. Beware the road to nowhere, for his toll is high. Know your lore, your legend, you myth and you might just survive the trip.

#10 Mistah Beaver

| November 10, 2010 | 2 Comments

Today’s entry is Mistah Beaver, leader of the Builder Brigade in the Unwaking Lands.

Early in the onslaught of the Unrest, the Build Brigade fell to its powers. They were put in charge of building the Dungeons of Unrest, a maze like catacomb beneath the mountains. When Tummel and his brother Balder returned to free the land they traveled through the dungeon and met the transformed Mistah Beaver. Together with the help of Harry and Sarah they were able to transform the Builder Brigade back to normal and free them from the grip of the Unrest.

Now Mistah Beaver and his group spends their days designing and building defenses to hold back the Unrest from The Hollow.

Mistah Beaver is a character in Grim Furry Tales.

#9 Hero

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

This generic hero is truly, Hero. Slayer of monsters and savior of the weak. Still what secrets does this Hero hold? What lies behind the shadows of his face mask and armor? In the world of Monster Bad they may never be ready to know who their Hero truly is.

#8 Corpse-Trio

| November 9, 2010 | 0 Comments

Circus performers and freaks are a hard won commodity in these modern times. One circus looking to take advantage of modern medicine and no governing laws in its sovereign nation decided to take the freak/performer show to the next level. In a truly Frankenstein approach they’ve brought out, Corpse-Trio. Three formerly terminal cancer patients who’ve opted to have most of their body removed and share what is left with their now closest friends.

Todd Svar The Strong Man.

Dod Everette The Sword Swallower.

Rod Salvatore The Clown.

All was fine till the day another nation decided to take over their homeland, thus ending their Gypsy life styles. Now Todd, Dod, and Rod have joined the resistance and fight as Corpse-Trio.

(I swear I didn’t have any drugs today)

Day 7 Fenri

| November 7, 2010 | 0 Comments

I’ve got your scent, tracking you through The Hollow, you can’t escape me. You may not be my prey but I can’t let you escape me. You try to lose me in Muck Bottom, but I played here as a pup, silly mortal. Then you turn through the Shade Forrest, now we enter my home lands. Here I used to be the alpha of my pack till the day Tummel called me to his service. There is no where you can hide here, even with your magics. You break into a run across the Twilight Plains, here line of sight is all I need. You’ll not escape me.

At least till you enter the Dungeons of Unrest, I dare not enter that cursed place. I am Fenri, tracker of the Unwaking Lands and protector of Shade Forrest, and here I will be waiting for you.

Fenri is a character from Grim Furry Tales series. In the series Laurel Matthews awakens ancient gods trapped in small cloth bodies. These gods were hiding from agents of the Unrest who sought to consume them. As with all belief it is shaped by perception and the view of little Laurel Matthews turns them into Stuffed Animals. Now these might gods in stuffed animal bodies must struggle against the Unrest to save their homeland and the mortals of the Lull from its all consuming progress.

#6 Zed Hunter

| November 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

“Now I lay me down to sleep. Zombies out side do slowly creep. If they come before I wake. Two shots not one you promise to make.” – Zed Hunter’s Prayer

I hunt them during the day, shamblers, bastards of the reaper. I hunt zombies.

Sure it aint’ the safest job, but what the hell do you expect me to do? Shad’up that’s one of ’em questions you don’t answer. A man’s got to make a living and why shouldn’t he enjoy his job? Boy you just don’t know how to keep quiet do you? In our line of work it pays not to get noticed. Sure I got some broken fingers and one chomper manged to bust my nose, but you should have seen his head explode when I was done. No reason to feel bad for these rotting bags, don’t forget they’ll eat you without thought.

Sure those crazy bastards in New York have their Game. Sick corporate #@$% profiting on putting more people at risk, the worse is when they turn those competing in the game into star zombies themselves if they fail. Son of bitch, all of them. Don’t get me started about that non-sense to the west. Some crazy bitch living among the dead without worry. That is non-sense and no way anyone could do it.

Zed is dead baby!

And zombie hunters, do it in the head.