2011 Challenger: Martin Brandt

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Hello, my name is Martin Brandt. This will be my 3rd tour of duty for the 30 Character Challenge. I’ve been writing and doodling most of my life but it wasn’t till 2009 when I published my first book Grim Furry Tales: Seeds. Since then I co-founded a small print company called Raven Warren Studios which houses two imprints, Grim Crew and Tummel Vision.

I was a runner up winner in Small Press Idol for a collaborative work called Stitchwork. Recently we wrapped up a large project called Dead Future, a 250 page anthology of zombie apocalypse stories. Since then I’ve moved on to an all-ages title called Kidthulhu which I co-created with Jason Stephens. During this challenge I will be fleshing out a solo effort that I have yet to reveal any real information on. I will also use it to cook up a few characters for other series I am collaborating on.

Sincerely I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with, it is always a thrill watching people’s characters come to life. (I also hate writing about myself…)

Best to you all,



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