#24 Lilly Aberdeen Philson – Lost Soul

| November 24, 2010 | 2 Comments

Lost souls float down rivers streams

Like little sparrows through our dreams

Yet on the shore you’ll find her there

The little lily with yellow hair

A soul so sad it cries for ears

and in its plea we feel the fear

Her name is Lilly Aberdeen Philson, Abby to her friends and Lil to her classmates. That was before she was murdered. Now she spends her days in the shadows of the city, waiting, pleading for help. For ages no one has answered her. She has begun to start posting papers around drawn in crude crayon caractures, “Have you seen my murderer” they say.

He’s tried to collect her, but she has had the strength to refuse. There was another with her at some point, someone dear, but she can’t remember their name anymore.  She knows the Gentlemen has collected them.

Category: Horror

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  1. Jared Lewis says:

    That’s a pretty neat back story. Good to see you keeping up & being on par. Wish I could say the same!

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