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#7 Brother Dome

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in a twisted moment of pique i realized that unlike people in the cities, or worse in the suburbs, people cloystered away in monistaries had so chibi-fied pop culture plastic icons to reprisent them. youve heard of hommies? these are MONKies take that moose and squirrel 😀

#6 Boomstick

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Boomstick is a member of “Fun Size Justice”, a group of ex-teenage superhero sidekicks, who decided they know better than their mentors, and are sick and tired of being told what to do.

Boomstick was “Shadow Fox II’s” sidekick (Foxy), and had it up to here with being told “We don’t use guns”, and “We don’t kill”. Neither seemed to get the job done. Now Boomstick leads “Fun Size Justice”, acting as a teenaged “Punsher”.

#6 Annihilator

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Annihilator was chosen from humanity to replace Vagabond (yesterday’s post).  He was allowed to keep all of his memories, and opinion with he understanding that his mission was clear cut, and any time he strays too far from the mission that he’d have his powers stripped.  He was to uphold peace on an intergalactic level, and if he ever comes across Vagabond he is to bring him back to the fold or kill him.

As a human, Annihilator aka Rylan Corman was a police officer, so he was used to trying to keep the peace.  Now with the ability to travel through space, his ‘jurisdiction’ is a little bit larger.

One time, several years ago, Annihilator and Vagabond did meet.  It was not the outcome that was supposed to be.  They joined forces to fight off an attacking force of Sartents who were attempting to destroy a non-spacefaring race of primitive people.  After they drove them off, Annihilator tried to tell Vagabond what his masters had told him, but Vagabond wouldn’t listen and disappeared back into deep space.

Old feelings and connections keep Annihilator close to his home world in order to protect it, mush to the dismay of his masters.

Annihilator’s powers are almost the same as Vagabond’s.  While Annihilator does not have the same weakness of Vagabond’s.  Vagabond actually seems to wield power greater than Annihilator as his human form cannot hold the kind of power Vagabond has.

Also, Vagabond went up on the fifth but it was REALLY late.

#5 Jacob

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“Jacob I’ve asked you a hundred times, please stop pulling on Mommy’s apron when she’s making dinner.” Jacob’s mother declared, not turning away from the stove top where she was concocting her famous macaroni and cheese — Jacob’s favorite.

“But Mom I want a cookie! I’m starving!” Jacob whined, while tugging on his mother’s floral printed apron.

“Absolutely not. You’ll ruin your appetite. Now Jacob, go outside and play. Mommy has to finish up in here.” Jacob’s mother still had not broken eye contact with the vat of yellow goop. “Dinner will be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“But Mom!” Wailed Jacob as he swung his torso to and fro in an act of frustration.

Jacob’s mother’s shoulders slowly lulled up and down with an exasperated sigh.

“Enough.” She raised an arm and extended a long slender finger toward the door. “Outside.” It was only now that she turned her head slightly and looked over at Jacob, who’s head hung low and arms dangled beneath. “And don’t you even think of going near Daddy’s work shed.” Jacob drew in as dramatic a breath he ever could, and let it out with audible intent as he shuffled out into the yard.

The sky was an unending grey cloud, touching horizon to horizon without a sign of any sort of color. The tree’s branches yawned toward the flat expanse, yearning for some hidden incalescence underneath the ashen canvas to thaw their bony bark. Toys were strewn about the bristly crabgrass just as Jacob had left them, despite the countless scoldings to the contrary. Jacob placed his hands on on his hips and assessed the mundane scene.

“There’s never anything to do out here.” Jacob whined to himself, the futility escaping his mind of eight years. Off to the side, tucked away between stacks of firewood beneath blue tarp and the tall, ornate fence was his father’s shed. His father had told Jacob ad nauseum to stay out of that place, that it was dangerous and not for little boys. It was always sealed, a dense padlock standing sentinel … except for this day, when the padlock was missing and the shed door ajar.

Jacob weighed his options. He was bored, yes, but dinner would be done in ten minutes now. However, ten minutes is more than enough time to peek inside the shed and see what all the fuss was about. How could he be injured by just looking? What a silly thought, Jacob reasoned.

Jacob shoved the door open and pulled his shoulders up to his ears, bracing himself for a loud creak. When the door had finished wailing and settled against an old lawnmower, he took a single step inside. With a yank of a suspended white cord, the shed was illuminated.

Jacob gasped in amazement.

Standing before him was a fellow of metal made, larger than any man Jacob had ever known, even his father. An amalgamation of brass and gears, pipes and pistons that was as intimidating as it was fantastic. To the right of the metal-man was a great lever, matching Jacob’s height. Above it was a sign. It read, “IGNITION.”

Jacob scurried to the lever, and grasping it with both hands yanked down on it with all of his might. Once it had reached its apex, the lever sprang back to default, sending Jacob to the shed’s entryway. On the metal-man, gears began to crank and pistons pump. With a lurching inertial push, its brassy cranium rose and eyes glowed a magnificent emerald. With a scan of the room, its gaze fell on Jacob and head cocked slightly.

“HOW MAY I FACILITATE YOU, SIR?” Its voice was tinny and emanated from its ribcage.

Jacob collected himself and thought pensively. After a moment, he turned to face the doorway of the shed. He grinned with one corner of his mouth and lifted his hand, pointing back at the kitchen with conviction.

“To the cookie jar,” he commanded.


#6 SoooOOOOooooup

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#6 – Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump

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Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Creature Creator: Michelle Patterson

Lenny the Lump is what you would call “Lackadaisical” for lack of a better term. Lenny comes from a long line of lumps, his Great Grandfather was a Lump of Coal, his Grandfather is a Lump on a Log, his father, the Lump in your Throat and his mother, well she is the ever popular Lumpia (very popular in Indonesia and the Philippines). What this means to him, absolutely nothing at all.

Lenny is comprised of all things naturally sedentary, basically you wouldn’t even know he was there if he didn’t stand up and move position to catch the suns rays every once in a while. He would appear as if he were a culmination of log, stone, mud, leaf and moss, you can’t forget his moss. Moss is his most appealing asset; it’s basically the only thing that is active when it comes to Lenny; Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump.

#06 Louis “The Noose” Ferrone

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Doesn’t take a genius to know you shouldn’t borrow money from this character, but desperate times call for desperate actions, and when you’re that desperate, Louis’ll have your back… until it’s time to pay it back… then you might just find a knife in your back…


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The deceptively lethal intergalactic bounty hunter, Odi’ave is only given away by his armor. He lulls his targets with his pleasant demeanor and not so intimidating features. After living a relatively peaceful life in the Nebulon system, Odi’ave decided to spruce things up, and what better way than to purchase a star runner, a photon pistol, and head to space to chase down bounty’s for the Inner Rim.

#6 Thomas Chandry

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Thomas Chandry is a man of average fortune and great expectations, though he has ever been more curious than wise. His father, a proper English lord with an estate and wealth rivaling the wealthiest in London, died suddenly one late autumn day of influenza, leaving only a strange contraption to his struggling son, and bestowing his esteemable fortune on a woman none in all of England had heard of. After months of attempting to find the whereabouts of the mysterious woman, the Chandry estate was given over to the crown for upkeep and reimbursement. This of course left Thomas homeless and without the means to support himself, so he did what any proper Englishman would do: he got a job.

He moved from the countryside to London and took residence in the upper study of the tailor he worked for, bringing along the few possessions the crown did not claim, and quickly learned the fine art of theivery. Working for a tailor did not afford him the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to, and so his life of crime began. It was only when the tailor had had enough and thrown him out, that Thomas truly hit rock bottom, and remembering the odd contraption his father left him, decided to pry off the bits of brass and silver pieces to sell. On fiddling with the contraption by the English channel, he inadvertantly activated it and set about events that would forever change his life.

#6 Mimi

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Everyone has that dream girl or guy, and Mimi is Gonzo’s personified. Unattainable, out of his league, beautiful and strong, Mimi is the girl of Gonzo’s dreams.

Mimi is a strong, independent woman, assertive and in control, but with a softer, sensitive side, compassionate and thoughtful, but not everybody sees that side of her.

She has the voice of an angel and, at times, the temperament of a demon! But her heart is gold.

Mimi and Gonzo are friends, but she keeps him at a distance. Gonzo pines over her, but never pursues her, loving her from afar.


There are a couple of things I realized when drawing this particular character. One is that I don’t like her beak, and it needs some work. haha Two, is I really need to simplify and refine my style for this strip. So, as I said on the onset, these are rough sketches and not necessarily finals. But I like to think that at the very least I am capturing the essence of the characters, both in their bios and in their form.

#4 Ferdinand

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A world of dragons and demons, magic and might, elves and dwarves. They all live together in an untamed world where mankind has yet to completely alter the landscape. This is a world where there are secrets to uncover, arcane mysteries to decipher, lands to explore and monsters to discover.

Ferdinand is a minotaur, a race of physically powerful bull-men. The minotaur have a long, bloody history of war and violence, though the violence was mostly contained in their natural habitat, the twisting, winding tunnels and caves that honeycomb the continent just below the surface. Thanks to their environment, minotaur have developed an uncanny sense of direction. They always know which way is north, and they never forget the way they came.

Ferdinand is large, even for a minotaur. Standing almost 12 feet tall, Ferdinand’s frame is massive and broad, layered with muscle. Despite this massive body, Ferdinand is one of the most calm and peaceful people you’ll ever meet. He wears little armor, settling simply for a light shirt of chain mail and a large cloak. His bovine head bears a pair of long ivory horns that extend nearly two feet to each side. He generally carries a large walking stick with a thick, knobbly end and a large backpack.

Ferdinand’s equipment consists of a shirt of chain mail, custom-made to fit his size, his cloak, his knobbly walking stick, his backpack, and his notebook.

His cloak is the first item that is more than it seems. The cloak itself is enchanted, though only very lightly. When the wearer of the cloak draws it tight around himself, he is immune to the effects of harsh weather of all sorts. Rain, snow, sleet, arctic winds, sandstorms, they all simply ignore the wearer. In addition, it continually repairs and cleans itself.

The second item that is more than it seems is his walking stick. Though he doesn’t particularly enjoy violence, there are times when his journey brings him into conflict with the various beasts and monsters of the land. The iron core of his stick allows him to pack a little more punch when it comes down to those unfortunate circumstances. It too, is lightly enchanted, and he may use it to avoid the situations required to use it. By holding it in front of him and concentrating, it emits a calming aura that can quell the tempers of man and beast.

Finally, his backpack. This large bag is covered with pockets and pouches. And while it is a rather large bag, it’s even larger than it appears. The inside of the bag is larger than the outside, and it is enchanted so that even if one were to store the entire hoard of a dragon inside it, you could always open it to find the desired item on top of it.

The final item is his notebook. This book is a huge, leather-bound tome, filled with blank pages. Ferdinand’s pen is enchanted as well, able to change colors of ink with a though.  Ferdinand fills his tome with the findings of his journey, sketches of monsters, maps of foreign lands, pressed exotic flowers and plants.

Ferdinand is surprisingly calm and peaceful for a minotaur. He loves to explore and he has a particular interest in observing exotic flora and fauna. He has a deep and abiding fascination with the natural word, and never misses an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers.

Ferdinand was born to a relatively small minotaur tribe, one without much power. His tribe was the weakest of the minotaurs in the region. They lacked both physical and magical power, and weren’t charismatic or particularly manipulative. The one advantage that allowed them to survive was their intelligence. They learned the ways of the monsters of the tunnels and their enemies, exploiting this knowledge to their own advantage. They had a long tradition of passing down their knowledge to the younger generations.

Ferdinand was quite unusual for the tribe of small, physically weak minotaurs in that he grew fast and he grew huge, much bigger than all his peers, and even bigger than most of the adults. The other part that was unusual is that while all the other young bulls would lock horns and constantly squabble, Ferdinand was calm and peaceful. He almost never fought the other bulls, though when he finally did fight it ended rather quickly. Consequently, most of his peers simply left him alone. He seemed to have no interest in learning how to fight or hunt, and spent a lot of time wandering off into the  tunnels, exploring them eagerly.

Eventually, Ferdinand was wandering the tunnels as usual, when he smelled something interesting. Following his nose led him through one tunnel after another until, eventually, he emerged from the cave into the surface world. Blinking in the sudden brightness, once his vision cleared, he found himself in a world full of light and color and all sorts of interesting plants and animals he’d never even imagined! It was like a kid in a candy store as he wandered further and further from the cave mouth, awash in the new and fascinating things.

It was in this state the slavers found him. More specifically, they found him as he discovered that a beehive was not something to play with. So, when the slavers found a massively built minotaur flailing about in a rage, they immediately though he would be perfect material for the coliseum. They quickly netted and bound him, knocked him unconscious, and dragged him off to the arena. When it came time for his fight however, Ferdinand still had no idea what was going on. He simply picked up one of the flowers the crowd had thrown down to the ring and sat against the wall sniffing it. One of the gladiators in the ring, a half giant, tried to figure out what he was doing. When he explained it to the arena chiefs, they kicked Ferdinand out. Nobody would pay to see a flower-sniffing minotaur. He was no fun to watch get murdered, he wouldn’t fight, and he cost too much to feed.

Ferdinand, once again freed on the surface of this fascinating planet, set about exploring as he was wont to do. Learning now that life on the surface of the planet was expensive and he had nothing to sell, he seemed to have his a stumbling block. But when a mapmaker passed him on the street sketching tunnels and offered him a tidy sum to come and draw a map of the tunnels where he was raised, it seemed he figured out his task. And so, he began selling his services to mapmakers and schools. He became an explorer, traveling to distant lands to map them and learn all about the native life there.

And that is the life he has lived for the past 20 years. Ferdinand is no longer a young bull, but he still bears his characteristic size and strength as he travels through the land.


Ferdinand’s ultimate desire is discovery. He hopes to one day map the entire world and teach others all the incredible thing he’s learned.


Ferdinand’s main fear is that he won’t be able to pass on his knowledge. He’s not afraid of monsters or hazards, and shows an almost foolish bravery. He’s walked right past bears because he saw a rare herb nearby and didn’t notice the animal.

Ferdinand’s secret is the one place he can’t find. He’s never been able to find the entrance he emerged from in the first place, or the caves he used to call home.

#6 Mad Daxta

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Quisling.  No other nomenclature suffices in reference to my former colleague of the sinister sobriquet, Mad Daxta!  Only the most base among us sour gifts for the general betterment by twisting them to tools for the satisfaction of desires best obscured in minds tranquilized in jailed cellars.  Surely you are familiar with the street lore accompanying this name, but, hear these words:  the reality of Daxta’s firmament in dark history is yet to be discovered except by we who faced him.  The power of rail transport we employ loosed the ego-wrought chains on this beast’s hunger for children.  Realization of abduction undetected empowered him to ACT!  And he did.  Granted free reign and sanctuary by the enemy, Mad Daxta rampaged, privileges all received in barter for intelligence on our methods, our roster and our base of operations.  The turncoat led point on the ambush of Grand Central, our extra-dimensional staging area, and he murdered his share of us and the Flagman as well.  With the enemy now returned, I sense that it was Daxta unleashed them again, and so I go now to seek him.  And to annihilate him.

#6 Chane

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Another character from my “seedseekers” story, it’s a challenging story of sorts where villains turn good when they discover that the world is not particularly evil, its just been corrupt when their ancestors made it that way.  Chane is the strongest and studious, he can help more than hinder although he doesnt lack too much in the brain dept.

#7 The Viceroy

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Super villain time. I was having brunch with my wife and friend on Halloween and we went to our usual spot: The Viceroy on 18th Street & 8th Ave here in NYC. While there, I wondered what a viceroy was and when I looked it up, I found the makings of what I hope will be a great villain.

Concept: A viceroy is a high ranking official that governs in the king’s place. This one (Miguel Morales-Rojo), however, has no king and the power has gone to his head. He isn’t time displaced…just a little crazy (think an evil Don Quixote crossed with the Batman rogue, the Cavalier). I envision him having a ship that is part scooner, part TARDIS (that should spark your imagination).

Design: I knew I wanted someone that had a regal look, and that piece reminded me of the Spanish Armada, which was also the thinking behind the colors. The character is modern, but I wanted the character to have an air of “privateer” about him. Those pants are killer. And the wolf also seems appropriate for some reason. You can’t tell, but he has gray hair under that hood.

A week’s worth of characters in the can.  Let’s see if I can keep that pace.

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#6 Zed Hunter

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“Now I lay me down to sleep. Zombies out side do slowly creep. If they come before I wake. Two shots not one you promise to make.” – Zed Hunter’s Prayer

I hunt them during the day, shamblers, bastards of the reaper. I hunt zombies.

Sure it aint’ the safest job, but what the hell do you expect me to do? Shad’up that’s one of ’em questions you don’t answer. A man’s got to make a living and why shouldn’t he enjoy his job? Boy you just don’t know how to keep quiet do you? In our line of work it pays not to get noticed. Sure I got some broken fingers and one chomper manged to bust my nose, but you should have seen his head explode when I was done. No reason to feel bad for these rotting bags, don’t forget they’ll eat you without thought.

Sure those crazy bastards in New York have their Game. Sick corporate #@$% profiting on putting more people at risk, the worse is when they turn those competing in the game into star zombies themselves if they fail. Son of bitch, all of them. Don’t get me started about that non-sense to the west. Some crazy bitch living among the dead without worry. That is non-sense and no way anyone could do it.

Zed is dead baby!

And zombie hunters, do it in the head.

#6 – The Falconer

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Sick. Too sick to think about backstory. Will edit later, when the sickness has left. Blargh…

Chad Welch, Day 5: Iaido, The Swordsmith

| November 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

Iaido Kaishin was once a great warrior and general, commanding the armies of the grandfather of Count Braeden Graves. After seeing years and years of bloodshed, the aging warrior retired into artistry, weaving beautiful works of metallurgy art into being.

This happy existence continued until Luna’s Fall, the day one of Nokimia’s moons tore itself apart, raining down an epidemic of lycanthropy in the eastern lands. It was a time of great unrest for the region, and a time of sorrow as Aron Kur, an escaped Lunatic infected with the lycanthropic condition, murdered Iaido’s only daughter.

The metalsmith, fueled by his sorrow and rage, discovered a way to control and work with the mystical ore that came from the heavens. With this process, the Swordsmith was able to reverse the effects of the ore…it would cause the lycanthrope to shift back to their normal form, thus loosing all of their unholy strength and ferocity. Iaido refined the metal and folded it several times into many swords of wondrous power, and became known as the most ruthless and savage werewolf hunter in the land.

One prey in particular still escapes his grasp: Aron Kur, the Lunatic, whom now resides with The Shepherd and the Pallor Knights at Tartarus.

Notes: I was going to step away from the world of Nokima and try something different, but this guy popped into my head, and I just couldn’t resist taking a crack at it. My girlfriend ordered me a great book called “The Skillful Huntsman,” a recommendation from Chris Oatley, a conceptual designer for Disney Toon studios, and I can’t stop looking at it. I actually used some of the techniques in the book to pull this one out. I highly recommend the book to anyone interested in world building and conceptual design.

#3 Experiment 1037

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Finally got around to completing more characters!! Oh man, I feel so behind now @_@

Anyway, continuing with more Point Blank (PB) concept sketches~
This has been one I’ve been wanting to draw out for a while but was too afraid because it’s not something I usually draw… I’m pretty darn happy with the end result, though! Never underestimate yourself—that’s the lesson to be taught here 😉

The bar code is something every experiment has on their right wrist. Couldn’t see it on this one because he’s not facing us >_< It's a way to identify and catalog them.

I'm going to be pretty vague with this one: In PB, there is a civil war that's beginning to break loose. Experiments like these are the cause. The organization is making these in hopes of achieving beings that are equal to the Immortals and use them against their enemies… however, they also want to increase many attributes to make super beings capable of wiping out many.

Mostly they can achieve the increased attributes, but not the immortal/invisibility part… In fact, they are far from it. Most of the experiments are failures and die off early or become to weak to function properly. This is one of the few experiments that was considered a "successes…"

#6 Neklara

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I received a nice critique on my previous entry and took it to heart. From now on I’m going to try my best to correct one of my bad drawing habits and not make every single character you see from me absurdly tall and lanky. I may or may not succeed. Wish me luck.

For more about Teyra, click here!

#5 The Host

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The Host of Hold, or more commonly known as the Northern Host, is more a force of nature than a fighting army. The Host of a dominance is considered to be the most destructive force in the realm and when wars are called for, The Host answers. When two Hosts meet in battle nothing is safe from the malevolence. Faerie wars are few due to the fact that so few Fae leave the battle-field, and then, only the winners of a skirmish. Fae are typically more ruthless than the High Folk and obey without question, their commander in chief.

Typically Hosts are commanded by chariot-driven High Folk, with the majority of the knights, spearmen, archers and bombadiers being Fae.

Made up entirely of Fae, The Northern Host, is currently commanded by Lord Gorn Dance. He is one of the most feared Fae in the known realm. It is a Host that has been growing since the fall of Ruel and the loss of the previous Host. Princess Lorne herself has been instrumental in the rejuvenation of the army, sending her whisperer Chondra Flicker to surrounding lands to gather Fae on the outskirts of surrounding dominances. It is rumoured Princess Lorne suspects a war on the horizon.

#6 Sun Wu-Kong II

| November 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

Deanna Lim was the daughter of a Chinese father and an American mother.  Although she was raised in the United States (upstate New York, to be exact), she went on trips to Asia with her family.  Her father’s efforts to teach her more about her Chinese heritage led to Deanna eventually studying Chinese history and literature as a graduate student at NYU.

While traveling through China on a research trip, Deanna felt a strange the need to investigate a cave located near an ancient monument.  While inside the cave, she discovered several artifacts under a large stone.  A spectral figure then appeared in front of her, telling Deanna that she had found the staff and headband of the legendary figure Sun Wu-Kong…and Deanna realized that the tale of “Journey to the West” was in fact based on an true historical figure!  Taking up the headband and staff, and also mounting a flying platform found in the cave, Deanna becomes the new Sun Wu-Kong.  Following the guidance of the spirit from the cave, Deanna begins her own journey of enlightenment!

(Dedicated to the memory of Satoshi Kon)

#6 Exhumator

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The Exhumator was a gravedigger by trade until he lost his hand in a terrible accident.

His wound healed well, but his bosses told him he had to be back to work within two weeks or he would lose his job. There wasn’t time for him to order a prosthetic hand, so he broke a shovel in half and duct taped it to his stump.

Exhumator not only puts bodies in the ground, but for the right price, will dig them back up too.

If you enjoyed this character, feel free to check out my others here or check out my webcomic Jimmy and the Hammer.

#3 Ghoul Boy

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Ghoul Boy is an amorphous Imp/Obnoxious Spirit that runs around annoying the other monsters, they try to shrug him off, which only makes him more determined to hang around with them, and learn their ways of Monstering. This character is based on a Halloween costume I cobbled together from a Skeleton Mask, a Black Balaclava, a cape and no, not my skinless bare muscled body, for a Halloween party when I was about 7 or 8? My original costume included a thin black jumper, and thin Black jeans. I think this re-design looks a bit more freaky or edgy, as Ghoul Boy can will his body to morph from skeleton to human-like shapes. I’ll upload the Photo if I can find it again.

#5 Cancer Fish

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Like Hedonismbot, if Hedonismbot were a fish mobster.Jimmy Phishetti  is a local mob boss. His leadership of the family is undisputed due to his supernatural powers.

He has the ability to cure cancer patients, such as Heartstrings, absorbing the cancer cells into his own body. Depending on how much cancer he has recently consumed, he has the potential to be many times stronger than a normal human being, and is nearly unkillable.

Unfortunately some of the side effects of having that much cancer in his body have not been so beneficial. He has developed gills on his neck, and if he does not submerge himself at least once a day, he will die.

He uses his curative skills to draft soldiers into his army, offering them a clean bill of health in exchange for 5 years of devoted service.

Truth told, I came up with the Cancer Fish idea completely by accident. I was playing City of Heroes and decided to make a villain character based on this character from my webcomic, Jimmy and the Hammer. Unfortunately, the name I wanted (revealed here, spoilers!) was taken, the costume looked almost entirely different than the original (pretty much a generic read suit with fish fins on the wrists) and he inexplicably had radioactive powers. Thus I named him Cancer Fish instead, and the rest grew with time.

#6 – Skek Ru

| November 6, 2010 | 2 Comments

Skek Ru is a Hako. He lives in a mountain valley far below the land of the Shib.

The Hakos live under frequent assault from both the spirit world and the truly immense, powerful creatures of the Under Forest. To adapt to such conditions, the Hako society developed an elite warrior class: The Hako Fist.

Born to a family of Hako Circle Tenders, Skek Ru was raised to farm, fish, and support the village as a laborer. It wasn’t until his late teens, while
studying part time to be an artisan when Skek Ru discovered his talent in battle. Dozens of Mud-Bone fiends attacked the village while the Hako Fist were at the far edge of the valley on a dangerous mission. Skek Ru’s desire to defend his home exceeded his fear which gave him focus to improvise defenses for the village. Beyond these tricks and traps, Skek Ru had to face many Mud-Bones with his bare claws and tail. He saved the village that day and as a reward, Skek Ru was made a member of the Hako Fist.

Now highly accomplished in battle, Skek Ru still has no rank within the Hako Fist. The ranking warriors of the Hako Fist disapprove of what they consider Skek’s wild and undisciplined ways in conflict. Out of conflict, Instead of seeking to test his strength among the Hako Fist, Skek Ru celebrates each living evening with the artisans and other non-warrior Hako. As insulting as such actions are to the ranking Hako Fist warriors, Skek Ru’s astonishing skill is so evident, it keeps him from being expelled from the Hako Fist.

Sent on a fools quest, Skek Ru is told to find the source of why the valley is under near constant assault. To the ranking warriors horror – Skek finds it. At the bottom of the valley’s deep lake there’s a living, glowing Shib Tree of the Great Forest. It emanates such an intense power and strange magics, creatures and spirits wish to feed from it or to kill it. Is this the Shib elders way of keeping trouble away from their precious Great Forest? Could it all this strife be their doing?

Skek Ru can’t sit idly with such questions – certainly not when he knows the Shib have the answers. Skek Ru sets out to face the dangerous spirits and creatures of the Under Forest, the Great Forest, and the treacherous Shib.

#6 *Somnia*

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Today only  a pencil drawing because I’m still unsure  about the colors.

Okay, this is *Somnia*, another admin of my story, just like crowN. Somnia travels as a fortune-teller through the game, testing the other players from time to time by asking for small favors. If the players act appropiate *Somnia* has the power to forfill one wish of them like upgrades, pets and so on. But if not *Somnia* can become a real nightmare (by the way her name means “reverie/dream”).

Because Somnia’s eyes are closed most of the time many think she is blind an do not take her seriously. She only open her eyes while being very happy or very angry.

Her admin headdress represents the so called “third-eye” and can change it’s color due to Somnia’s emotions. Her  moon accessoieres  show her connection to magic.

Unlike crowN she is not able to transform into an animal but her skin is white as his.

The user of *Somnia* is a friend of Martina but doesn’t tell her because the last admin who did tell his real name soon had a lot of problems with gamers who wanted to influence him.

As allrady said I’m not sure about Somnia’s colors yet. I will need some time to try out.

See you tomorrow

Sir Thomas Godfrey Arundale, Admiral of the Fleet

| November 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

In the 85th century, Sir Thomas Godfrey Arundale is Admiral of the Fleet in the Solar Republic. When trouble comes knocking on the door of this conglomerate of disparate states of humanity, he’s the cyborg who answers – and you’d better be ready for a swift kick up the proverbial backside. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

Dave Wetherby

| November 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

Dave Wetherby is nearing retirement. After decades of service to the State, he has uncovered a plot of epic proportions to defraud the country of billions of pounds in tax revenue each year. What’s more, he has discovered where this money is going: it is being siphoned off into hell! Can Dave bring this news to the attention of his bosses in time?

The Amazing Charles Heather and his Dumbodella

| November 6, 2010 | 0 Comments

70’s rock fan Charles Heather has always wanted to see the world. The only problem is, while he’s amazing clever he’s also amazingly poor. Never one to let that stop him, Charles decided he would invent his own way of touring the globe.

Enter: the Dumbodella. It’s part elephant, part umbrella and all-weather touring vehicle!

Quacky Ducky

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In the land of the criminally dumbass, the duck who applies for the job is Sheriff. Welcome to the world of Quackard Duckson, aka Quacky Ducky.

Duckson is the Sheriff of Miniesville, a crime-ridden hovel that even lowlife scum who rob grannies for their hairnets would turn their noses up at. It’s a hive of ultrascum and Duckson is one of two cops who have to clean up the town.

The only problem is, only his partner, Robert Monk (aka Rubber Monkey) can understand anything he says. To everyone else, he’s simply Unintelligible.

Garth Sturgeon, Brain Surgeon

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Don't try this at home

He operated on his own brain! Garth Sturgeon was world famous for operating on six people at once and playing a video of his exploits live on YouTube. This is also the reason he was struck off the medical register.

Using a set of scalpels attached to a complex marionette, he was able to perform the world’s first double lobe bypass while beatboxing to his famourite 80’s power rap tracks.

Now he has far too much time on his hands and tries to fill it by experimenting on himself. He hopes to develop super powers but all he’s succeeded in so far is making himself feel a bit sick.