#6 – Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump

| November 6, 2010 | 3 Comments

Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Creature Creator: Michelle Patterson

Lenny the Lump is what you would call “Lackadaisical” for lack of a better term. Lenny comes from a long line of lumps, his Great Grandfather was a Lump of Coal, his Grandfather is a Lump on a Log, his father, the Lump in your Throat and his mother, well she is the ever popular Lumpia (very popular in Indonesia and the Philippines). What this means to him, absolutely nothing at all.

Lenny is comprised of all things naturally sedentary, basically you wouldn’t even know he was there if he didn’t stand up and move position to catch the suns rays every once in a while. He would appear as if he were a culmination of log, stone, mud, leaf and moss, you can’t forget his moss. Moss is his most appealing asset; it’s basically the only thing that is active when it comes to Lenny; Lenny the Lackadaisical Lump.

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  1. Bob Learned says:

    I think I met his cousin, Man-thing…and His uncle Swamp Thing at a bog once. They told me they didn’t know what to do with Lenny… They were concern he may have a drug problem or a chemical imbalance…

    Just thought you may want to know, we are thinking about you Lenny in your time of need!

  2. jason Week says:

    Gorgeous inks. Subject material aside, it really reminds me of the stuff Bissette does. Wonderfully organic!

  3. saulone says:

    How does this have only two comments!? This is a brilliant character. The artwork, and the bio. I wish I could favorite this…in fact I’m going to install some things on the backend so we can like/fav characters… Keep up the braille work!

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