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#10 Siebzehn

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Loopy Keyboardist for a punky sort of superpowered rock group that kind of exude a weird kind of mod/baader meinhof kind of thing. You’ll see more of them shortly.

Siebzehn is wacked. She believes she is haunted. She innocuously calls them “Dots,” but believes them to be a pack of poltergeists. Tiny orbs of light that streak about her person. They knock things over & make things happen. She can sometime get them to do her bidding. What she doesn’t know is that these “Dots” are in fact, not ghosts or spirits, but the manifestation of her own latent telekinesis abilities.

Kind of catching up but not really. I think if I get enough free time, I might be able to wrap it up with the kind of quality I want to. This one isn’t quite there. I did however go back & color some of the others I’ve already done. Check ’em out if you get a chance!

#16 Marla Triphorne

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#The Mármaro Men

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The Mármaro men were an elite and vicious group of Greek Soldiers from ancient times. Inspired by the magnificent marble structures of the time, this group of men chose to strengthen themselves to wear marble masks when entering warfare. While not necessarily the most functional of helmets, it mattered not for they had such wonderfully trained horses and had honed their sense of hearing to such a degree that they were virtually unhindered. That and they were primarily used during the initial charge so as to terrorize the opponent. Enemy’s became convinced of these soldier’s supernatural powers to fight without vision, which only strengthened their mythology and effectiveness in battle. Over time they began to fade out and the art was lost but these masks still remained as a big part of the culture’s tradition until the 3rd century BC.

#15 Karalún Sanjori

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Karalún Sanjori

The plot thickens!

This character had a predecessor I drew a few times back in high school, but since I figured I would never get around to finishing the story she was in at the time, I incorporated some of its background ideas into Race and edited her history and personality accordingly.  I also wound up giving her a shirt that looks eerily similar to one of my own, for some weird reason.  I kept imagining her in it.

Race info can be found here.

#16 – Psaluman

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PSALUMAN – A wandering shaman/warrior wyrm.

#4 Dr. Lucious Strom

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#16 The Sponge Worm

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Native to the first moon of Abrasax, the Sponge Worm is the ultimate desert survivor. The sponge-like structure at the top of it’s head absorbs any moisture while the worm rests in the early morning and at dusk, while it’s disarmingly goofy appearance allows it to get close enough to its human prey to strike with it skin-flayingly sharp teeth.

This particular worm is at the end of it’s life cycle, shedding the young that have been slowly eating away at it’s insides for the last century.

#16 – Beatrix

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Day 16 - Beatrix

Beatrix the Landlord

Beatrix is the landlord of the apartment complex that the girls live in.  She is also the mother of Angela, who she loves but often doesn’t have time for.  She is thankful her daughter spends so much time with the girls, so that she can work on her business.  She is short temper and single minded, refusing to let other people’s needs interfere with her own.  She doesn’t seem like a nice person but in truth she is just over worked and tired most of the time.

#13 Zakiti

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Good and evil? Reality is grey. For us there is only the color of our flame.

#14 Tsarina

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Tsarina is a former Soviet women’s weightlifting champion, she underwent a government experiment to make her a super soldier. But the Soviet Union crumbled shortly after. She now fights to try to restore her country to greatness.

#13 The Ghost Ninja

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I’m a few days behind cause I’ve been sick but I’m gonna try to post all the ones I have done already. This is the Ghost Ninja, he has intangibility and deception powers. And I really dig the “G” design I put on the costume.

#8 Ormus The Patient

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Not all is doom and gloom as the Blue Fire falls.

Deep within the Queronn’s glistening clear waters, a swift change of power has occured. Corrupt forces have aquiesced to reason and justice, and Ormus, the ancient and sorcerous keeper of Queronn’s fallen lore, has succeeded in making a bid for control of the waves from the stubborn but politically weakened Titans that once held it. This shift will have consequences as far reaching as the tides, and will not go unchallenged…

#15 Waldgeist

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This little guy is one of many tiny spirits that live in many of the older forests around the world, but primarily are found in and around Germany . While not as impressive or dramatic as your typical dryad or ent, these guys end up doing most of the behind the scenes work to keep things going smoothly in the forest. As with many tiny spirits such as this, most people don’t believe in their existence, and why should they? Waldgeists have centuries upon centuries of experience avoiding being seen as their primary focus is to do their business while drawing as little attention to themselves as possible. That and they possess the abilty to blend with almost any species of tree. Oh, and they stand only about 6 inches tall.

#14 Reina

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Reina is a part of Dillan’s wolf pack as well. She’s a usually bright happy taur. (Despite how she looks in the picture.) She enjoys collecting flowers and occasional pretty things she finds, in her free time. She is Dillan’s best friend and every so often finds him things for his hobby, of jewelry making. Her job in the pack is to find berries, for paint, and weave flower wreaths for pack celebrations.

10. Skelly (fUndead!)

Fundead! Three undead dudes who know how to have a good time! They’re afterlife of the party.

Skelly is a sweet skeleton who knows how to have a good time.  Alas, she’s got no figure, and people usually take her for one of the guys.

She’s a good dancer, a great listener, and has a great sense of humor. She’s outgoing, and perhaps the most sensible and reliable of the gang– except that she’s a lightweight when it comes to the drink.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Adrián Dórame. A Black Label Comics production.

#16 – Jack Lumber

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This little dude spends his time avoiding axes, chainsaws and beaver teeth in Northern Quebec. Stay jolly my dear French wooden friend.

#16 Medical Officer Ana Bastion

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Ana Bastion is the highest ranking medical officer working the swing shift in sick bay. A 30 year veteran of the medical field, she’s seen it all, but she doesn’t come off as jaded (much). Instead, she has a warm sense of humor that helps her patients along in their healing.

For those of you wondering, yes, this character is very heavily inspired by my mom. She’s earned her stripes, trust me.

#9 Ann Abbott

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19 year old Ann Abbott is a second year student at uPAST majoring in Biology.  Last semester she applied for the covet position as the Assistant to Rebecca Hannes in the Solar Lab. Thanks to her abounding enthusiasm and a 55 page paper on the effects of the Solar Cycle on the life span of the Amazonian Bot Fly she got the position.  She’s a great student, a dedicated scientist and energetic presence in the lab.

Ann hopes to one day obtain her PhD and be hired on as a staff scientist in the Solar Labs at uPAST researching how the Sun helped shape the building blocks of life on Earth.

#9. Murray (fUndead!)

Fundead! Three undead dudes who know how to have a good time! They’re afterlife of the party.

Murray is a Mummy. He’s quiet and awkward, and his mates always have to drag him out to the party and help him find a girl to chat up. He likes diet cola.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Adrián Dórame. A Black Label Comicsproduction.

Day# 12 – Thaddeursus

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#12 Thaddeursus, for Wheeler'e Orbits by Jande Rowe

#12 Thaddeursus, for Wheeler'e Orbits by Jande Rowe

Ah, Thaddeursus! Do bears walk in the woods? He doesn’t know because he really isn’t a bear, you see. He’s an Adnirovjyna from one of the Inner Galaxies, known on Terra One as Cassiopeia, but by the indigenous sentients, as Adnirovjyn. One would normally expect to see fulsome Greek goddesses and other females cavorting on the planet Adnirovjyn in the constellation of Cassiopeia, but no. Perversely, peaceful squat furry bear-like humanoids evolved there instead.

Peaceful being the key description of these beings, they will do almost anything to keep things tranquil, and therefore are high strung and nervous most of the time, worrying about whether their actions or the actions of others are going to disturb anyone’s peace.

Thaddeursus, who prefers to be called Thadd, in case it upsets anyone to have to pronounce his full name, is typical of his species with one exception: he was the unfortunate victim of an accident that changed not only his own life and lifestyle, but those of many of his acquaintances in the small village of Cleoptas Woods, as well. This of course does nothing to reduce the agitation he normally feels. In fact it somewhat increases it. But the whole thing is so inherently fascinating that he can’t help himself.

Of course, since all Adnirovjyna have to restrain their overweening curiosity in order to maintain a civilized society, he grew up knowing that it is very wrong to spy on others even if they have very little fur, are tall and thin and strangely coloured. After all, they have two arms, two legs, walk upright and use tools and language (if mostly unintelligible), as well as drink frothy amber liquids and eat highly spiced foods like any normal sentient being. One of them is almost the same shape as an Adnirovjyna, though the other’s shape resembles the more vine-like Sqorthk (a food animal that spends part of its life cycle as a vegetable, during which it is harvested by the Adnirovjyna, who are predominantly vegetarian, but, you know, accidents happen!)

Adnirovjyna tend to be modest, retiring people to whom privacy is paramount, which also increases the tensions caused by their native curiosity. So when Thadd suddenly became somewhat famous by being the first to contact an alien race (though truth be told, they had contacted him by landing their rustbucket of a ship-shuttle in his dreak-pond!) he was since embarrased constantly by the recurrence of the breaking of the twin taboos of notoriety and overzealous curiosity. It was enough to give him  a slight twitch.

But to his shame, his own curiosity was in full roar. These beings did the strangest things, drawing the eyes and ears of all to them, almost as if they relished the attention. But they did have interesting items to trade and that was what had given Thadd all this uncomfortable fame. Oh well, he thought, I guess I shall simply have to grin and bear it until they leave again and things can go back to normal.

But, will they? One whirlwind visit from Wheeler and Ikey could change a whole stable sentient species forever, doncha think?

#16-18; Necros and the Supernauts

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From Bottom up: Necros-Creator of all things tech that the Supernauts utilize.  He combines steam powered energy with magic to make things operate.  The world that the Supernauts live in is all steam powered.  Necros amped up his game by adding magic to it.  He’s a brilliant man who is shrouded in sadness as he misses his late brother; Emilies Father, Ambrose. Necros is a saddened individual but dearly loves Emilie and would stop at nothing to protect her.

Emilie. The center of Necros’ world and his Niece. She was only one year old when her Mother and Father were murdered by Necros’ 3rd brother; Obadiah.  Obadiah wanted the inate powers he sensed in Emilie for himself. As he was preparing a ritual to kill Emilie and drain those energies to him, Ambrose saved Emilie in the nick of time but was mortally wounded by one of Obadiahs henchmen.  Having some abilities of his own, Ambrose teleported away with Emilie.  Before he died, Ambrose gave Emilie to Necros to watch over her.  To this day, Necros monitors Emilies capabilities and helps her use them to one day defeat her evil Uncle; Obadiah. Emilie is a playful and quick witted girl who loves to dress as her favorite fictional character, Han Solo. Hence the fake blaster depicted here.

Cassius. Created by Necros as a guardian for Emilie, Necros, whether he knew it or not, made Cassius’ personality to be almost exactly like that of his late Brother Ambrose.  Necros Created Cassius out of metal and magic and is forever tinkering on him.  Cassius has developed many of his own quirks (through magic or other means, Necros has no idea).  Among them, he fancies watching old movies with Emilie among his favorite past times.

#16 Gabe

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Gabe is my main character for webcomic series I trying works on it and hopefully gets up going somewhere early 2011….

#16 Untiltled

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#8 Rebecca Hannes, PhD

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Rebecca Hannes, PhD, a tenured professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology (known as uPAST) is known for her research into the effects of different types of astral and solar radiations on the cellular and molecular structures. Mrs. Hannes and her husband, Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD, run the Solar Lab and plan to have the first working prototype of their energy converter ready to debut within the year.  Hopes are high that a fully functional machine can be in place before the decade is out which could potentially provide an endless amount of free energy to the entire United States.  It’s Rebecca’s job to ensure that the energy and radiation collected by the conversion machine will now do any harm to anyone.

About a year ago the Hannes adopted a young, adventurous boy named Billy Franks who had been orphaned during the Portsburg blizzard of 1984. Rebecca and Billy have become very close with and, while she allows him plenty of room to explore and learn…she’s highly projective of the boy.

#16 Wigwart

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There is a city beneath the city, a city made up of things.  Wigwart is one of those things.  Nothing comes or goes in the city without him knowing about it, and if he doesn’t get his cut then there’s bound to be trouble.

#15 Blade

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Blade, he is most wanted by US Marshall and his mind messed up short after return Irag war.

#19 Tex Leonis

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Another animal humanoid hybrid. I was watching The Good, The Bad and The Ugly a few days ago, when, for some reason, inexplicably, this is what my mind wanted to see; a cowboy lion (or, a “clion” as my wife likes to call him).

Concept: Tex, a feline humanoid, “fell to Earth” in the 1800’s in the West, where he was raised by a Native American tribe. When he came of age, he set out to right wrongs, and joined the “white man’s world.” After a lot of gun duels and dealing with prejudice, he was eventually accepted and named Sheriff of Kappa City where he came across the outlaw hero, the Black Cobra.

Design: Other than the exclusion of a sheriff’s star, do you need any more explanation than this pic?

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#14 Heather

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#14 Man-Cat

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Man-Cat is yet another addition to the Zoo Krew Krushers. No one knows how Man-Cat came to be, or why he joined the ZKK. Ironically, he’s the most skilled and confident member of the team. Some suspect he’s harboring a secret agenda.

#13 Whozzit

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Whozzit is a very random character. I basically saw this face in a windshield wiper pattern when I was driving a few days ago, and thought it looked like an alien life form.

#16 Starlight

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a tribute to dave cockrum