#8 Rebecca Hannes, PhD

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Rebecca Hannes, PhD, a tenured professor of Molecular Biology and Genetics at the University of Portsburg Academy of Science and Technology (known as uPAST) is known for her research into the effects of different types of astral and solar radiations on the cellular and molecular structures. Mrs. Hannes and her husband, Dr. Henric Hannes, PhD, run the Solar Lab and plan to have the first working prototype of their energy converter ready to debut within the year.  Hopes are high that a fully functional machine can be in place before the decade is out which could potentially provide an endless amount of free energy to the entire United States.  It’s Rebecca’s job to ensure that the energy and radiation collected by the conversion machine will now do any harm to anyone.

About a year ago the Hannes adopted a young, adventurous boy named Billy Franks who had been orphaned during the Portsburg blizzard of 1984. Rebecca and Billy have become very close with and, while she allows him plenty of room to explore and learn…she’s highly projective of the boy.

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