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#25 Evalco

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He is the immovable force.

#25 Cyrus

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Faceless forms down nameless a street

The lost left whispering below our feet

No one cares to notice or try

No one cares to ask them why

Cyrus found a paper trampled on, it looked like one of those “have you seen my dog” posters you find on empty light poles. This one though, all crude and crayon, read “Have you seen my murderer?”

Now Cyrus finds he can’t elude the question and deep inside he feels driven to discover the mystery.

#25 Nyarokhu ra’Sennari

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Nyarokhu ra'Sennari

I ran out of room to write it on the image, but he’s a junior at NDU with a major in Mathematics.

I do hope I haven’t gotten in over my head here.  There shouldn’t be any problem writing Fyorra’s reactions to Nyarokhu, since she and I have similar prudish personalities.  Writing for Nyarokhu and his group, though, is going to be hard to do realistically and without offending anyone.  Maybe I should start hanging out with more people at my own school…

Fellow math tutor Fyorra’s page is here, and general Race info is here.

#24 CL-C 01 “C-One” Vargas

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C-One Vargas

A question I’ve long wondered about: if animals were more sentient like us, how would they feel about being bred?  It’s a concept I’ve explored a bit in (unpublished) writing before.

His friend is A-Two.  To compare to an immature male Biot, you may want to look at Ash.  And as usual, basic Race info is here.

#25 Ghost Fish

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No. 6: Green Bean the Mean

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A character made of my cat. Who acts like a middle-aged boy. And cost me about 200 or more dollars in damage from chewing my electronics’ cords, including my laptop power cord. It must be love. Otherwise he’d be dead right now.

He has green eyes and reminds me very much of the main dragon from “How to Train Your Dragon.”

No. 5: Cafeteria Mysteria

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The Lunch Lady of your dreams. エルエル。

#25 – The Vomit Rocket

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The guy has been fighting supervillains for centuries, but his undefeated streak has put a lot of pressure on him. He has the need to “clear out the system” before every battle. Along side his trusty sidekick, Pepto, The Vomit Rocket has many years of monumental battles ahead of him!

#25; The Golem

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The unliving construct created to keep watch over the mountain fortress behind him, the golem keeps silent watch at all hours.

#11 Mernov The Munficent

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Don’t let his looks fool you, he can carve a mean turkey.

#31 Black Cobra (7)

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I realize I’m technically done, but I had to get the last member of the family up, for closure.

I’m also going to post some other new characters up until the end of the month.

Concept: The Black Cobra/Devon Collis – The modern Age Black Cobra.  Takes over for his mom, who is his mentor.  Pretty much a blank slate here, he’s our “entry character.”  Devon is well educated, just starting college, and looking for freedom.  He’s not opposed to being the Black Cobra, but he would rather have some balance in his life.  He recognizes that this legacy, and his place in it, is not normal, but he also realizes that’s the appeal.  He approaches the role with the same focus as a high school athlete would a game; he can turn it on and off because it’s not his life (he thinks).  While he was literally trained by his mother from the day he began to walk, he’s preoccupied by the other things in his life; Girls, cars (especially his 2007 Shelby GT500 Mustang, aka the “Super Snake” which will also double as his means of transportation in costume*) and his friends.  He’s never bothered with asking his mother about who his father is; his philosophy being that he and his mom have always had each other and never needed anything.

*The 2010 Cobra Jet Mustang is pretty bad ass too.  We might want to switch out the Shelby for this one.

Design: This was the second toughest one, after momma Cobra. The thought was to somehow tie all the different designs together into this last one, and I think I got it. Utility belt, and the boot pouches are a nice touch, I think, for the modern hero (very Nightwing, which would be his direct influence). Overall, I think look at this says, “modern day.”

The snake is just there for decoration.

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#21 Cyanide

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That girl is poison (Poison poison)
Never trust a big butt and smile

– Bel Biv Devoe

#17 Amber X, Marine Scout

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Even Amber isn’t sure what her last name is. When she was given the choice of incarceration or service in the colonial marines, she chose the later, having spent her formative years in and out of mental institutions (only slightly better than prison).

Amber is the loner of the Vega 7 platoon, headed by Gavin Laurent, something ideal for her role as scout. Often spending long stretches of time in a solo craft or space-walking, Amber has the tendency to unnerve those around her, for she rarely speaks.

“No question about it, the girl’s batshit crazy. No better scout around, though, and in a fight, my money’s on her nine out of ten times. ” –Gavin Laurent


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Yip, a common thug who can travel through time in a bathtubYip is one third of the Time Freaks; criminals who escaped from a maximum security prison using a makeshift time machine constructed from an old bathtub. After discovering his new ability to travel through time on a series of wacky capers, Yip decided it was a good idea to take on a new “space name”.

#20 Master Mage

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#25- A baby podling

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#25 PJ Jones

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So far this is the only character I’ve created specifically for my webcomic, Billy the Dunce. There may be one more before the challenge is finished, however.

PJ Jones is the student body president of the Goldberg Institute for the Furtherance of Childhood Genius, and generally excels in matters of Politics and History. He has risen to such a high position among an incredibly competitive and gifted student population through his charismatic demeanor and, some would say – manipulative abilities. It’s hard to pin down any specific details about his personality or life, because PJ is a master of the null statement. In other words, he can speak limitlessly without ever saying anything of substance.

PJ will most like grow up to be President, Dictator, or a Celebrity. Maybe all three.

turkey taffy

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#5 First Mate Appleby

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The first mate of the Squidbeard Pirates’ Airbourne Division is almost as foul-tempered as her captain. Almost. Which is why he’s the captain and she isn’t.

Appleby can easily hold her own in a fight with even the surliest of pirates, as she is quite skilled with broadswords and scimitars, despite her small frame. She absolutely adores riches and jewels, and insists on all of her clothes made out of the finest silks and cloths the pirates have lifted from all the exotic ports they’ve landed. She gets first pick among the jewels and fabrics because if she doesn’t she’ll cut you down like the filthy green sea pig you is. *spit*

#4 Captain Squidbeard

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Captain Squidbeard is one of the most feared, most hated and most wanted pirates of all time. His rotten deeds include such meanness as plunderin’ booty, ransacking, pillaging, scuttling, stealing candy from children, name-calling, tattling, spittin’ in a no-spittin’ zone, not sharing toys during playtime, cursin’ in church and just plain bein’ not very nice at all. With a rap sheet 12 knots long, it means every government in the world has their eyes peeled for this rapscallion. So how’s the world single most wanted criminal going to freely move about the world when even his own mom would turn him in?

Command a fleet of skyships, a-doy.

#25 Brother Gobbler

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not seen too often around this time of year. Part of the MONKies

#25 – The Skull Gang

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The Skull Gang roam the fantastic realm of Wabil working for local kingpins and warlords they can serve as treasure gatherers. The gang consists of Bright Skull Brain – the leader. Sunny the chief marketer, Stormy the brauny one, and Temph – a jack of all trades.

#24 – Captain Sey and Scientist Brad Firebrand

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Sey was dishonorably discharged from the intergalactic forces because she ticked off the wrong fleet commander with her knack for prioritizing minimal casualties which leads her to reinterpret or redefine her mission to accomplish the same goals but in a way she would rather see it done. Brad Firebrand is a pro-level space wrestler that chose to go into a scientific career instead of wrestling since the stunts are so risky and the casualty rate so high. It was a tough decision for him, but once he saw zero-G wrestlers throwing spaceships at one another and what can happen to the loser of those matches – he was fairly certain he should keep his grades up in science to keep his career options open.

Sey and Brad now explore the galaxy for rare and new elements as it’s dangerous enough to be exciting and the pay is fantastic.

#22 – Barb Creston

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Barb Creston is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Barb Creston works with Iscura Tragtomb in the administrative office at Polytechnica. During her breaks she runs to a nearby coffeeshop to enjoy a good book and warm comforting beverage. She’s found this practice relaxes her and keeps her from punching her miserable weasel of a boss Iscura in the face.

#23 – Gene the Ninja Rockstar

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Gene the Ninja Rockstar is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Tribal Knights are the greatest protectors of Musica and all mystical instruments. One of the greatest tribal knights ever also happened to be a ninja named Gene. Gene is an impressive force on stage when he sings and plays guitar in his band. Even more impressive is how he’s always on call to handle any trouble that enters Musica – home of the mystical instruments. During a recent battle, Gene made a mistake and was poisoned by a great and powerful celestial beast. Now he faces the problem of not wanting to admit he should pass down the Tribal Kight mantel which means he’ll have to face the mystical instruments and ask for help.

#21 – Merltu the Sublight Turtle

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Merltu is a turtle who loves bowling more than just about anything. The only thing he loves more than bowling is winning – especially at bowling. The day when Merltu bowled a perfect game for the first time – the king of all turtles granted him a wish. Merltu wanted to wish for something that could better all of society AND his score at bowling. So he wished to be granted sub light speed travel. Now he uses this ability to blink his way down the alley to knockdown all the pins once he’s thrown the bowling ball.

#24 – Tom Fisher

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Tom Fisher is the keyboard player for a band called “Dr Hawthorne’s Crazy House”. He started the band with a guy named Zack Fisher, who turned out to be his great grandson from the future. Zack was sent to the past to start the band and create the circumstances that allowed the Dark Ones to take over the world. Tom does his best to derail Zack’s plans.



#20 – Jenton

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Jenton is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Jenton is one of the first humans to gain knowledge of The Way of Sound and one of the first humans to visit Musica. Jenton is honest, strong willed, yet humble. Other than a tendency to laugh at strange times, the mystical instruments and gholhems favor Jenton above all other human musicians. The feeling was mutual until Jenton discovered some of the darker truths about the connection between mystical instruments and their musicians. That’s when he left Musica, never to return.

#19 – Bert Spiker

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Bert Spiker is a trading card game star getting weary of the spotlight. He’s recently commissioned a new card that should make the card named after him obsolete. The trouble with his plan – Bert will have a difficult time actually stepping down, especially when he finds out the new card is just a cute bunny.

#18 – Tabby Chi-Ome

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Tabby Chi-Ome is a highly sought after assassin and information thief. She’s looking to setup a brand new school to teach all she knows of fighting and thievery. Tabby is having trouble putting together a business plan and often finds herself chatting with clients and soon to be victims to get a better understanding of how to grow her business.

#25 Goobley Gawker

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The Goobley Gawker is an indie wrestler saddled with one of the lamest gimmicks in wrestling history. He gobble gobbles and struts down to the ring, does the Funky Turkey, and then proceeds to bumble around the ring while his opponents usually pummel him into gravy.


Long time wrestling fans will no doubt see this for what it is, which is a parody of an old Survivor Series mascot from the late 80s or early 90s, the Goobledy Gooker. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, Google it. 🙂

I wanted to do a Thanksgiving themed character for today, and this idea came to me that tied into the new thread of characters I’m doing now, starting with “yesterday’s” (quotes since I posted it just minutes before this one) “Joey” character.

So there you have it, a wrestling turkey… now there’s an oxymoron, right, right? lol

Happy Thanksgiving!!!