#25 PJ Jones

| November 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

So far this is the only character I’ve created specifically for my webcomic, Billy the Dunce. There may be one more before the challenge is finished, however.

PJ Jones is the student body president of the Goldberg Institute for the Furtherance of Childhood Genius, and generally excels in matters of Politics and History. He has risen to such a high position among an incredibly competitive and gifted student population through his charismatic demeanor and, some would say – manipulative abilities. It’s hard to pin down any specific details about his personality or life, because PJ is a master of the null statement. In other words, he can speak limitlessly without ever saying anything of substance.

PJ will most like grow up to be President, Dictator, or a Celebrity. Maybe all three.


Category: Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Scifi

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  1. Wonderful ink work sir! The technique reminds me of a lot of my favorite newspaper funnies.

  2. Calmplex says:

    Love your mix of realizm and cartoonizm man!!!! Great work! 🙂

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