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#29 The Darkling

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The Darkling exists outside of time.  He lives, surrounded by the creatures of the void, watching those who live in a straight line.  With the ability to interject into the time stream whenever he wishes, he can take control of any actions he has ever made and change them.  This gives him the power of being the most perfect being in existence because he can make sure that he always chooses the right path.  Unfortunately for him, he is prone to jealousy and morbid curiosity for those who live in one direction.  Sometimes he interferes with people out of pure malevolence, while others he helps.  Often he re experiences events just to see how they might have been different.  He ages both backward and forward at the same time, making him both infinitely young, and infinitely old.  Wrap your mind around him if you can.  Even the Darkling can’t fully comprehend himself.

#22 EPOX 1.7.2

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In the future, robots do most of the menial tasks humans used to do. And as time goes on, robots replace more obsolete models. Their indentured servitude over, the robots are free to do what they want. Most end up in robotic ghettos, isolated from humanity, but gathered amongst themselves & watching each others’ backs.

EPOX 1.7.2 is one such robot. That was until one day, when a gang of young humans came & started to beat the robots to the point of deactivation. After destroying some more helpless models, they turned their bats on EPOX. At one point, a hit in the right spot, caused EPOX to override the program that kept him from harming organic beings. And so he fought back, & when the dust settled, EPOX had survived.

His programming parameters do not give EPOX emotion, so revenge didn’t figure into the equation. But now as a robot capable of fighting back, EPOX is now the hero to the helpless robots. At least as long as he can keep himself going.

#29 Volera Piscem

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Volera Piscem the god of Ocean Currents wasn’t up for the oppression of water and the ocean. Despite having the freedom to travel all the world’s waterways, it was never enough. He developed a flying system based on the flying creatures he would see floating effortlessly above the water. A minor god, he never really had the opportunity to talk with the gods of flight to gain their secrets but discover them he did. Unfortunately he forgot to bring them with him when he had his appointment for his sculpture. The artist set up another sitting not more than a few days from today to finish the sculpture and add his wings.


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Gynoid, of course, is the technical term for “Fembot.”

15. G’rana Man-kin

G’rana has an unfortunate origin, in the eyes of her people. She’s doomed to be an outsider, because she is a disgusting half-human!

This sort of thing isn’t usually tolerated by goblinkind, but her father is an influential Gruln (minor king) and her mother was his most prized n’thak (ransom-prisoner).

G’rana is tall for a goblin, but short for a human, at just under five feet. Her figure is seen as disgusting by the male goblins, as she is neither as extremely lanky and boney or as extremely fat as is usual for goblin females. (By human standards, she is quite slender and athletic, but has a figure that is clearly femenine though unusually wirey.)

While her skin is green, it’s a subtle soft color, not the intense kelly green or comfortingly putrid puce more common among her kind. Her spotting is shameful, as her spots are quite small, and appear mostly on her fore-arms, shoulders, upper chest, and face, rather than over her entire body. She’s alarmingly devoid of body-hair, and the black hair on her head is long and almost straight rather than appropriately snarled and tangled.

G’rana can barely grow proper claws, hers looking barely more menacing than a human’s finger-nails except for being somewhat rougher. While her lower canines are suitably oversized and predatory, her under-bite is almost non-existent and her other teeth are shamefully close to being white and straight. Rather than a snout, she has a small slightly up-turned nose. She has beautiful deep amber eyes.

She wears a loin cloth, and an-ill fitting wrap of leather and hide, that gives the impression of a patchwork corset. (It sits a bit low.) Her feet are bare, though she has hide wrapped around her calves as armor. She carries a crude bone dagger that’s a bit large for her, but wields it with confidence.

Seen another way, she’s surprisingly pretty, and almost human-looking, for a goblin. In the right light, she might inspire a human male to consider making some (ugh) quarter-goblins.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Valerie Nicharico. A Black Label Comics production.

Foolish humans! Prepare to become slaves of… ARTHROKUS!!

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14 and 15 – Priority Factor & Blackscale

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Here are Blackscale and Priority Factor!

In the superhero world I’ve been idly building (see Skyhawk and Patrick Sanders for more), these two are some of the main villains.

Priority Factor is a rarity. She’s a telepath. Her powers revolve around mental manipulation and she is determined to establish herself as the pre-eminent mind in the setting. When her powers awoke, her brain became that much more powerful, but it also kinda broke (telepaths in this world run constant risks of insanity, and Priority just didn’t make her Will save or something). Now a crazed madwoman, she runs around dominating minds that don’t submit to her. She’s become a quintessential mad tyrant in her own little world.

Blackscale is her top lackey. He’s a stealthy reptilian fellow of indeterminate origins (read: Micah hasn’t figured out his background yet) who serves Priority loyally, possibly of his own free will. He’s her top spy and killer. The glowing green stripes on his body are capable of disrupting electronic sensors like radar and night-vision goggles, while the black scales help him blend in. He has a subtle chameleon ability, but it’s rather minor. He also has wolverine-ish claws, as you can see.

More about them if I ever decide to work on a superhero comic instead of a Planescape one!

#29 The Android

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In the Valkyrie universe, seeing an android is a lot like seeing a coelacanth or a dodo bird.  Put simply, it shouldn’t exist. Humans themselves ceased production of androids nearly a century earlier and the droids themselves have no interest in perpetuating machines that look like their enemies. Since the droids have begun to manufacture themselves, android bodies were broken down to supply making other types of droids, and their consciousness downloaded to other models.

But this…well…thing was spotted recently in deep space and the humans don’t know what the hell to make of him.

#30 Martha Schwartz

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Nuff said, me and my posse

#30 Kayleigh

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Kayleigh is an Artic Fox-girl. She’s the older sister of Kai. She’s a usually cheery and hyper person. She loves to dance and hang out with her friends.

#29 Mario Hermes

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Mortal among men, this is the lead character in my ghost riders in the sky.  Born in Mexico, raised in Arizona, he always dreamed of being a great cowboy like his forefathers, but he is not as great as they were.  Always stumbling and not very well respected among the others in his town.  He tries to be a great rancher, and herds cattle with the best of them, but befriends many of his herd as well.  he really is a day dreamer and doesnt focus as he could, so many of his herd ends up missing from others.  He soon gathers help from the ghosts out there, and becomes stronger through their wisdom.

#29 Kai

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Kai is a fox-boy. He loves the beach and would live on it if he could. He lives with his Mother and older Sister Kayleigh, who are also foxes.

#28 Epoche

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Finally of the seedseeker wizards, He is Epoche.  A true leader and knowledgeable wizard who helps the girls get to where they need to go and offers any advice that will help them in their journeys from our land to theirs.  He has the power to guide people through mirrors and offers advice and help to his staff.

#28 Lance

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Lance is the leader of the Herd. All the other equine respect and willingly follow him. He’s one of the best leaders they’ve had i a while, and he will protect his herd with his life.

#27 Melinda Witch Jones

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Melinda Jones is a witch of a different color.  She ends up marrying a mortal and helps him out in anything he considers, but she also shares her family and namesake as a fallen angel of God.  Sweet and different, she can be very concerned about different situations involving her family.

#26 Queen Tutress

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She is a stable leader of her people.  she has the power of the anc and always causes trouble for Captain Puerto Rico.  She is almost 2000 years old, but honestly as mummified as she had been she is really 12.  She is very troublesome, but she soon teams up with Captain PR helping him out with any antic he has consumed.

#27 Athena

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Athena is all about sports. Especially soccer, she couldn’t imagine life without it. She’s not much of a social person, and isn’t on the team to be popular, she’s just there to play. And the team respects her for that.

#29 Captain Stache

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When he hit puberty, Dirk Squarejaw started to manifest powers.  As long as he keeps his mustache extra thick, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

#25 Rose

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Finally from the seedseeker story, of the girl set is rose.  she is a dumb character but really has the strength of friendship that supplies her brains the best way she knows how.  She is very level headed and sexy, she always gets her way when she wants to.  Her friend is unisis who she can only understand, so he stays close to her like a disney princess.

#26 Felix

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Felix is an odd boy. He’s got quite a morbid sense of humor, and yet never smiles he always has a blank expression on his face.

#24 El Diablo

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The enemy of captain puerto rico, el diablo.

#23 Trey Rashaad

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From the creature capability stories, he has the power of the chameleon.  He is there, but he has the power not only to change himself with his surroundings, but his clothing as well. He is usually the bad guy because of what the three characters of the story did to his father, but as he soon finds out he has the power of friendship from the ones he hates.

Day 29 – Timberwolf

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I'm gonna rip you a new one...LITERALLY!

A product of a Russian Cold War experiment to breed the perfect genetic soldiers, Timberwolf’s human DNA was coupled with a mix of feral creatures!  Imbued with remarkable strength, agility and heightened senses, he’s a nearly unstoppable killing machine.  But when civil unrest broke out, he was seized by rebels and has been under their employ as a political assassin ever since.

Day 28 – Psiklone

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Your thoughts taste...DELICIOUS!

A telepathic fury born in a human form, Psiklone has been a victim of government study for most of her life!  Corrupted by being a guinea pig, she grew resentful of the human experience — an essence that she derived from the minds of those around her, jealous that she could never experience it herself.  Finally fed up with being poked and proded, she escaped her bounds, killing more than 100 soldiers and scientists.  Now free to explore the entirety of human emotion, she’s grossly ill-equipped and is subsequently a time-bomb just waiting to go off on the next, unsuspecting victim.

#29 – Mandy Culver

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Mandy Culver is one the best in the world of music journalism. Her integrity and perseverance are unflappable. She has a thing for Tom Fisher of the band “Dr Hawthorne’s Crazy House”, but her personal code strictly forbids dating in the industry.



Day 27 – Cold Front

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Unfortunately, crime isn't seasonal!

The bearer of the  fabled Snowflake Heart, Cold Front has been trained since birth to be the Champion of Winter, using his temperate manipulation abilities to FREEZE the stem of crime.  Strongest during the cold, winter months, he’s challenged himself to harness the power of the Arctic to maintain his quest against crime year round.

#13 – Meabh

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Meabh is an erinyes who will probably have a part later on in Metamorphosis. A devilish woman, she prefers many of the finer things in life. She is more a manipulator than a fighter and as an agent of Mephistopheles who trained in Grenpoli, she is very good at it.

She is beautiful but terrifying and can assume a number of forms to suit her needs. She’s been a thorn in the sides of several Inner Planar leaders, and she enjoys every minute of it.

Day 26 – Blackout

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One way or another, its lights out for you!

A former military industrialist, Blackout sought to build new weapons systems for the US Government.  Near the end of his budget, with no sucessful operations to date, he tested his most dangerous invention — an energy diverter that would draw in ambient eletrical energy, allowing the wearer to harness and release that energy at will.  But trigger by the use of the suit, he was afflicted with an insatiable thirst for energy!

Day 25 – Rampage

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Destruction Incarnate!

A life-long criminal, Rampage thought he had found the ultimate hussle when a celestial fury chose him to be its avatar, igniting his dormant mutantion of perfect destruction.  Imbued with the tremendous power of discerning the weakness of anything, he escaped from jail, wrecking having on anything and everyone who dared step in his path.  But unbeknownst to him, his newfound power came with a price — the need to destroy is a constant.  Like an addict, he hungers for the sight of decimation and mayhem and in its absence takes on a sickness that no known medicine can cure!

#27 – Ichi the Bound

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<Description Pending>

#26 – Zorostrasser

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