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#22 Crimson Kid

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CRIMSON KID, side kick to RED.

God of the Moors

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This god roams the moors of England and has done so for quite some time. He primarily spends his time giving and maintaining life and the natural way of things in these temperate grasslands. He has been around since well before history and legend says that he was the true impetus behind such sites as stonehenge. It has become common knowledge that he is quite the hobbyist with astronomy and countless thousands of years will certainly provide all the time one needs to study the stars and be the driving force behind such an anomaly of ancient architecture.

#27 Doormiga

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Doormiga is a living portal with the power to send you anywhere you might want to go.  Stationary herself, she is jealous of those with the freedom to travel.  Bring her a pretty bobble and you might just end up where you wanted to go.

#27 – The Morrigan: Babd, Nemain and Macha

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The Morrigan is a goddess of battle, strife and fertility. There are so many variations and ideas behind this one, we’ll just leave it at that. In the Mythoscape, I went the route of the three sisters. Babd (the shapeshifter, usually a crow), Nemain (the Furious spirit) and Macha (Straight out War, usually seen on her horse). Babd is crazy. Nemain is a little crazy. Macha is just bat-sh!$ crazy. Rumor has it they are warriors for hire, currently in the employ of Seth. It is also rumored the three sisters can combine into the super-crazy Morrigan but no one’s volunteered to find out for sure.

Day 27: Teddy Tapeworm

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Day 26: Leaping Lizard

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Day 25: Fortune Cookie

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Fortunately for you guys I don’t have any spare time to muck these last few characters up with colour.

#26 – Pepper

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Day 26 - Pepper

Pepper the jogger

Pepper is friends with Pearl and Lucy and part of their sport team.  She is a fast runner and quick on her feet.  She can be over-confident and often gets in trouble over-estimating her teams abilities.  Fortunately her skills and determination can get her out of trouble again but it is a source of irritation for the group.

#12 Binky

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Last one for today, it is *Death_Reaper*’s horse.

At the song “Flandern in distress” the reaper has a black horse to escort soldiers and a white horse, pure and shining like an angel from the sky. So the game designers had an idea for giving a feature to reaper’s horse and also to make a little fun of it; at one side Binky is white, at the other he is black and has white eyes.

Since he is only an accesory to *Death_Reaper* he has no real personality but it is said, that Binky has a great sense of humor and the game designers are already thinking about knew features for him.

The name is from a friend who once told me, that in his oppinion the reapers white horse has the name Binky. Well, why not, if you cross out the B you get the word ‘inky’ which fits perfectly the black horse ^^

And I have to thank my friend Asutar for showing me how to draw a horse. Binky looked horrible before

#11 *Death-Reaper*

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Another admin of the online game “Königreich der Welten”.

He represents the death and at the beginning of the game ist was his duty to delete users who wanted to quit or did not attemp for a certain period of time. Those wo decided to quit he took to a ride at his horse to travel all arround the game one last time and everyone colud notice who did leave.

Later, when more and more users joined the game and some tried to cheat the game masters decided to introduce two new death-admins, so they would be able to ‘deal’ with the cheaters. Since there was now a trio there were also some changes.

The power of  *Death_Reaper* was reduced and he isn’t able to hear any longer. This is because one concept of the trio is “Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak”. The other one is an old german song called “Flandern in distress” whre the grim reaper is described as riding a black and a white horse, dancing with the girls and drumming at your heart. For this reason *Death_Reaper* has a horse. By the way, the horse isn’t that big, the admin is quite small.

Since that day “Death_Reaper* is always grim and in a bad mood and if he did not have to he wouldn’t attemp to the special game events he and his colleagues have to appear.

That’s all about him.

#10 Veit

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Another character from “Königreich der Welten”.

This is Veit, a fourteen year old boy and one of the three managers of the youth center. To be exact, the manager of a little cafe which takes place one secific day every week and where all youth can meet to play, talk and to order pizza from Veit and his two friends.

Veit has the gift of the gab and seems to have never ending energy, at least if he doesn’t have to do something. He does a lot of sports like hockey and volleyball but somehow he seems to have a tough luck at these hobbys because he tends to break his right hand very often(as you can also see at the picture). He doesn’t matter about that and is happy to be unable to write at school.

As already said, Veit is full of energy as long as he doesn’t have to do something. He might be one of the managers of the cafe but in fact he refuses to do anything. He doesn’t react to orders and his two teammates have to do most of the work. But somehow no one, except this two,  is angry with Veit because of that.

Nevertheless he is a boy everyone could rely on if the worst comes to the worst.

Thanks to Sam for helping me to fix his pose somehow

#9 Jenny

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Hi there.

Finally, I continue this chalange ^^°

Okay, the girl you can see is Jenny, another, this time rather minor, character of  “Königreich der Welten”.

She is about 14 years old and has just joined the youth group Martina is also a member of. Jenny is a bit shy at first but she can be cheeky and does not hesitate when her help is needed. The boys of the group often make fun of her but in fact almost everyone does like her. Since she is new at the youth group she doesn’t have a T-Shirt yet, but she wears a group ribbon of her first action at this group.

Jenny tries to join the online game “Königreich der Welten” but when she finally finds a group to join she has to quit very soon because she has less time because of the school.

She always wears a lot of clothes at once due to the fact she tends to be chilled through very easily.

Day# 26, The Swarm From Space

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#26 The Swarm from Space, by Jande Rowe

#26 The Swarm from Space, by Jande Rowe

They Came From Outer Space

Day #26 –The Swarm

No one knows their origin, most don’t even know they exist. The first indication of that comes when one looks up at the sky, alerted by some kind of strange vibration and a sound of wind.

At first you think they are a cloud of little pink angels, like out of one of your kid’s video games, and you drop to your knees in awe. Then as they come closer, you see the odd, almost shapeless shape of them, each apparently the size of an old water barrel, and you slowly get off your knees, unable yet to grasp the totality of the situation. The strange vibration presses against your ears, and the old, old instinct for survival rises in you. The dog is barking, tail between its legs, backing away from the oncoming swarm. You command the dog to follow, and he scampers to your side still barking. He’s shaking all over.

At long last your legs find themselves running, running. You try to direct that motion, calm the primitive panic. But if you don’t get behind closed doors very soon…

There! No, not the barn! The House! Quickly!

Over your shoulder you see the first wave land, though they never really touch the ground. There must be millions of them! You twist the door handle and it sticks. A scream in your throat, you try again, hitting your hip against the stubborn thing. It bursts open and you flail through, the dog right behind you, and slam it behind you, saying a prayer of thanks, while still wondering why you you are panicking. But still the rational part of you takes a few deep breaths and hurries around the house making sure all windows are closed and locked. You even check the fireplace flue.

You think of your wife and the kids who must be on their way home by now. You should call her, but just then you see through the picture window a scene that chills you to your heart: The verdant field and the trees in full leaf, the herds of goats and sheep have been replaced by a moving blanket of fluttering pink winged blobs. And even as you watch, every living thing is stripped from the land and grey devastation left in its wake.  A shudder goes through you.

The dog has stopped barking. But now it is pressing its shaking body against your leg,  uttering quiet whines. A ringing starts in your ears. You realise it’s your phone. You answer it, numbly. It’s Annya, hysterical, crying..  You cut through her sobs and yell. “Are you in the car? Annya! Answer me! Are the kids with you?”

Her answer is muffled, but affirmative. “Whatever you do –Don’t leave the car! Lock it!  Have you locked it?”

Another affirmitive. “Try and drive home once they’ve passed.” Having to keep her sane and help her get home is helping to steel your own nerves.

In less than a few minutes the world has changed. Every living thing on the surface of the earth has been stripped bare. What will happen now. Will they just leave? Or will they try to pry the rest of us out of our hiding spots? That many of them could break apart a house like this in minutes. Nothing, nowhere, is safe..

And what will happen next, with no harvest, no meat animals except those that were kept inside.

You pull the curtains closed, sickened by the sight of that moving pink carpet of devastation. And you wait. And wait.

#19 Polaris

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#25 Rick, The Omega Kid

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This post is the most special to me by far for two reasons.

First, it stands as a testament to how much the 30characters challenge & everyone participating in it have inspired me. I came to this purely as a writer & storyteller. That is still what I am. But I never imagined that by the end of the month I would stretched my other artistic muscles this much. I have not inked anything since middle school (which was a long time ago!). And I have never, ever scanned and colored something on photoshop. Yet, here it is.

Second, this guy represents my most ambitious and meaningful project to date. He’s Rick, The Omega Kid! An eleven year old boy entrusted to wield the awesome power of the Omega Amulet because of his kind heart, wild imagination and unyielding courage. His continuing adventures, of which I have already scripted a couple and planned out a ton, are aimed at kids and those of us still young at heart. He’s my answer to the yearning I feel to create something that may someday inspire kids the way these type of stories inspired me. Lofty ambitious perhaps but if it brings a smile to one kid’s face then mission accomplished, you know?

If you want to learn more about him, head over to my blog and you can read the very first episode in The Omega Kid series:

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
You can find me on: Follow roshow on Twitter and/or

#30 Turmoil

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This is it! Number 30! Turmoil has no powers except some exceptional riding skills. The motorcycle however is actually an artificial intelligence, sort of like KITT on Knight Rider. It has all sorts of gadgets and weapons. Turmoil just calls him “Arty” for short.

#29 The Greek Tragedy

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The Greek Tragedy is a zombie trio of three Greek Myths. Icarus, The Minotaur, and the Cyclops. An evil wizard created them and they exist to do his bidding, plus they crave brains. Yup, Greek myths and zombies together= awesome.

#28 Syndy & Sam

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Sam is a resident genius for a government think tank. He created a synthetic female soldier that he called “Syndy” (Cindy + Synthetic). When they tried to dissect and clone her, Same and Syndy escaped. They are on the run from the government still, Sam is pretty much a coward and Syndy protects him like a big sister. She has advanced agility, strength, intelligence and fighting prowess.

#27 Mech Mary

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Mech Mary is the pilot of a giant mech, she is the only female pilot in her unit but also the most gifted and talented. The mech takes on the personality and mannerisms of the pilot, it’s like an extension of that individual. She’s pretty “girly”, likes the color pink and shopping. So it makes the mech’s mannerisms pretty interesting.

#26 Lineage

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This is Lineage, he has the ability to access anyone related to him in history and/or future. So for example he needs brute strength, he morphs into his caveman ancestor who is clearly stronger. If he needs computer skills he accesses his future self who is a complete slacker computer nerd, etc. Though sometimes it does backfire, he might morph into his ancestor who is a pirate for sailing knowledge and realizes that his ancestor is completely evil. He must now fight to regain control and try to morph back into himself. The new person has his own mind but Lineage’s mind also stays active. Sorta of like Professor Stein does with Firestorm. He’s like a guardian telling the new body what they need to do.


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The color scheme is intended to create a more bird-like shape. The bird’s “tail” takes the place of what is usually superhero underwear.

#27 – ToasterHead

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I’ve had this guy in my mind for years, just didn’t know which direction to go with him…. I like this design.

Toaster Head is a real hot-head. He always plays hungry and when he’s playing really well, your team is toast!

That was so cheesy, but whatevvs.

#19 Z70, Medi-droid

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Z70 is a standard issue medical droid, equipped with the latest procedures and remedies for most ailments and injuries a human can endure.  Z70 happens to be more advanced than the Vega 7 and her medical unit – something that Z70 constantly runs into with every medical issue that arises onboard the vessel.

Z70 prides itself in being a cure-all, and to-date, has only lost one patient while aboard the Vega 7.

Z70 has been aboard the Vega 7 for one week.

#26 Dr Mouse

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#25 Lightning Goddess – Maya

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Unkown to most, Zeus and Thor are not the only Thunder/Lightning deities  on the block. Chloe has been manufacturing those charged particles for eons, she became most well known in Central and South America around 400 and 1600 of the common era. She was close with the goddess of tides and and lunar activity despite the fact that her activity tended to block out the moonlight from the earth creatures. Many say that it was a game the two played, trying to make themselves more visible while also protecting and helping the creatures that needed the benefit of their powers.

Mr Flox

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It’s Mr Flox! He lives in a box.

Roy the Abstract Zombie

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Roy likes brains. Roy is also made from stained glass, so he has to be doubly careful during the zombie apocalypse because he could shatter at any time.


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Zip JohnsonZip is one third of the Time Freaks; criminals who escaped from a maximum security prison using a makeshift time machine constructed from an old bathtub. After discovering his new ability to travel through time on a series of wacky capers, Zip’s took part in a “renaming ritual” to take on a new “space name”.

#27 Grandpa Jones

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Stay of his lawn unless your there to buy his crystal meth. Grandpa Jones feeds the birds in the park and sell the crack on the corner. If your a neighbor hood thug that thinks Grandpa is an easy target Think again . Mr Jones is packin’ heat and it aint no Nine. Try to bust his chops or flank this old man and you’ll be staring down a Dirty Harry style 45. If his caps don’t get his crew aint far behind. Before you turn around you catch a whiff  of what seems to be  a mix of polo and ben-gay   . Then you’ll here the rustle of at least 30 adult diapers. The next thing you know you’ve been had by the loyal order of the moose lodge. Grandpa Jones aint gots time to play games. So if you aint here for the gin and juice keep on rollin cause thic geriatric gangsta on a fixed income has got to make his Mo Fk’n Bingo money.


#25 Chad

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#18 Vampire Skeleton

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The Vampire Skeleton is the entity of a sorcerer who was killed by the Seneca people in the 1300s, but instead of dying he became a blood sucking vampire skeleton. He has no problem killing people and sucking their blood, but most of the blood flows down his bones as he feeds on the loss of life that blood represents and not the blood itself. He is the epitome of evil in the Seneca Tribes’ folklore.
He is a rather small human skeleton (5’6″) that is almost too perfectly intact with pronounced cheek bones, oval eye sockets, long black hair that is attached to his exposed skull (he is known to wear the hair of those he kills as he is very vain about his hair, thus adding feathers and beadwork), and pronounced fangs that cannot be hidden by lips. There is an aura of evil that surrounds him at all times that shimmers even in complete darkness. His magic allows him to shapeshift into a Screech Owl. He is cunning, often feeding on young female victims while others sleep in the same room or even share the same bed.

~ Seneca History