#11 *Death-Reaper*

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Another admin of the online game “Königreich der Welten”.

He represents the death and at the beginning of the game ist was his duty to delete users who wanted to quit or did not attemp for a certain period of time. Those wo decided to quit he took to a ride at his horse to travel all arround the game one last time and everyone colud notice who did leave.

Later, when more and more users joined the game and some tried to cheat the game masters decided to introduce two new death-admins, so they would be able to ‘deal’ with the cheaters. Since there was now a trio there were also some changes.

The power of  *Death_Reaper* was reduced and he isn’t able to hear any longer. This is because one concept of the trio is “Don’t see, don’t hear, don’t speak”. The other one is an old german song called “Flandern in distress” whre the grim reaper is described as riding a black and a white horse, dancing with the girls and drumming at your heart. For this reason *Death_Reaper* has a horse. By the way, the horse isn’t that big, the admin is quite small.

Since that day “Death_Reaper* is always grim and in a bad mood and if he did not have to he wouldn’t attemp to the special game events he and his colleagues have to appear.

That’s all about him.

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