#12 Binky

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Last one for today, it is *Death_Reaper*’s horse.

At the song “Flandern in distress” the reaper has a black horse to escort soldiers and a white horse, pure and shining like an angel from the sky. So the game designers had an idea for giving a feature to reaper’s horse and also to make a little fun of it; at one side Binky is white, at the other he is black and has white eyes.

Since he is only an accesory to *Death_Reaper* he has no real personality but it is said, that Binky has a great sense of humor and the game designers are already thinking about knew features for him.

The name is from a friend who once told me, that in his oppinion the reapers white horse has the name Binky. Well, why not, if you cross out the B you get the word ‘inky’ which fits perfectly the black horse ^^

And I have to thank my friend Asutar for showing me how to draw a horse. Binky looked horrible before

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