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#5 – Molly the (Student) Mage

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A student at the Windsoar Adventure Academy for Young Adventurers (WAAfYA), Molly is well on her way to becoming a fine sorceress.  She is well versed in the Elemental Arts, but studies a little Black Magic on the side, just for kicks.  Upon graduation, she hopes to form a mighty guild with some of her fellow classmates and slay many a foul beast!

#7 Mr. Cuddle

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Mr. Cuddle is Gonzo’s landlord, but don’t let the name fool you! He’s certainly not cuddly in the least, though he is cordial… most of the time.

Cuddle is a self-made man. He worked hard his entire life and amassed a certain level of wealth that requires a certain level of lifestyle, and he doesn’t like anything upsetting that lifestyle. So when Gonzo’s late or short on the rent, Mr. Cuddle is right at his doorstep like clockwork. His passive aggressiveness only lasts for so long, then you understand why his surname is a misnomer.

A good man at heart, Cuddle is generous and understanding… to a point, but he expects those around him to be more like him, and when they aren’t, well, they ought to learn to be.

#7: Rip Nixon

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In under the wire! Rip Nixon is the closest I’ll ever get to creating a superhero character. More than that, he’s a means to explore workaholism, something I may or may not suffer from. Enjoy.

Rip walked in the door of his two-story rural home to find his lovely wife Veronica cooking a roast. Somehow, the juicy flavor of the meal permeated the oven and wafted under his noise in the form of the most delicious smell he’d ever smelled. Upstairs, he could hear his kids bouncing around, playing some imaginary adventure game that he was sure they saw in their minds as real as the clothes on their bodies. It was another average night in Nixon household, the perfect American family. Rip struggled to take it all in and ignore the intense pain shooting through his body.

“Hey, honey.” Veronica said, giving Rip a nonchalant peck on the cheek as he walked in the kitchen. He wanted to grab her and kiss her with all of his being, but resisted. In her mind, she’d only just seen him this morning. Her smile pierced him.

Rip snapped out of it, putting down his briefcase and sitting down at the dinner table.

“How was your day?” she asked.

“It was… good. It was good, dear,” he replied. “How was yours?”

“Johnny got sent out in the hall at school today, apparently,” she said with disdain. “He told Ms. Howser to go to hell. Any idea where he got that from?”

She shot him a playful look of distrust. It was the greatest thing he’d felt in years.

“I love you, Veronica.”

His wife was taken aback at Rip’s bluntness. Every day he surprised her. When he’d left this morning, he was ecstatic about his coming work day. But now, returning home, he seemed war torn. Like he’d been through hell.

In Rip’s mind, that wasn’t far from the truth. His life was becoming more blurred as the job went on. He’d leave for months, sometimes years. But for his family, for Veronica, Johnny, and Claire, it was hours. As far as they were concerned, Daddy left for work in the morning and returned home in the evening. Monday through Friday, he was your typical Joe businessman.

The truth was, Rip had lived nearly twenty years in the past two months. Going back and forth in time, doing the dirty work of his employers. Real time was a blur. He couldn’t reconcile his real ife with his work life anymore. At what point does your job become your life and your life become your job? As the work went on, it became more and more difficult for him to remember why he loved his wife and kids. Ironically, they were the reason he accepted the job in the first place. He was unsure of how much longer he could walk through that crimson door and hide his relief to be at home. He hadn’t seen Veronica in twenty years, but he had to act like it was only 8 hours.

“I love you too, sweetie,” she smiled. “Can you go get the kids ready to eat? Dinner’s ready.”

She turned away from Rip, preparing to remove the roast from the oven and complete her meal.

Rip sighed, happy to carry out such a menial task. As he climbed the stairs towards the bumping of the kids’ playroom, an all-too-familiar beep sounded, muffled from the pager’s placement in his pocket. The sound stopped Rip dead in his tracks. He shook his head and moved into the bathroom to take the call.

Talking into the small communicator, Rip was noticeably unhappy.

“I just got here. Give me the night. Please.” he pleaded.

A voice echoed form the device, filtered through static. “No can do, cowboy. We need ya now. Urgent.”


“30s. Chicago. Should be fun.”

“It better be less than a week, and I want two full days off, guaranteed.”

“It’ll take you three days max, and I’ll give you one day off.”

Rip paused, then sighed. “Deal.”

The communication ended. Rip snuck down the hall a ways to peer in on his kids. They were fighting with swords made of poster tubes, apparently pillaging and plundering as pirates. He smiled, then turned away.

He had a passing thought that he might be a workaholic.


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I’ve asked my kids to get involved with the 30 Characters Challenge and I present to you my son’s first contribution – Moador, The Intergalactic Robot Wresting Champion!!!

#7 Mummy Love

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2000 year old mummy
in need of a sugar daddy
likes: cursing, eating hearts, getting wrapped up, dragging left heel.
Dislikes: the living, puppies, fire, smart-alecs

#7 – Betty from Planet Bomb-ardia

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Betty from Planet Bomb-ardia

Artist: Tommy Patterson

Character Creator: Michelle Patterson

Meet our distant neighbor from the Beta Sector. Her name is Betty and she is but one of the beautiful locals from planet Bomb-ardia. Betty enjoys long flights in her interstellar transport vehicle as well as visiting the Garoom Lagoon and riding the ridiculously large Binipedes that are native to that area. Betty is considered one of the most sought after beings on her planet because of her many natural endowments. If you are interested, she can usually be found at the Central Whak Hub, enjoying a serving of hot chug and reading the latest book.

Betty stands about 7 feet tall with long beautiful locks, similar to snake tails. She has a beautiful heart shaped face with three oval shaped eyes, long lashes; a small nose and mouth with large lips. She is shaped similar to a human female with the exception to the fact that she has three breasts, a long tale that resembles an Octopus tentacle, a voluptuous body and fingers numbering three. She should be very attractive per human standards.

#7 Tarot

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Tarot aka Marat Matthews is one of the most ancient Cruetalans on the planet, second only to Nightmare aka Dreamwalker.  Matthews was born over 2000 years ago, and has lived in virtually every corner of the world.  He is very knowledgeable about society, customs, and is fluent in over a dozen languages, and several now instinct ones.  Marat and his family hold a deep, dark secret.  An ancient evil, even more ancient than his own bloodline taints the Matthews clan.  He is one of only a handful of clansmen that have fended off this taint.  Most of his family was killed off over the centuries by his arch-nemesis Nightmare.

Marat has accumulated a huge fortune over time, and now lives on a large estate in the north west and mentors a team of Genetant heroes called The Centurians.  His niece “Steel Pulse” (to be highlighted soon) has been with him and his teammates, and against them over time.  Now she stays away from her uncle (for now).

Tarot and his fellow Genetants work against great odds to keep evil Cruetalans away from the rest of humanity, for the power a single Cruetalan is enough to level a large portion of a city, and easily kill ‘regular’ genetants.

Marat is a powerful sorcerer (as most Cruetalans are), but is peerless is his arcane knowledge, and only one other (Prophet) is even close to his vast knowledge.  He is also very quick, and physically fit, having trained for decades in various martials arts.  Tough he rarely relies on these skills, he has them to ‘fall back on’ if the need should arise.

#6 Herb

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#4 Jules

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Playing major catch-up right now! Haha!

This is Jules. I wanted to draw a real person this time. I think she’s in her late teens, rather sulky and whiny at times, perhaps a bit too concerned with her body image. She’s just been through a break-up and is being emo about it.

#7 – Bruce

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Bruce takes no shit.

#7 Burt Richards

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Okay, what can I say about this character.  I am doing a fan fic on the late wrestler Owen Hart, but I call him Owen Richards.  His brother, “Burt” is basically like his role model in life, but Burt is really the main part in the story because it revolves around his wrestling career and his bouts with the owner of the WRW. He is very studious and likes to show off to his public.  He is also very active in his career and tries his best to be the best that people will remember.  He ends up fighting in a battle with the owner with some unestablished results.

#7 Kimmel

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Kimmel is a man for hire, with delusions of grandeur.  He thinks of himself as high society, trying to use big words to impress people though often mispronouncing them.  He wears turtlenecks because he thinks they make him look more sophisticated.

#6 Living doll

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(Was drawing this and after I colored in the hair and eyes, I thought, “this kind of looks like a knock-off of the Joker. >.>;…… Oh well” -adds stitches- X’D)

#7 – Gestalt

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Gestalt, educator on the Shape of Consciousness, and of Reality.

Thanks to Miss Merrick Monroe for her concept suggestion. And for taking care of me while I’m sick.

– – – – –

Feeling better today, but not 100%. Will update all posts with more text this week. I hope. :/

#5 Magic Bunny

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  1. Whether you want a sidekick or just a friendly pet, the magic bunny is here for you! To watch over your magic spells as you experiment. It is always here for you whether you need a test subject or just a friend so you’re not lonely.  Recommended for all beginning Wizards and Witches.

#7 Devastator

| November 7, 2010 | 4 Comments

Did I tell you I love Kung-Fu/martial arts movies too? Jackie Chan rules, second only to the master – Bruce Lee. I’d love to flesh this story out further…one day… **Special thanks to Chad Welch for helping iron out some Devastator difficulties! Thanks, Brother! 🙂

#7 – a “Void”

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Character was designed as an “extra” for a pool of background or random characters for my main webcomic, P.S.I.: A Pessimistic Sense of Inadequacy. This is a “Void”. While it may or may never see the light of day in the comic, I got the idea for it, and thought it could have some potential.

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#7 Kyoukuo (Samurai #2)

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This is the second samurai of the Samurai666 clan, Kyuokuo. (The first being my Day 6 post: Shuhan). She’s crazy and prefers long reach weapons. She’s like a mix between Harley Quinn and Elektra.

#9 Mr. Sunday

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Now with new art!

Concept: Mr. Sunday is a serial killer. He’s been at it a long time (he’s about 60-70 years old and still going strong). His method: He kills every Sunday, during church hours (pardon the pun, but he’s a “mass” murderer). He’s kind of set up, ostensibly, to be a recurring villain for The Seraph, but in reality, he’s just a huge ball of evil that is always in the back of everyone’s minds.

Design: First, he’s supposed to be old. The best I could do was skinny. The clothes aren’t entirely correct either, but close. He should stand about 5′ 3″, if you consider the fact that he’s hunched over. Also, his mouth is just supposed to be wrinkles, but I think the closest I could get was a zombies (chewed off) mouth.  Not enough wrinkles, too tall, too built. But that circle he’s standing in…it’s just supposed to allude to some of the more sinister aspects of his killing methods (and yes, it’s made of blood).

EDIT – Image replaced with artwork by Steven Wilcox!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#4 Charini Melton

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Fourth character design from Point Blank (my someday-to-be webcomic).

Charini Melton is a scientist—well, she’s really just a researcher. But she knows a lot of underground information. She is meek and timid, and is constantly fearful of getting into trouble, especially when Adela and Randi (the main characters of the story) start pestering her about what she knows.

She often spends her time cooped up to herself and any person she is forced to work with in libraries, like everyone else who works in the research vicinity. The place she works in is directly linked to organization mentioned in my previous post. However, claims to know little to nothing about the experiments that are run behind the scenes…

#4 – Lemmy and Yhal

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Lemmy (the turtle) finds Yhaluthonin (the snail) lost and alone one evening on his nightly round of his village perimeter.  Yhal comes from a clan of snail known well for their skills in magic, and by the trolls of the forest, for their psychedelic properties.  Yhal tells Lemmy how a band of greedy forest trolls raided his den and snatched up his friends and family and pleads for his help.  The two join forces and set out for adventure.

Technically two characters, but they work as a cohesive unit.  Lemmy is the brute force, Yhal works his mystics to cast spells and such in aid of Lemmy.

#7 Cathy C-57D

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Cathy C-57D was designed as a unique companion android with the purpose of watching over Michael Brenner, heir to the Brenner fortune.  Far from being a normal robot, Cathy’s positronic brain was the only one of its kind, allowing her to think and reason on the level of a human being.

When Michael reached adulthood, many thought he would replace Cathy, but after years of treating  Cathy as an equal, Michael refused to even consider replacing her.  Now that Michael has assumed leadership of the Brenner Consortium, Cathy is one of the few individuals he can trust, and remains by Michael’s side.  This has caused speculation as to the exact nature of their relationship…but it is just speculation, nothing more.

#7 BeBe Lyles

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Entertainment reporter Betsy Tremaine was freed from her network contract yesterday, following a disastrous bid to get an interview from Mourningstar guitarist Bebe Lyles.  Well-known for their pact of non-contact with the media, Martin d’Etoile’s bandmates carry security details that are simply legendary and follow intricate pre- and post-concert travel protocols to evade the paparazzi.  Obviously, any successful exchange with just ONE of them would make a music journalist’s career!  And this was apparently the rationale behind Ms. Tremaine’s failed undercover effort!  She hounded the band as a groupie for weeks, targeting the rumored tastes of the solemn axeman, Lyles, until – just three days ago, after Mourningstar sonically detonated Madison Square Garden – she finally got the backstage invite she’d …sacrificed…so much for.

Tremaine emerged from the tour bus of the self-dubbed “Satan’s Choir” completely bald, psychologically vacant and covered in ritualistic brands burned into her flesh!  She couldn’t speak to accomplishing an interview, but she DID recite a laundry list of journalistic ethics violations perpetrated in her quest FOR said interview.  Of course, we can’t repeat ANY of the acts constituting those violations, EVEN on cable – but they were all apparently at the hypnotic behest of Bebe, seen staring and – a FIRST – SMILING from the door of the bus as Tremaine stoically recounted the degenerate situations to which she subjected herself…all for NOTHING…

#6 Shuhan (Samurai #1)

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

This is Shuhan, he is the leader of an evil martial arts clan called Samurai666. There are 6 of them in the clan. The higher their number the more evil they are. Shuhan is #1, not as evil as the rest but he needs to be a little more civilized to keep the clan in line. He’s a master of multiple kung fu styles including Drunken Boxing, Eagle Claw, Five Animals, Praying Mantis, Fujian White Crane, and Tai Chi Chuan. He has sharp blades embedded in his forearms. This makes his kung-fu moves extremely deadly and he is able to fight armed opponents without the use of weapons.

#07 Otka

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Otka is the Hertz’s beloved Valais Black-Faced Sheep. She acts as guard dog for The Golden Cat Club, but is often mistaken for a throw rug when napping.

#6 Ringo Sanchez

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Ringo Sanchez is a member of Thomas Blake’s team.  He is their scout and their sniper.  Though he is an expert marksman, he also carries a sword for more close range combat.

#7 Uncontrollable Urination Man

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I, um spilled my drink!He has the strength of a thousand men, but the bladder control of a thousand babies.

Not much to say here. I have a very childish sense of humor sometimes. Sorry.

#7 Siena Silver

| November 7, 2010 | 3 Comments

Yeah, I survived one week ^^

This girl is Lady Siena Silver, a RPGcharacter of mine.  She refuses to speak since the age of 4 when she listened to an argument of her parents on a rather minor matter. She recognized how much words can hurt and decided to rather stay mute than hurt anybody else.

Since Siena is the only heir to the crown of a once powerfull and now again rising kingdom this causes a lot of problems. Also her parents are worried about her, not knowing why she does not speak.

Besides this Siena is a charming, curious girl, popular with most of the people. She enjoys playing in the huge garden and listening to people singing.

Once again I do like the draft more than the colored version…

Ciao, till tomorrow

#7 She-Guana

| November 7, 2010 | 2 Comments

SHE-GUANA is a teenager from an alternate reality Earth just like ours, accept it was reptiles and not mammals that evolved into intelligent life.  While initially homesick from being trapped in a world not her own, She-Guana is just now starting to realize how much fun she can have using her reptilian strength and agility to fight crime as a superhero.

She is not a natural blond.

#7 Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons

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Name: Jinshu Dabhail, High Metal Thane of Demons
Species: Deity
Age/Sex/Race: 734/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Overthrow the Verdant Emperor and take his rightful place on the throne.
Occupation: Ruler of demons and enemy Heaven
Motivation: Anger, Jealousy, Justice
Inner Need: His rightful place on the throne
Flaw: Takes his anger out on those who don’t deserve it.
Secret: Was actually warned of the Verdant Emperor’s treachery, but didn’t believe it.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Immortal, very skilled blacksmith and warrior, some minor sorcery.
Quirks: Always wears his hand-crafted armor and weapons.
Attitude: Gruff, proud
Dialogue Style: Harsh, accusatory, defensive.
Backstory/Description: On the night before Jinshu Dabhail was meant to be coronated as the new emperor of Xinocel, he was kidnapped from his palace by the Emperor’s secret police, beaten into submission, and taken before a bogus trial where he was accused of a score of crimes he never committed, treason key among them. The Verdant Emperor sentenced him to permanent banishment beneath the sea of the mortal realm where his brilliant armor would hold him down and corrode, and he cursed him with a hideous form of sharp fangs, dark blue skin, and flashing red eyes. Those who spoke out in Jinshu’s defense were similarly cursed and banished. Beneath the waves, in all his rage and misery, Jinshu Dabhail organized his supporters into an army, and is now training them to someday storm the gates of Heaven and overthrow the false emperor. His fury is boundless, however, and he often sends his agents to terrorize the Verdant Emperor’s servants, namely the human race.

Yeah, this is a follow up to this post (, set in the same Celtic-Chinese setting. The picture itself was really an experiment with using different tools to create textures and looks. What do you guys think?

#7 Electricus

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James Brow was a regular guy who was hit by an electrical current resulting in powers of electrucity.