#6 The Verdant Emperor, Omnipotent Master of a Thousand Small Green Leaves

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Name: The Verdant Emperor, Omnipotent Master of a Thousand Small Green Leaves
Species: Deity
Age/Sex/Race: 3428/Male/N/A
Main Goal: To maintain his status as ruler of Xinocel.
Occupation: Emperor of the universe of Xinocel.
Motivation: Power, Greed, Arrogance
Inner Need: Greatness, status, influence.
Flaw: Arrogant, unforgiving, extremely short-tempered.
Good/Bad Habits: Rules fairly, unless angered, in which case he is very cruel.
Secret: Was supposed to relinquish his post as Emperor over 200 years ago, and he banished his rightful successor, Jinshu Dabhail, to the bottom of the sea.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Immortal, an extremely knowledgable alchemist and sorcerer.
Quirks: Goes everywhere with at least two floozies and always smokes from a jade hookah.
Attitude: Jolly
Dialogue Style: Fast, extremely eloquent with the occasional slip of surprising casual terminology.
Backstory/Description: The universe of Xinocel is ruled by the thousands of gods in Heaven, who are in turn ruled by an emperor. This emperor is aligned with one of the five elements (wood, metal, fire, water, earth) and rules for 1000 years. The Verdant Emperor, aligned with wood, has ruled for 1238 years. When he came to power, he decided that he was the best person to rule the gods, and set up a network of spies and secret police to better control Heaven. When it came time for him to resign, he had his rightful successor, Jinshu Dabhail of Metal, arrested by his secret police and banished to the bottom of the sea. He then threw a lavish party to announce that he would be emperor forever, and since he was well feared, no one opposed him. He now rules Xinocel efficiently and relatively fairly, but any opposition is immediately silenced by his secret police and banished from Heaven.

And with this one I’m all caught up. I thought of this setting/character when I started reading Journey to the West, that ancient Chinese novel. This setting was conceived as a mix between Celtic and Chinese mythologies, and I thought about making a Mutants and Masterminds campaign out of it. That would be pretty bad ass…

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