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#19 – Sarras

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SARRAS — a Vreen troll, scholar, and head of the Academy’s mathematics department.

Day 19: Carrie Candyman the Cheerleader

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Carrie Candyman is a cheerleader, she is a leader of cheers.

# 19 Penanggalanosaurus

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Don’t have much of a story for this one – it’s just a dinosaurian variation on a common ghost/vampire archetype from parts of asia. Trying to put a bit of the bite back into dinosaurs, as well. They’ll always be cool, but don’t really frighten very much anymore.

Day# 18 Agnes McBeale

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#18 Agnes McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#18 Agnes McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

The Bitchy Sister

#18 – Agnes McBeale is one year younger than her sister, (#17)Paula but seems so much older–not to mention more irritable and just plain bitchy. With sparse red hair curly hair and being scrawny and tall she is the polar opposite of Paula. Compared to Paula’s flawless skin, Agnes is covered from head to toe in a mass of freckles that she loathes. She confides in no one, keeping herself to herself as much as possible. She has no real friends either, but doesn’t want them, clearing them off with her acid tongue.

The whole of Agnes’ energies is focused entirely on getting through school and away from that cramped, crowded, nasty house, and her so-called “family”. She practically spits when she uses that word. Her grades are very high, but no-one where she lives cares. Except Paula who is jealous of them.

Sometimes, when she deigns to walk to school with Paula and Paula’s dogsbody, Aedre, she spends the whole trip saying cutting things to both girls.
She confides in no one, keeping herself to herself as much as possible. So know one knows what causes her to lash out at everyone around her. One day people will know. But not for awhile yet.

#19 Cowboy Girl

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Cowboy Girl

I missed yesterday’s upload, so two today.

#18 La’Rasa Arborum

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La’Rasa of the Trees is another forest spirit. She is closer to the top of the spirit world, higher than the Waldgeist and also generally found in different areas, she is responsible for the balance and well being of both the creatures and the ecosystem of her forest, unlike the Waldgeist who simply watches over the trees. Her spirit is close to 7,000 years old, sometimes passing from body to body, but preferring the one pictured above. Unbeknownst to most, spirits such as her do not live forever and their survival is dependent on the health of the environment they keep.

Day 12: Jean

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Ever since childhood, Jean has had a really unusual ability, though he would rather call it a curse.  Every time Jean looks in a mirror, he completely changes into a different person, physically.  IT’S REALLY WEIRD!!!!!!! the end

Day# 17 Paula McBeale

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#17 Paula McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#17 Paula McBeale for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Daddy’s Little Princess

Paula McBeale and her sister (#18)Agnes live across the road from Aedre’s new house on Hook Rd. They live in a tiny one-bedroom house that is far too small for four people. To Aedre’s view, they are disgorged from the house every school morning, and swallowed up again right after school as if they don’t exist at any other time.

Paula is secretive and constantly feels deprived, since she get no allowance and has to beg for everything she feels she needs. She finds an outlet for her feelings of resentment about this by stealing small things from school, from stores, from her friends, though in the latter case she calls it “borrowing”. Her favourite thing to steal when she can get it, however, is money. No one finds out about this habit of hers for many years.

She is an excellent actress. After all she’s been acting for Daddy since she was a baby. Sometimes the things he makes her act for him make her uncomfortable but at least she has his undivided attention for periods of time. Daddy is an avid photographer, but he never shows his photos to anyone but Paula, keeping them locked away in a box under her bed, and he says its “our secret game, Princess”. So she is cautioned never to tell anyone about the secret game or Daddy won’t be able to play with her anymore.

She takes to hanging out with Aedre on the way to and from school because she feels that Aedre is so pathetic it makes her look good, and besides, sometimes she can steal stuff from her and she never seems to realise the only person who could have stolen it was Paula. Paula holds Aedre in contempt while pretending to be her friend.

But then, Aedre is conditioned to think that everything bad that happens is her fault, and so if something goes missing then she must have lost it somehow. This suits Paula just fine. Daddy’s little Princess knows how to get on in the world.

#19 Harvey Dowd

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Harvey is a column writer for a small town paper.  He left his big city reporting job behind him because he felt like the city was closing in on him.  He never thought he’d go back, until he heard that his friend was murdered.  What choice did he have?

#7 ThunderFrog

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#9 Major Mason

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In  1966 Major Matt Mason was the Mattel organizations “First man in space!” .  He was a shining example of American Pride and ingenuity.  Whilst exploring the vast unknown the Majors ship was  bombarded with Gamma Light, all communications were lost.  Now, almost fifty years later, the Major has returned…but there’s something different about him…

#9 Ghlask

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Ghlask came about in a very inventive D@D game my group began last night. The idea was that you make a character for the player to your left, bearing in mind their likes and dislikes, but also adding some of your own personal flair to the concept. So, technically, this is Matthew Goodmanson’s character concept that he thought would suit me, and I drew it.

Ghlask is a Bugbear that bears umbral blood- he is a shadow sorceror. Someday, his umbral heritage will make him into a being of shadow, but his unusual position politically has him favouring helping the forces of light. How long this tenuous loyalty can last is uncertain, but sooner or later, light gives in to darkness…

#18 – Marduk

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Marduk is a high ranking Babylonian god. The highest ranking. As one of the oldest gods in the Mythoscape, Marduk has seen it all. Long past the glory days when he defeated Tiamat, he is now the most powerful Wizard anyone has ever seen. He keeps from getting rusty by going on constant adventures with warriors, thieves, paladins, elves, dwarves and any other adventurers that will have him.

Of course, none of those guys or those adventures are real. Marduk is the only god in the Mythoscape that loves LARPing with his civillian buddies. As president of the League of Afterlife Geeks (L.A.G.), he organizes the LARPing adventures, the Comic conventions, the D&D / Magic the Gathering tournaments and various fan clubs throughout the Mythoscape. Marduk was recently introduced to World of Warcraft and he hasn’t been seen since…

#8 Intergalactic Adventurer

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Imagine him as a hero to an old NES side scrolling game or something to that effect.

Day# 16 Thomas “Weeks” Kelsey

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#16 Thomas "Weeks" Kelsey, for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

#16 Thomas "Weeks" Kelsey, for Aedre's Firefly by Jande Rowe

Thomas J. Kelsey, dubbed “Weeks”, short for “Wee Kelsey”, which was what most of the other kids called him from the first day he attended Maple Public School. Snarky remarks during his first recess period about his diminutive size –about two thirds the height of the shortest of his peers– soon gave way to awe when he aptly demonstrated not only his aptitude and skill at most sports, but his well honed sportsmanship as well. He could take joke and a pounding on the sports field better than most boys twice his physical stature. He was built heavy for his height, yet he was agile, too.

He did well in his academic studies, got along well with other boys, and excelled on the sportsfield. The one thing he’s have no truck with was girls, and he held strong opinions as to their place in sports, mostly negative. Where girls were concerned he was implacable. If a girl wanted to play on his team, he would stare at them without a sound until they fled. Unless of course they fled to a teacher who forced him to comply, which he did readily, but gave no quarter to the girl, so that finally she had to give up in defeat.

Aedre, of course, didn’t know this until she smashed into his prejudice head-on. She had asked the recess teacher if she could play soccer, and he had agreed she could. Fully confident of himself and his view of the world, Weeks bested her simply by being himself. No hard feelings on his part. That’s just the way the world works. She never had a chance to even see the ball. She may as well have been invisible. For Aedre, who had hopes and dreams of a different world than the lost and lonely one in which she found herself, it was just another entry carved into her psyche on the very long list of grievances that would push her to the very edge of either going mad, or giving up completely.

Weeks didn’t know anything about Aedre of course, except what the other boys told him, that she was a cootie-bag and a witch besides, but whether or not he believed them didn’t matter. She was a girl and girls had no value in Week’s world.

#17 – Pan

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Pan is the Greek god associated with shepherds and flocks, hunting and rustic music. In the Mythoscape, Pan is the official DJ on the Island paradise of Kadavu. Dakuwaqa hired him to help keep everyone in a party mood for his music can alter the feelings of anyone who hears it. Depending on what he plays, Pan can incite inspiration, creativity, panic or other more R rated feelings. Pan is a laid back guy who enjoys the Island atmosphere and has, “the best boss in the Mythoscape!”

#18 Anni Weston

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Pages from the
private notes of A.K.A.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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Day# 15 ReldoRurr

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#15 ReldoRurr for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

#15 ReldoRurr for Wheeler's Orbits by Jande Rowe

It Ain’t Easy Being Tween

ReldoRurr is an Adnirovjyna youngling, eldest offspring of (#12)Thaddeursus, and therefore a source of great embarrassment to his parent. At the age of dissent, rebellion, and world-weary long-suffering of elders, his passionate nature has more than once brought him before the council whom he refers to as those old fligmarrons* (*a grumpy indecisive animal so set in its ways that it will often run right into an obvious trap rather than deviate from its normal routine–needless to say, they are now a protected species on the planet Adnirovjyn).

Although his father has more sympathy for the age ReldoRurr is going through than the cub may realise, he is still an Adnirovjyna, and therefore feels the censure of his kind deeply. Thus it is his way of trying to keep ReldoRurr out of the way of others that he often gives him the task of collecting (far afield) the small tubers that sprout from the (#14)Sqorthk animal variants.

These can be plucked from the Sqorthk just after the rainy season as they pull themselves ponderously along but this has proven to have a traumatic effect on them, and so usually the younglings are sent to gather the ones that have matured and fallen off to the  ground where, if they are not scooped up will root there and grow into the Sqorthk plants far from the villages. Much more convenient to have them growing under controlled conditions in pots within the villages proper. And much better for all concerned if the wilder younglings are kept busy at a useful  tiring task far from the village.

Unfortunately, ReldoRurr finds this kind of work beneath him, even though he enjoys it, sensing that no matter how useful it is to his people, they really are trying to get rid of him, because in his own mind, he is right about them when he keeps calling them on their “Griiftakk’s Invisible Sceptre” policies** (** a fairy tale told to Adnirovjyni children about a ruler of their people who was sold by a pair of scoundrels from the south, a non-existant magical sceptre that only the most wisest rulers could see). His resentment came to fruition when he reported the existence of an alien invasion from outer space and was given extra duties as a “curb to youthful imaginings”.

Fortunately for ReldoRurr, his pater did accept his story, mostly from the excitement and passion with which it was delivered ((shudder)), and after the fiasco with the council, went with his cub to see with his own eyes those very strange beings, whom he later learned called themselves Wee’hlir and Hie-ke, and hailed from the stars themselves, although actually from an earth-like planet in Andromeda. It was inevitable perhaps that ReldoRurr developed a strong case of hero-worship for the hairless ones, well one of them, for the consequences of that were long remembered.

And so it was that ReldoRurr was the first person ever to lay eyes upon the magnificence that was the space entrepreneurial partnership known as Wheeler’s Orbits and the beginning of a tale so strange it is told to the children of Adnirovjyn to this very day.


Well I’ve finally reached the half-way point and what a fun ride it’s been so far! Meeting some wonderful artists and storytellers, as well as challenging myself to keep innovating and trying different styles of art, have been the highlights for me during this Challenge. I’m psyched to get the next fifteen Characters out there, as each one contributes much more than one can imagine to the ongoing stories for both Wheeler’s Orbits and Aedre’s Firefly, not to mention a few new story ideas as well.

I hope everyone else is enjoying this Challenge and the fruits of all our labours as much as I am.

#6 The Gay Flame

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#19 – Point Ed

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He’s gotta point! No, literally, he HAS TO POINT! Ed was born with his hands in the pointing position. He has superior aim, and can poke eyes with the best of them! He’s even been asked to plug a hole in a leaky dam!

#19 – #21 Lady D, Red, Tina Titan

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From left to right: Lady D, Red, and Tina Titan.

They’re out to do one thing… Kill Matt! What you didn’t know?

#4 – Communist Rollerbabe

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I know, the last 3 characters or so doesnt have NAMES haha, I created all three i nthe same period, more or less.. 2008 I think.

This one was the main character of my 2009’s 24 hour comic. She’s a general badass, hottie, who beat and explode shit up. Don’t mess her up!

Brush again. The problem now is the double tip the brush is getting.. which sucks!

#18 – Numan

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Day 18 - Numan

Numan the martial artist

Numan is the brother of Sarah and roommate to Sam.  He is a Tai Chi instructor and is called “Fu-Man chew” by his students.  He has a calm, easy-going manner that borders on being annoying to many people.  Others go to him for advice and for a calming force he exudes.  Sarah suspects he’s just making things up as he goes along, but his advice is often helpful even if it’s a bit cryptic.

#18 Detective

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#22 Dagar (the Desert Hawk)

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Yet another public domain character I’ve “RetroFixed.” I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while, but it took Gary’s Infidel to remind me that I had even considered doing this, so thanks, Gary!

Concept: I wanted to bring Dagar, the Desert Hawk into the new millennium, but with such a poor view of Muslims, I had to be very careful. The original character is stereotypical, especially in appearance, and I didn’t want that. I wanted to have a hero that could challenge reader’s thoughts about Muslims and the Middle East. I figured that since there’s not much out there about him, I could really add more.  Dagar, to me, is Sayid from Lost; total bad ass. The thin line to tread though is…is Dagar a villain simply because of his difference in philosophy? And then I realized my solution: Dagar would be a field leader for Pax Mundi.

Design: The headpiece of the original was a little too…I don’t know if stereotypical is the word to use again, but it just seems a little racist. So, I wanted to keep it modern. Nevertheless, he had to have a dagger.

I might have thought too hard about this, but I like it.  I hope everyone else digs it.

Art by Drew Moss!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#19 Big Girl

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A big world requires a big girl!
Betty Barney drank the serum marked ‘X’ thinking it would make her feel sexy.
Little did she know she would loom large on every male mind!

#19 Monty

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Monty is Cory’s best friend, though the two are different in many respects. Still, they do enjoy a lot of the same things and have fun playing video games, football, kool-aid (kind of like hide ‘n’ seek, but everyone has a color that the “it” person has to call out to catch them). Monty is into sports, but also likes comics, games and toys too. He’s much more outgoing than Cory, which leads to an interesting friendship.


For those following my posts, I fell behind, but post-dated the last three, so just click on my name to see the latest.

#17 – Raze

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Nothing made by man is safe from MY destruction!

Once a brilliant engineer, Raze was vilified when  rival corporation, ConnectCorps,  accused her of causing a bridge collapse that killed nearly one hundred people.  Driven insane by the flurry of accusation and guilt, she crafted two gauntlets with INCREDIBLY destructive power and sought to destroy all  of ConnectCorps’ assets, becoming a full-on industrial saboteur!

#16 C’alla & Hatti, Halves of a Hole

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15 カッパの2人

C’alla and Hatti • Halves and Holes

C’alla and Hatti are actually two halves of a single Kappa entity. Whoever’s head has the bubble is he who is dominant and he who speaks; although they both like to be referred to in the plural. C’alla is shy and dark-haired, and always uses the honorific. Hatti is grey-haired, and curious about humans; They are both perverted and love hanging out in the hot springs. C’alla finds females fascinating; Hatti prefers clean males.

When they are particularly excited, they turn water red and warm. They’ve been in awkward situations where they have had to explain the reconstitution of water to peers. They enjoy getting invites to the Parade annually, though they are warned to keep their excitement in check… especially when crossing waterways like Makktanh’s island »

Ink on drawing paper.

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#16 – Cross Bones

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When you're dead, life is the greatest booty!

A dastardly pirate of the high seas, Cross Bones was gunned down during a failed plundering of a royal ship.  But the bullet that pierced him was cursed by Gypsie magic and he survived as a pirate of the undead!  Bound to the water, he now must roam the seas looking for the last vestiages of the royal family, whom he must slaughter in order to find his eternal rest.

#15 – Pulsor

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I am the Dark Side of Light!

A survivor of the same solar storm that created the hero Strobe, Pulsar was once a rival astronaut, but his exposure to Dark Light corrupted his inner being!  Able to project blasts of intense heat and travel at near light speed, Pulsor is a deadly foe the light has ever seen!