#18 – Marduk

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Marduk is a high ranking Babylonian god. The highest ranking. As one of the oldest gods in the Mythoscape, Marduk has seen it all. Long past the glory days when he defeated Tiamat, he is now the most powerful Wizard anyone has ever seen. He keeps from getting rusty by going on constant adventures with warriors, thieves, paladins, elves, dwarves and any other adventurers that will have him.

Of course, none of those guys or those adventures are real. Marduk is the only god in the Mythoscape that loves LARPing with his civillian buddies. As president of the League of Afterlife Geeks (L.A.G.), he organizes the LARPing adventures, the Comic conventions, the D&D / Magic the Gathering tournaments and various fan clubs throughout the Mythoscape. Marduk was recently introduced to World of Warcraft and he hasn’t been seen since…

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