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#16 – Dakuwaqa

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Dakuwaqa is a Shark-God from Fijian mythology. Protector of Kadavu Island. In the Mythoscape, Dakuwaqa spends his days lounging in paradise. Not a care in the world other than what’s in his playlist, what he’s reading and what he’s drinking. He has recreated his Island home here in the Mythoscape as a vacation destination for anyone who wants to visit, be they god, civillian or even the occasional temporarily-well-mannered Dark god. Kadavu Island is the closest thing to a neutral zone in the Mythoscape. Not that Dakuwaqa would do anything about it if a fight broke out. He probably wouldn’t even notice.

Day# 13 a Sqorthk: plant stage.

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#13 a Sqorthk, by Jande Rowe

#13 a Sqorthk, by Jande Rowe

Adnirovjyni Sqorthk, Vegetable Phase: a vine-like animal that spends part of its life-cycle as a plant, used as a food source for the dominant sentient bear-like species known simply as (#12) Adnirovjyna.

During the vegetative stage, each vine becomes translucent and produces pebbled protrubances that can grow to be quite large. In the early stages these can be broken off and used as vegetables either cooked or raw, which contain starches, cellulose, vitamins and minerals conducive to the good nature and health of the indigenous sentient race of Adnirovjyn. It is a favourite item to be combined with other Adnirovjyni flora to produce a delicious frothy alcoholic beverage well loved by the native peoples which they call Frooshk.

Once the protuberances grow beyond a certain size they lose their translucence and by their own weight droop toward the ground. Here they remain inert for a period of weeks developing a hard knobbly shell –a cocoon of sorts you might say, which protects them from predators to a certain extent, though some have been known to find ingenious ways of cracking them open. It is within this shell that the plant-Sqorthk undergoes the unique transformation from plant to animal.

Next up #14 a Sqorthk in animal phase.


#17 Isidoros Thálassa

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A relative unknown in his time, Isidoros was a true visionary. Living in Greece during the 4th centure BCE, Isidoros is best known for his explorations into deep sea diving. He constantly created suits such as this one to traverse the great Mediterranean. Obsessed with the sea from a very young age, Isidoros changed his last name to Thálassa (greek: sea)as soon as he could. Also a man of some hubris, he would often affix the wings of hermes to his diving suits in hopes that this would call upon the great god Hermes to give him speed and ease of travel through the water.

#7 Mindgame

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Victor Warren was only 19 when he was drafted into the Vietnam war, four months into his first tour his platoon was “ambushed” by an unknown foe.  Warren was the only individual found alive after the incident and he was soon found t0 be affected in a strange way.  Warrens mind had been re-wired.  Over the weeks of recovery warren found that he could lift small objects if he focused hard enough.   Soon enough this caught the attention of the higher-ups and he was whisked away to a new location.  His parents were informed of the “ambush” and were sent an empty coffin.

For all intents and purposes the military had made Warren a dead man. Now through a special regime of medication and mental training they intend to make him into the first of whole new generation of psychic soldiers.  But warren has different plans.

Day 14 – Chaos

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Balance is a Sin -- Chaos is All!

Little is known about Chaos other than that she is a self-professed wielder of the Power Imperfect!

Day 13 – Mach-10

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Crime DOES pay...if you're fast enough!

A hard-rocker, thru and thru, Mach-10 enjoys the wildside of life, taking on a life of crime after a freak accident left her living in a hyper kinetic-field.  A penultimate tough-girl, Mach-10 wears her bad attitude like a badge of courage and is always ready for a FIGHT!

Day 12 – Seeker

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No corner of the universe is safe from me!

The last of his people, Seeker is a voracious tracker, his alien senses able to detech the slightest trace of his target, even across the depths of space!   A bounty-hunter by trade, Seeker has the roamed the universe, tracking both heroes and villains alike in his pursuit for the greatest game possible!

Day 11 – The Tomorrow Man

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An agent of Evolution!

Surviving an alien abduction, The Tomorrow Man escaped captivity aftere raiding an arsenl storage unit and finding an alien war-suit.  Bonding on a genetic level, the suit taps into the evolutionary potential field inherent to its wearer’s species, granting powers and abilities as yet unobtained by that species!  But as a side-effect, the exposure speeds up the rate of power development of that species!

#17 Berkie the Bookworm

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Berkie has the misfortune of knowing too much.  If you need information you go to Berkie.  Sometimes the “people” who come to ask aren’t always the nicest about it and Berkie isn’t built for interrogation.

Day 10 – Taboo

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Strange has never looked so good!

A practioner of ancient Dark Arts, Taboo has sought the revision of history with the absence of technology!  She’s dedicated her malevolent life to the pursuit of magic purity and demeans all who’ve favored science over the mystical arts.

#5 Pug

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11. Lady Blaise (The Elements)

The Elements

Since the dawn of time, four heroes have stood together, chosen by the elements to be the heroes of our world. Earth, patient and strong. Air, enigmatic and swift. Fire, beautiful but dangerous. Water, malleable and nurturing. When they all fall, another four are chosen from among the ranks of Mankind.

Lady Rebecca Blaise (Fire)

Lady Rebecca Blaise was a member of the Scottish nobility, a redhead but with some Norman ancestry, and had what can only be described as a passionate personality. Her love was intense, but no more so than her anger could be– Both desired and in a way feared by her many suitors.

Physically, Fire is a woman made of flame. (She differs from familiar fire-base characters in that, in her era, a woman simply could not be seen to be unclothed.) Her flaming form is fully dressed, as a wealthy noblewoman, with her “clothing” formed out of the flames. While she is able to appear completely human, this is not practical as she would be found nude in front of her three companions.

Even transformed, she has the dignity of the nobility. Her emotions are strong, but she is in control of them.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Valerie Nicharico. A Black Label Comics production.

#17 Skyman

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Name: Skyman
Species: Darkraker (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 14/Male/N/A
Main Goal: Steal some fine swag, buy/build/forcibly take a subterranean lair of some sort, take a few wives and have a few dozen children.
Occupation: None
Motivation: Greed, Lust
Inner Need: Loot and women
Flaw: Crude, uncivilized, ignorant, nearly unusable hands, kind of a coward
Good/Bad Habits: Steals a LOT
Secret: Tries not to broadcast the fact that he’ll gladly slit someone’s throat for fun and/or profit.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Very stealthy, deadly claws instead of fingers or toes, great climber, can control light with his mind.
Attitude: Gruff, mean
Dialogue Style: Caveman talk (“Give money or I kill you!”)
Backstory/Description: Skyman was born into a nest of darkrakers and was given the name of Skyman for his latent ability to control light (like the sky, or whatever). However, he got sick and tired of their leader, Badjaw, pushing them around, so using his light control powers to shade his albino skin from the sun he set off on his own, looting and killing on a whim.

Here’s the third post-apocalyptic guy, also hired by Sargonovus to round out the power trio. Three is powerful number.

#16 Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class

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Name: Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class
Species: Charred (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 1059/Male/N/A
Main Goal: To remember all of his past
Occupation: Mercenary/Bodyguard
Motivation: Unease at the huge gaps in his memory
Inner Need: Survival
Flaw: Can’t remember anything specific from more than 50-60 years ago. Sort of “out there,” like he was half asleep constantly.
Good/Bad Habits: Follows orders of his current employer/superior without question, comment, or complaint.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Military training, swordplay, eats and drinks half as much as a normal human, immune to disease, poison, and radiation. Will live indefinitely.
Quirks: Gives his full military designation, Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald, Private 1st Class, Serial Number 34-886-542, Columbian Army 14th Infantry Division, even though the Columbian Army and Columbia itself were both destroyed in the Backlash.
Attitude: Distant, Drowzy, Docile
Dialogue Style: Extremely terse, sometimes just in single words. Longer thoughts punctuated with “Sir!”
Backstory/Description: Benjamin Arthur Fitzgerald was a soldier in the Columbian Army deployed in Aryabrata during the war with the gods. When the gods ended the world in the Backlash, he was exposed to the raw light of creation, which seared off his flesh but also made him immortal. He has since wandered the lands of Aryabrata for 1000 years, selling his services as a mercenary or bodyguard for whatever they will pay, all the while steadily losing his long-term memory.

Here’s another guy from that same post-apocalyptic setting. I envisioned him as being hired by Sargonovus as a bodyguard.

#15 Sargonovus

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Name: Sargonovus
Species: Egghead (mutant human)
Age/Sex/Race: 29/Male/Caucasian
Main Goal: Build a vast empire through conquest.
Occupation: Pre-Backlash Weapons Expert
Motivation: Ambition
Inner Need: Power, Knowledge
Flaw: Arrogant, Selfish, Bossy
Good/Bad Habits: Maintains an old Glock very well. Always gives orders assuming they will be followed without question and gets offended when they are.
Secret: His secret plan to acquire the ultimate weapon, a slaymachine.
Skills, Knowledge, Props: Highly analytical, tactical mind. Extremely knowledgable in pre-Backlash weapons and history. Decent craftsman with metal.
Quirks: Always wears an old lab coat his father gave him.
Attitude: Smug
Dialogue Style: Accent kind of like the 20’s, uses lots of informal addresses (“pal, buddy, buster, slick”).
Backstory/Description: Sargonovus’s parents could barely stand each other, both being as arrogant as he was. After he was born, his father, Paracaesar, got into a fight with his mother and left her, taking Sargonovus with him. Under his father’s tutelage he learned all about scavenging and repairing pre-Backlash weapons, as well as their history gleaned from a few tattered textbooks. When Sargonovus was 19, he and his father tired of each other and parted ways. Now Sargonovus wanders Southwood looking to build himself an empire using the most powerful of pre-Backlash weapons, a slaymachine, a weapon made from the blood of the slain forge god Shorus.

Yeah, this guy (and the next three or more) are from a post-apocalyptic setting I made for the roleplaying game Mutant Future, where the world was destroyed after a war with the gods, wherein the gods sacrificed most of their power to bathe the world in the light of creation, thus mutation most of the life forms on the planet. Incidentally, here’s another guy I made for this setting:

#16 Amethyst

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Amethyst, or as her armor used to be known as MASS (Mobile Armed Stealth Suit) was originally designed by the US government to be the new “face of the US military”.  The Prototype suit “The Amethyst” (thus named for it’s purple paint scheme), disappeared on it’s first trial run.  A few months later it reappeared, helping US troops in the middle east.  The original test pilot was Samantha Riggs, it is unknown if the current pilot if still Riggs or someone she trained.  Needless to say, Amethyst does indeed help the US in its war time endeavors, but also has it’s own agenda.

Shortly before the MASS suit reappeared, all of the plans, and blueprints for the suit disappeared, and the main development team “died” in a plane crash.  Time will tell if she/it is truly on the side of the US or her own side.

#17 Angel

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Just call her Angel

Day 17: Beau Tieman

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Beau Tieman is seen here giving the thumbs up.  He’s proof that you should really question those who wear bow ties and always give a thumbs up!

Day 16: Peter Pieman

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It’s Peter Pieman.  He’s a bit cheeky!

#17 – Beer Monocle

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When the situation is so dire and you you need to be so drunk that you can only keep one eye open, why reach for the beer goggles?

#4 Aiden

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Aiden, wife, mother of three…vampire.

She struggles to maintain the life and people she has lost due to her dramatic change. She wants to protect her family but also puts them in danger because of her unwillingness to let go of them.

In the beginning of the story Aiden is lost, trying to remember what happened the night of her transformation as well as trying to figure out a way to be near her family without them knowing. Every time she tries to remember that night, terrible pain shoots through her mind almost causing her to black out. Later she discovers the werewolf Zev, whom she hit her car with that night knows some of the details of what happened but because she is a vampire he is unwilling to tell her anything. Realizing she cannot pursue this until she can get past the pain, she instead focuses on watching her family.

Initially she is very careful and does not get close to the house but as time goes on and the dogs and other creatures start to accept her presence she moves closer and closer until ultimately she enters the house as often as she can. Here she finds peace and torment all at once, it rips at her soul but also mends it – it is like a drug she cannot quit.

Aiden met her husband when they were children; eventually leading them to love until Marcus moved away in high school, leaving Aiden heartbroken. Several years later Marcus returned much wiser than he should have been for his years. Despite all that had taken place in their time apart their feelings had never changed and they were quickly married.

Aiden watches painfully as her family suffers without her feeling powerless against what is unfolding in front of her eyes. Torn with keeping them ignorant and safe and stepping in to save them from themselves Aiden plans how she might help them without becoming any wiser.

#16 Nakoa olu-Hani

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Nakoa olu-Hani

Our random futuristic shirt of the day is a sweatshirt from a Polares concert.  Polares is a band Nakoa likes.  The name is the literal plural of Polaris, the name of Earth’s pole star, so perhaps their name best translates to “North Stars.”  Each planet has to have one, after all!

As usual, more info about Race and its species can be found here.  My entry for Tansei is here.  (And that’s not a typo, the masculine prefix for Onka last names is “olu” and the feminine is “oro.”)

#9 – Jasmina the Jarren Killer

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Jasmina Bootbuck was the daughter of the local Shirelord. An heiress with an heiress attitude, she was even less prepared for the Silver plague than your average halfling. Her father had Jasmina and her cousins shipped out of the shires at the first attack, but their caravan was overtaken by the assimilated plague victims. Only one of her cousins managed to escape, as she too became one of the Silver. But something happened. A latent psionic talent kicked in, keeping the plague at bay. For the next year she struggled with it and by the time the plague was finally defeated, she had formed a symbiotic relationship with it. She returned to the shires to find and even more awful threat. The Jarren. Killing as many as she could find, she made it her soul purpose to wipe them out. So far from the life she had known, she now tracks them across Oberonn’s Land, and will not stop until she sees them all dead.

#10 – Patrick Sanders

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Name: Patrick Sanders
Age: 25
Role: Vigilante Leader

Patrick  Sanders is dead. At least, that’s what all the papers say. When the orphanage he lived in went up in flames, those responsible wanted to hide evidence of the drug tests they were performing, and all the children were assumed dead. Patrick escaped with a few others, but records indicate he died years ago.

That’s all right, though, because Patrick is lucky. At first it just seems like he has an optimistic outlook on life. He says he’s lucky to be alive, he’s lucky to have his health, he’s lucky to have found a job that pays well enough to survive and won’t ask questions, he’s lucky the government hasn’t found him. But the truth is, Patrick is lucky. His power is mostly subconscious and works in small ways, affecting both himself and those around him. While his luck will never win millions in the lottery, it might get him enough off a scratch card to get him through a bad week. In a fight or a fall, it makes the difference between a broken arm and a broken neck. Now that Patrick has become aware of what he can do, it’s given him a remarkably positive outlook on life. He’s poor, has to live under the radar, and sometimes it seems like doesn’t have enough to get by — but it could always be worse. He knows how to make the most of what he has.

That’s not all. Thanks to experimental drugs given to the children at the orphanage, Patrick’s mind awoke further, transforming him into a full-blown telepath. Few telepaths exist in the world and those that are known are rarely trusted. Patrick’s kept his abilities a secret from most people.

All telepaths can read minds, communicate, and shield their minds, but each one has a quirk that is, as far as anyone knows, unique to that telepath. Patrick’s telepathy grants him supreme control over his emotions.

Now, that doesn’t mean he’s got no personality. Patrick is still a pretty normal guy in terms of feelings. What it means is he can cause his emotions to manifest physically. Anger, hate, fear, love, joy, all these and more, Patrick can conjure an avatar of those emotions to fight for him. He is seen here with his Avatar of Fury. He has mastery of several emotions, but it’s unknown how many avatars are lurking in his mind. The possibilities could be endless — after all, nobody knows if the extent of human emotion can be concretely measured.

There is one drawback. If Patrick experiences extreme emotion, an avatar can manifest spontaneously and it often takes on a mind of its own. Patrick’s telepathy shuts down when this happens until he can regain control of the wayward emotion. Fortunately, since these avatars are physical manifestations of Patrick’s psyche, they cannot deliberately harm him.

He’s the leader of my little superhero group. Though he’s not wealthy or powerful, he is a natural leader, thanks in part to his luck-manipulation and his telepathy.

Also a small note: Patrick suffers from severe pyrophobia. The orphanage where he lived burned down and Patrick was trapped inside. To this day, he is terrified of anything larger than a campfire. Even smaller flames make him nervous. Interestingly, his Avatar of Fear manifests as a creature of fire.

I’m not 100% satisfied with the Avatar, and I think Patrick looks younger than he is meant to. I envisioned him as a lanky, kind of nondescript fellow. He doesn’t wear a super-costume, but his avatars do most of the fighting for him anyway. I always envisioned his Avatar of Fury as this giant, armored tank being, but this is the first time I tried to actually design him. If I work with him again, I will probably do some more design options to come up with a more “furious” design.

I’ve started making so many connections between my superhero characters (both the ones I’ve posted and others to come) that my next webcomic project may end up being a superhero comic. Hmmm *rubs chin thoughtfully*

#17 The Vampyr Bat

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tribute to bernie Wrightson


#15 – Ares

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Everyone knows who the Greek god Ares is so lets move on. In Shattered Myth, Ares was once the greatest warrior god around. An unofficial member of the DEVA, Ares tagged along on peacekeeping missions. Ares relished in the combat and the victories. Or so he thought. He eventually became bored and realized it wasn’t the wins he loved. It was the satisfaction of the kill.

After a mission on the island of the dark god Camulus, Ares was somehow now able to do what most in the Mythoscape thought impossible. Murder. How one can kill or be killed here is a mystery but Ares was kicked out of the DEVA after going on a death dealing spree. He stripped himself of his armor and all weapons except for two small blades he uses to do the wetwork. It is said he prefers to feel the blood on his sensors and the heat from the wound. Ares current location is unknown. Some say he’s back on the island with Camulus. Some say he found a way to cross over. All will tell you NOT to go looking for the Mythoscapes only serial killer.

#20 King Snakeroot

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Oh, where to begin.

I have this idea to “RetroFix” this public domain character, the Black Cobra (there’s actually a few), ideas which may show up in the Challenge. I’m really excited about the potential for this character, so I’m trying to build up the supporting cast, especially the villains. Which is exactly where the King here falls.

Concept: The leader of the Cult of Naga, King Snakeroot has taken upon himself the task of exterminating the Black Cobra, a costumed hero with a long past. Rumor has it that Snakeroot has fought (and has been defeated by) every incarnation of the Black Cobra (a legacy that reaches back to the late 1800’s).

Design: Ugh. Not really. I like what I came up with, but that headdress is either too ostentatious or not ostentatious enough. I really wanted a snake crown, but not the Serpent Crown. Snake themes pop up a lot in comics, so it’s hard to be 100% original. I do like that his costume has segments, like a snake’s underbelly/abdomen. He has potential, and in the hands of a proper artist, I think he improves greatly. Screw all that! Uriel Duran nailed it!

Art by Uriel Duran!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

#17 Cory

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Cory is an average kid for the most part. A little on the quiet side, likes action figures, comics and cartoons, and food. But he has a wild imagination, which leads him and his friends on some crazy adventures. This is Cory’s Story, come along for the ride!


Changing gears once again, an idea hit me, so the next few characters will be characters in Cory’s Story, which will someday be another webcomic project of mine. These are just rough sketches, but you get the gist. I was going for something akin to Charlie Brown and South Park in design.

#17- The Ladhof

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#4 Mega D (Mega Droid)

| November 17, 2010 | 2 Comments

Sega Megadrive robot. Created by sentient robots in the distant future.

Im soooo far behind in the 30d30c challenge, I’ve had no internet for the past few days, and I’m sticking with this excuse :) It’s no excuse really I’m just slow at making these robots, I have several Ideas for these characters but they are proving to be very hard to finish off, I’ll try to make as many as I can in the 30 days. Here is the latest Mega D (MegaDroid).

#17 Blundow the Barbarian.

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