#16 Amethyst

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Amethyst, or as her armor used to be known as MASS (Mobile Armed Stealth Suit) was originally designed by the US government to be the new “face of the US military”.  The Prototype suit “The Amethyst” (thus named for it’s purple paint scheme), disappeared on it’s first trial run.  A few months later it reappeared, helping US troops in the middle east.  The original test pilot was Samantha Riggs, it is unknown if the current pilot if still Riggs or someone she trained.  Needless to say, Amethyst does indeed help the US in its war time endeavors, but also has it’s own agenda.

Shortly before the MASS suit reappeared, all of the plans, and blueprints for the suit disappeared, and the main development team “died” in a plane crash.  Time will tell if she/it is truly on the side of the US or her own side.

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