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#11 – Emissary and Chief

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments
Day 11 - Dragon Emissary and Giant Chief

Dragon Emissary and Giant Chief from Dungeon Legacy

This Dragon Emissary and Giant chief are the last major new characters introduced on page 200 of Dungeon Legacy.  Several minor characters are also introduced.  Check out the page and then go back and read the story.  Major plot twists are ahead.

The Dragon Emissary has come to convince the Giant Chief to use his forces to support the Tieflings war against the Dragonborn.  Why would a dragon help a half-demon race attack a group of people closely related to her own?  She harbors many secrets that will be revealed as the story continues.

The Giant Chief has problems of his own, so unless the Emissary and Tieflings can help him solve his problems, he’s not interested in helping them.  Unless the party can make a counter offer, they may have a major war on their hands.

#10 Rush, The Boxer

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Before moving on to my next formal set of characters, here’s something a little different.

I’m a writer but sometimes I doodle and sketch to fire up my imagination. I drew this guy one day simply because I think the combination of hoodies and leather jackets is pretty badass. That inspired a screenplay (currently a working draft). I wanted a story that would be vaguely superhero/vigilante with a blue collar edge, since that’s what this guy said to me. So was born the story of Rush, The Boxer.

Rush was a retired boxer working construction and training his best friend, Frank, for a number one contender match. The one night Frank is brutally murdered by  Karl, a local gangster, over a girl and Rush is framed for it. After he escapes the police in a dangerous rooftop chase everyone thinks Rush has left town. No one suspects this no name boxer is actually lurking in the shadows, slowly taking apart Karl’s crime organization one piece at a time. When Rush is done poor Karl will be left worse than dead, he will be broken and alone.

Copyright © 2010, Rolando Garcia.
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#11 Mercineria

| November 11, 2010 | 6 Comments

will she kill you with her looks before her blade?

Day 11: Gym Nasty

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Another juvenile delinquent with the unique talent of being extra flexible.  She’s Gym Nasty!  She can bounce off walls and fit in the smallest of places. 

Funny, she seems to have lost her ears somewhere.

#4. Dorothy Arnold

The Jazz Police

On January 16th, 1919, the 18th Amendment to the Unites States constitution was ratified by the Congress and 36 states. It took effect a year and a day later, outlawing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of “intoxicating liquors”.Raids on “speak-easies” and underground stills served as a perfect cover for work to extinguish supernatural threats to our way of life. At the forefront of this effort, the elite and secretive Federal Bureau of Vice and Taboo Management, known due to their lack of a snappy acronym as the “Jazz Police”.

They have badges, they have guns, and they have (probationary) special dispensation to make use of supernatural means and intoxicating liquors.

Dorothy Arnold

In 1910, beautiful Manhattan socialite Dorothy Arnold went missing, age 25. (This is historical fact.) She was recently tracked down by the Jazz Police and offered amnesty in exchange for her help hunting monsters. It may be notable that a decade later she still appears to be in her early 20s.

She’s not the most willing agent of the Jazz Police, but needs both the amnesty and special dispensation offered for her service.

Dorothy is a gorgeous, slender, and pale blonde (with fairly short curly hair), usually very well dressed even for an upper-class woman of the early 1920s. She wears very short flaring skirts and high heels. She is sometimes seen in round smoked glasses.

At apparently random intervals, she shows signs of vampirism– fangs, aversion to light, uncontrollable thirst– but at other times she seems perfectly normal, if a little preoccupied.

Created by Ian Struckhoff. Design artwork by Juri Hayasaka. A Black Label Comics production.

#11- Tujoxi

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Based on one of my good friends, Tujoxi is a young Wiccan who was orphaned at the age of 15.  Through a series of hapless events, Tujoxi’s Mother opened a portal to the dead realms.  The opened portal allowed for a number of evil spirits to enter the living world and kill Tujoxi’s Mom and Dad.  Tujoxi escaped with only a pendant her Father gave her just before he died.  He told Tujoxi the pendant would protect her and guide her.  Scrambling hysterically into the forest that surrounded her home for protection, Tujoxi collapses and falls fast asleep.  She awakens to see the remains of her dead Father coming to murder her.  Her Father had been taken over by one of the evil spirits that her Mother had released.

Part of one of the pages for the main story I’d been working on;

#11 Sevlow

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Sevlow, as a young girl was abandoned in the woods by her guardians for unknown reasons.  She was found by a pack of wolves who nursed her, and nurtured her as she grew.   When she reached young adult hood, the wolves revealed themselves to her as being a pack of Lupine, or werewolves.  To protect her, and grant her their gift, the turned her into a Lupine as well.

While she grew she became attached to two wolves in particular, whom she trained under and became very close to.  While she is still a member of the pack, she does come and go as she pleases.  She has become the pack’s unofficial protector from the outside world.  Something about her allowed her to become something “more” than a “typical” Lupine.

The pack call her “Gaia’s Chosen” as she seems to have better ‘shifting’ control, and just overall more powerful than the rest.

I went to bed early and missed yesterday so i got 10 and 11 today 🙁

#11 Oni (Samurai #6)

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This is my final Samurai from my Samurai666 clan. This is Oni, he’s the most evil of the 6. He’s being taken over by his Demon powers, his skin has already turned red and he has no need for martial arts or weapons. He uses dark magic to destroy his enemies, it seems his powers are limitless but the more he uses them the more he changes into an actual Demon.

#10 Attitude Adjuster

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Attitude Adjuster is the commander of a group of Genetants charged by the world’s governments to protect them from other “super-threats”.  This group is called Project: G.A.T.S. (Genetant Anti-Terrorism Squad).  They are broken down into 4 teams of 5 members and AA oversees all of them.

AA is a top tier genetant, a tactical genius, and a hard-nose ass kicker.  He is remarkably resilient, and seems to have an endless supply of energy to power his super-powered plasma blasts.  He is always cool, and even headed, even in the most stressful situations.  With all the different personalities that answer to him, he has a knack for knowing how each will react to hi, and he adjusts his leadership style accordingly.

He has a long and rather dark past, that he thus far has kept under wraps.  When asked of his past, he simply replies “My past is ‘dead’, and it will stay in the ground.”

Also, if anyone remembers Sir Mix-A-Lot, he had a member of his crew with this name…seemed to fit so much I had to “borrow it”.

#8 Kaidan

| November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

This a character that I had in my head for awhile.  I hope to use him in a future storyline

#11 Buttlebug

| November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

Salvadore Price, the horror writer turned depraved creator of oddities pulled the buttlebug from the lighter side of his brain.  He made him perfectly loyal, but he didn’t bother to imagine him with a good disposition.  Imagine having a job that’s only freedom lies in being able to complain about it.  You’d be angry too.

#11 – Kemmek

| November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments

Kemmek — best friend and classmate to Jasper. Also: a troll.

#11 – Iscura Tragtomb

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

Iscura Tragtomb is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Iscura spends his days as a petty tyrant in the offices of the Zoo College of the Arts (ZCA) managing the day to day operations of the offices. His favorite thing is finding technicalities that force students to rethink major aspects of their school careers. He’s practiced in finding prerequisites that are not met well-enough, reasons to put students into probabtion, and reasons to expel students on probation.

This all started for Iscura when he was seeking entrance into ZCA soon after ZCA became an accredited art college. Iscura wanted to be a famous art professor and sought entrance into the most difficult program offered at ZCA the Polytechnica Master of the Arts. Why go for such a lofty academic position? In Iscura’s town, it was uncommon for the younger generation to seek careers outside of the local businesses of foam and tourism… so throughout his life he was a celebrated small town hero and had little outside feedback. That’s the polite way Iscura remembers things. In actuality, anytime someone offered feedback Iscura would pitch a fit to be tied… and after a few of those outbursts at public events and fairs people treated him differently. They gave him constant, droning approval.

When Iscura met the young Angela Tall (who is now the dean of the whole college – then an admittance counselor) she gently explained what he needed to work on in order to be admitted in a year or two. Then when Iscura tried to launch into a whiney tirade throwing papers and books about her office – Angela would have none of it. She subdued Iscura and as she was escorting him out of her office in an arm twisting wrist lock – he opened up a seemingly sincere plea to just be part of the college somehow to work his way up the ladder – no matter how long it took.

Years later, Iscura just bides his time waiting for opportunities to look good to his supervisor (which is still Angela Tall) and to vent his frustrations by throwing red tape and technicalities at unsuspecting students. He has set his eyes on the dean’s job which he’s still waiting for the right situation to make his move.

Optional fun bonus game with this post! Iscura Tragtomb is an anagram. Can you guess it? Whoever guesses it first on twitter by @ tweeting me the answer (I’m @RobStenzinger) by the end of November, I’ll send them an artist trading card sketch of one my 30 Characters.

#11 – Hephaestus

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Hephaestus is the Greek god of craftsmen, focusing on blacksmithing and technology. He was also lame. As a member of 3 Gods Construction Company, Hephaestus believes in hard work. Some say he’s never fixed his legs because Zeus struck him down and he physically CAN’T make the repairs. His co-workers know the truth. He simply refuses. He is a master of Technology but is determined to prove he can do as much actual labor as the next construction god. “Happiness is a fresh set of blueprints”. He’s the brains of the company but uses his tech and hands to contribute in every aspect.

What the other gods of the company don’t know, is that Hephaestus has put them all in serious debt to Tez. He’s the God of technology but some of the stuff Tez can bring through is lightyears beyond what he’s got. Who knows when or how Tez will collect on this debt or how Vulcan and Ptah will react.

#11 Kendra

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Now in her third year in college, Kendra Halford is known for being loyal to her friends and standing up for them.  Sometimes, though…she’s have to resort to fisticuffs to do that.  It’s a last resort, because she has a wicked sense of humor that cuts like the proverbial knife.  More than one arrogant fratboy has been laid low by both Kendra’s fists and sharp comments (but hey, those jerks deserved it, okay?).

Still, she’s a very attractive young woman, and a lot of guys (and some girls) on campus do check her out.  She might not have a great fashion sense, but to some, that doesn’t really matter.  But her friend Neil Barker finds himself having feelings for her that go beyond friendship.  How Kendra will handle this remains to be seen…

#11 – Frisbee-Death

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Frisbee-Death is that damn strange dog that won’t leave you alone at the park/beach/keg party until he steals the ball or frisbee that you are playing with. He either hides it, or more often, eats it and ruins your game. GIT HOME FRISBEE-DEATH! SHAME!

#11 Count Ook

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When Count Dracula was visited by travelling gypsys, he was attacked by one of their performing monkeys. Defending himself, Dracula bit the monkey, and left it for dead, unknowingly transforming Ook into the worlds first vampire monkey. Count Ook terrorized Transylvania until Dracula kicked him out, embarrassed by him. Finding himself in the United States, Count Ook formed the Zoo Krew Krushers, a team of animal supervillains he leads to this day.

#8 – Skyhawk

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Rory “Skyhawk” Campbell is an adrenaline junkie. He rafts, base-jumps, climbs, hikes, and parkours. Nature is his playground and his gymnasium. Who says you need to play organized sports or work out in a gym to get your exercise rush?

One day, Rory was climbing a tall cliff without gear. He loved tempting death. The more dangerous his sport, the more satisfying the rush. Suddenly, he slipped and fell. For a moment, he reveled in the fall, the rush of wind around him and the freedom of the open air. Then terror crept in as he realized he was about to die. Rory gritted his teeth and prepared for the inevitable.

Suddenly he realized he wasn’t falling down. He was falling up. The rushing wind lifted and tossed him on top of the cliff. He tumbled and picked himself up. Bruises and scrapes covered his body, but he was alive. Rory stood in stunned silence for a minute. Then he grinned. Talk about an adrenaline rush — there was no better way for a guy like him to discover he was a superhero.

Rory has the power to control the air and in the years since his power first appeared, he’s been pushing himself. He experiments to test his limits, see what he can do, and try to push himself beyond those limits. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing thoroughly, and learning about his abilities is no exception. Rory can manipulate air currents within a mile of himself and can move several tons with concentrated blasts of wind. His powers have come with thrilling side effects, too. He no longer has to breathe because his lungs continually manufacture fresh air. He can also survive in high- and low-pressure environments and extreme hot and cold weather has no effect on him. He’s able to fly at high speeds and his mind has started working faster at simple tasks than most human minds are capable of.

Rory still pushes himself to see how far his powers go. With his mastery over the air, it’s possible his powers can develop into full-fledged weather control. After all, it’s the air currents that help bring in storms.

I will probably redo this one digitally some time down the road. I think it’ll look better that way.

#09 Toushou-Xhiblins

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09 東男

Toushou-Xhiblins • Of Teeth

Toushou’s presence is heralded by the gnashing sounds of his lamprey teeth, which form at the point where his human hands are supposed to be; they are actually feelers, like tentacles. His horns are a thick, bony cover which start from his spine and end in an elegant, curling point. His dominion is the east, and is known as He Of Teeth, sometimes The Ice That Gnaws; he points the way to the Parade to those who die of frostbite, shock, or dejection. His fuda is a blindfold around eyes which are also lamprey mouths.

Toushou is Kooriyh’s » favourite companion among the Snows, and he is always level-headed and practical; he sometimes appears to his wards just before they decide to shed, giving advice and helping them weigh their decisions properly. He wears his cape one-sided, leaving his right side exposed. Tou is also somewhat of a tattoo artist as well, his mouth-hands making good, accurate work. He prefers stalactites and icicles as his form.


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#10 – Harvey

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Harvey is a sly fox. Born in France, Harvey was sent away at an early age to train under the famed Ms. Daiyu. Recognized early for his quick wit and physical prowess, he was chosen carefully by Ms. Daiyu’s people to begin training in the remote mountaintops of Nepal. Only 10 people train with Ms. Daiyu at any given time, most of them spending nearly half of their lifetime under her guide. It is currently unknown what sort of power this woman and her band of elite followers possesses, or to what end she keeps such company, but it is believed that it is to deal with certain threats that even the highest levels of the world’s major governments are unaware.


| November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments


is a witch doctor from India.

#11 The Risen

| November 11, 2010 | 6 Comments

The Risen

Another miscellaneous character.  The inspiration to draw this girl came seemingly out of nowhere this morning, but I ran with it.  I’ve never seen a female werewolf design that I really liked, so I did my best here to show what I’d have liked to see.  I tried to keep a sense of feral, muscular power while still keeping her clearly feminine.

Amelia Clarks was a relatively ordinary high school senior until the time she and her parents went on a hike in the woods near her home.  Her water bottle was running low so she stopped to fill it in a small stream they crossed.  Things went uneventfully until the following night, when the full moon was rising, because she suddenly began to painfully transform, soon realizing the stream had been tainted.  But as luck would have it, she was able to calm herself down and keep herself from leaving her room that night… She was wearing the bracelets her boyfriend had given to her a few months prior, and her recognition and emotional attachment to the jewelry was just enough to keep her from losing herself.  She resolved that she would make the most of her curse from then on out.  After learning that the full moon transformation was unavoidable but she could change at will on any other night, she began to train herself to direct her hunger towards only those who deserved it.  Nowadays she spends her nights prowling the city in search of crimes to halt, acting as a rather unconventional superhero.

#10 Powerhouse and Jake

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Ten year-old Jake Winston has an overactive imagination–not unusual for a boy his age.  Still, he’s not prepared for the shock of seeing a tall blue and yellow robot appear out of nowhere in front of him.  And then there’s the fact that the robot speaks to Jake and tells him that his help is needed.

But Jake thinks it’s awesome.  Unfortunately, he’s not able to pronounce the robot’s name, so he calls the machine “Powerhouse”.  The robot certainly lives up to his name, trashing a rather scary looking robot threatening Jake and his friends.  It seems that this machine will protect Jake (and any human near Jake) at all costs .  Yet Powerhouse cannot reveal much about why he is here, along with other questions Jake peppers him with.  According to the robot, his programming prevents him from telling everything.  While Jake has his own ideas–Powerhouse could be from the future, could be an alien in disguise, could be from another dimension–he’s still thrilled to have a robot protector…and judging from the creepy enemies Powerhouse has to face off against, that’s not a bad thing.

#10: Regular Joe

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments
One of the most horrifying concepts to me is amnesia. Knowing that you’ve lost all memories of your life and the people you knew. F*cked up.

His eyes opened just a sliver at first. The sunlight pouring in the window was too much to handle all at once. He heard a few voices around him; voices he knew but couldn’t quite recognize as his brain scrambled to restart. It was all quite confusing. There was a loss of time and space. His memory was distorted, sort of an all encompassing blur of the events that led to this particular moment.

After a few minutes, he was able to open his eyes to a thin squint. The sun was still painful, but he could make out the figures that surrounded his bed. For some odd reason, the very first thing he did was glance at his feet. They poked out of the bedsheets, covered in thick wool socks. He could feel the sweat between his toes, and for this reason knew that he must not be paralyzed. At least that was some good news.

He shifted focus from his feet towards the people that occupied the room with him. He saw their lips moving, though their faces were still obscured by the brightness of light. He heard their voices talking but everything sounded as though it was being regurgitated through water before it hit his ears.

“Get him something to drink,” said the tallest figure. “Get the nurse, too.”

One of the dark figures scuffled out of the room in an instant, leaving the remaining few to hover over the bed. As his eyes adjusted, he recognized the figures as two females and one male. All of them had rather light hair, though he wasn’t sure if that was merely a reflection of the bright sun or their natural color. Soon the person that had left returned, water in hand. He was a young boy, maybe 7 or 8, wide-eyed and delicate. Slowly, he felt the bed begin to rise from behind his shoulders, lifting him into an upright position. It was clear to him now that he was in a hospital room, but why? How did he get there?

There was silence in the room and his visitors stared at him as though he had been brought from the brink of death. Before he had time to think too much, the nurse strolled into the room with her pen out and clipboard ready.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” she said. “Your family’s been very good to you.”

All of the people surrounding him smiled.

“I…” he started, but never finished his thought.

“Hush, now,” the nurse continued. “You save your breath. Let your family do the talking for now, fill you in on what happened.”

He stared at her for a moment, nodding in reluctant agreement.

The patriarch of the group spoke. “Welcome back, son.” The man smiled.

The eldest woman had tears in her eyes as she stroked his hair. His feet were really sweating.

The nurse smiled. “I’ll leave you to it, then.” Her exit from the room was brisk. The older man gave a quick glance towards the door as the nurse left. Just as quickly, he gave a subtle nod to the young boy. The child strolled over to the large window, staring directly at him in his bed, and smiled. Without pause, he pulled the blinds shut, banishing all light from the room.

As the darkness returned, he realized that he did not have amnesia. He wasn’t missing memories; he knew who he was. These people weren’t his family. He didn’t know them at all.

#11 Trickster

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

I was the eyes and ears of gods on high.

But now I find you here my dear, so near to me so near.

To father-mother, I do bow, salute you yes, and pledge.

But brother, brother you know, we do not agree.

He calls me trickster, gives me names.

His speak is odd, his manner strange, this bird like man comes to you on the road. Some pay him respect and his role will change. Others avoid the trickster and he lives up to his name. Beware the road to nowhere, for his toll is high. Know your lore, your legend, you myth and you might just survive the trip.

#11 – Thotica

| November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

Thotica is a wicked being from a parallel dimension. He lured and captured Dr Marlowe in his dimension.



#14 Spacehawk

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

This one came from a desire to do a Superman archtype, but somehow, turned into a RetroFix of a Public Domain character (named, Spacehawk, who was created by Basil Wolverton).  This is probably the most I’m going to write about any of the characters I’m submitting for the Challenge, so bear with me.

Concept: When I found out that Spacehawk (the name) was taken, I wanted to see what the character was all about, so I did my research, and found that the original Spacehawk was a futuristic character that, to keep up with the times, was put into the War and fought Hitler, etc. The book was cancelled soon after (or, at least, his feature). And that’s when my concept came up…

Spacehawk was from an alien humanoid planet and came to our world to protect us from alien threats. He helped in the Allies war effort among other heroes of the day, but shortly after the Atomic Bomb was dropped, he disappeared into the heavens. As more atomic (and then nuclear) weapons were tested, Spacehawk found that the Earth itself was poisoned. He could no longer touch the ground for fear of dying (his alien physiology was susceptible to such radiation). He has returned, but as long as the Earth continues to destroy itself, he may never come back fully. He hovers and flies everywhere on Earth, and even has an Earthbound wife (Ladyhawke, see Character #16), but if he ever sets foot on the ground, his body will begin to deteriorate at a rapid rate.

(By the way, I couldn’t find any indication of powers, so I just took liberties.)

Design: When I started putting together my Superman, I wanted a cape. The belt and helmet look sufficiently alien, as does the logo. Love the colors (Michelle’s suggestions). When I saw the original, I realized mine looked nothing like Wolverton’s.  Just for fun, I did a mockup of the original (see below).

Art by Sean Izaakse!

Copyright © 2010, Vito Delsante.

Day 5~ Michi Monster Parts

| November 11, 2010 | 1 Comment

I’m behind schedule! I draw on time but I don’t get to update on time so bite me D:

In the world there is a school and in the school there is a vortex opening to a land of monsters… there are also aliens invading the same school =x both races are trying to convert humans with diseases and or sonic waves.  Michi is a side product of what happens when the monster disease doesn’t finish the job! Shes 1/4th!

#9 – Sybelle, Daughter of Ebrim

| November 11, 2010 | 10 Comments

Sybelle, Ebrim Djinn’s daughter, is nothing like her brother, Vander.

#11 The Libra

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

Justice is all encompassing, The Libra is the weight and balance between good and Evil…. today It becomes executioner against the corrupt detective that aided in the Death of the Zodiac.

hahahha and the teasers continue for the “Horrorscope” comic

#11 Danny Do Gooder

| November 11, 2010 | 2 Comments

Danny DoGooder . The kinda guy that makes you sick he does every thing so well . Every one adores him and he is never a dick to anyone.He once saved a whole basket of kittens while making a donation to the united way and putting out a fire at the same time.