#10 Attitude Adjuster

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Attitude Adjuster is the commander of a group of Genetants charged by the world’s governments to protect them from other “super-threats”.  This group is called Project: G.A.T.S. (Genetant Anti-Terrorism Squad).  They are broken down into 4 teams of 5 members and AA oversees all of them.

AA is a top tier genetant, a tactical genius, and a hard-nose ass kicker.  He is remarkably resilient, and seems to have an endless supply of energy to power his super-powered plasma blasts.  He is always cool, and even headed, even in the most stressful situations.  With all the different personalities that answer to him, he has a knack for knowing how each will react to hi, and he adjusts his leadership style accordingly.

He has a long and rather dark past, that he thus far has kept under wraps.  When asked of his past, he simply replies “My past is ‘dead’, and it will stay in the ground.”

Also, if anyone remembers Sir Mix-A-Lot, he had a member of his crew with this name…seemed to fit so much I had to “borrow it”.

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I am ....hmmmm... married (13 years now), been an artist for, well, as long as i can remember. I published (self through Lulu.com) a graphic novel called Beautiful Tragedy last year/early this year, currently half way through volume 2. It's based on my life's experiences, and the types of things people like me go through every day.

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  1. Sounds like a clever leader. He also looks like he’d adjust attitudes with a punch to the head if it was necessary.

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